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The Monday Morning Mix – To The ‘Roo w/ ATV In The Back Seat Mix – 6/8/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Wednesday morning, Brian and I will depart for Bonnaroo with our good pal (and my new roommate) Adam. One fun note regarding Adam - I've discovered that he is the last person on the earth not using wireless internet. And he has no wireless capabilities with his computer. Welcome to 1987.

Anyway, for today's Mix, Brian takes a look at how things will probably go on the road to Bonnaroo. I can't believe some of the slanderous suggestions that are contained below! Anyway, enjoy the mix!

To The ‘Roo w/ ATV In The Back Seat Mix (Download - link is good for one week)

The Pietasters – “Out All Night” - from the album Willis

It’s just Matt, Adam, and I in for a all night road trip to Nashville. Late as usual I hold my tongue, load up the car, and proceed to head to the good land. We are all feeling pretty good right now. I stopped for some coffee soon into the ride and Matt grabbed a milkshake. You can touch the excitement in the air within the cab of my car.

Tenacious D – “The Road” - from the album Tenacious D

For almost an hour we talk about what we are going to do when we get there. Matt insists we scope the festival grounds for shade tents. Adam asks me if I will ride the ferris wheel with him. I smack Adam in the back of the head. Adam and Matt ask what plans I have for Nashville and I just smile.

Sugar Ray – “Mean Machine” - from The Best of Sugar Ray

Hauling ass down the freeway I almost get pulled over by a state trooper but apparently he is sleeping. Sleep is no option at this time for any of us. The insults have started between the three of us. At one time Adam even insults the GPS unit. Damn Adam, that was harsh!

The Gaslight Anthem – “The Backseat” - from the album The '59 Sound

Adam and I remind Matt why he is in the backseat. After 3 years of road trips Matt still refuses to learn how to drive stick shift. Matt shows us the bird and puts on his headphones while still sipping on a milkshake. I think he might have bought two back at that first stop. I am pretty sure he is rocking out to Tesla too.

Alice In Chains – “Right Turn” - from the EP Sap

Right about this time in the trip we decide to talk about how lame Chris Cornell has become. Since Adam is too young to remember, Matt and I had to remind him that Chris Cornell was in Temple Of The Dog, did guest vocals on a Alice In Chains song, and is not Scott Weiland. Matt and I start our famous Kim and Chris phone call conversation. This time I recorded it for blogging purposes.

Primus – “Here Come The Bastards” - from the album Sailing The Seas of Cheese

It’s no joke anymore. Some of us are tired. In fact Matt is sleeping with his E.T. pillow and Adam is doing that nodding thing where he refuses to put his head back on the seat and just pass out. He looks like he is head banging. I ask Adam if he is sleeping and he tells me no. I smack him in the back of the head.

Adam eventually falls asleep. Thanks guys.

We just entered Kentucky and I had to stop for gas. Adam and Matt refuse to get up so I left the ladies alone and fueled up, hit the can, and grabbed some Red Bull. 10 minutes after I get back on the highway Adam declares he has to go to the bathroom. Matt is still sleeping and I think I can hear Journey coming from his headphones.

Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends - from the album Mean Everything To Nothing

Adam fell back asleep and may have pissed himself. He is up for a world of pain if he did. Matt is still sleeping and might be listening to the B-52’s now. The roads in Kentucky are dark and there is no sign of life. Since my friends can’t seem to stay awake for this whole trip I just rock out to good tunes and sip on my Red Bull.

DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump” - from the album Endtroducing

It is pretty early in the morning and I am hoping to find a sweet trucker rest stop so I can get a bite to eat at a greasy spoon. For the first time I am sleepy. Looking at Matt and Adam both passed out I asked them if one of them would want to drive. I must be tired because I already know that Matt would say no. Adam didn’t even budge. I smacked him in the back of the head. He did not even wake up.

Devildriver – “Devil’s Son” - from the album Devildriver

My eyes closed too long for a second there. I need some music to wake me the hell up…as well as the two other jerks in the car with me. Nothing like a little metal to destroy those dreams they are having.

Andrew W.K. – “Party Till You Puke” - from the album I Get Wet

The metal worked. Everyone is awake in the car now. Matt is now telling me we need to pull over soon because the seven milkshakes he drank are not agreeing with him. I ask him when the hell he bought seven milkshakes and he tells me to mind my own business.

We stop at a rest stop just inside Tennessee. Once we realize where we are the excitement brews up a bit. Adam offers to drive but I tell him not to worry because I am pretty sure he would just fall asleep at the wheel. Nashville was only a few hours away and I don’t want to die. Matt’s headphones are lodged in his ears. He might be listening to Jackyl now. I like that lumberjack song…

Nobunny – “Chuck Berry Holiday” - from the album Love Visions

During some road trips people sing along and dance in the car during the ride. There is none of that going on; just random insults to one another and a slew of good jams.

We arrive to Nashville bright eyed and ready to explore the city. Matt wants a milkshake. I have other things in mind. I tell the guys that we have eight hours to explore and then need get back on the road.

New Order – “60 Miles An Hour” - from the album Get Ready

After spending the day in Nashville it is time for us to drive to the hotel we are staying at. Luckily it is only a couple of hours south of Nashville. I stay behind the wheel. Adam and Matt fall back asleep. I am beginning to wonder if they are doing this on purpose.

Muse - “Knights Of Cydonia” - from the album Black Holes and Revelations

As we pass the festival grounds in Manchester I yelled waking up the two narcoleptics. At that exact moment it hits us, we made it to Bonnaroo, well sort of as we were only passing it. Still, we have four days of music, art, and fun to look forward to. The moment we check into the hotel I take claim on one of the beds and announce I am taking a nap. Matt says he is going to get a milkshake and Adam says he is going to go say hi to these hippie looking dudes hanging out in a rusted out VW van. Not caring I head for the bed.

Tomorrow Bonnaroo here we come!!!

Editor's note: Next week's MMM will be a little bit late - We'll have a post-'Roo mix from Brian that will be posted upon his return from Bonnaroo!

  • Michael

    Holy Crap! The Pietasters!! Great mix!!! What the hell is with all the exclamation points?!

  • ferris

    Primus (bad) and early Sugar Ray (good) cancel each other out. You may proceed.

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  • Matt Wardlaw


    I think about why I hate you. And then I read this post, and I remember all of the reasons why!

  • Brian

    Matt you are just pissed because my car’s back seating only has enough spots for 4 milkshakes.

    Get your ET pillow ready, we leave tomorrow late night for Bonnaroo…pray I don’t punch you. haha….

  • Kristi

    Have fun at Bonnaroo, boys!

    Shade tents & milkshakes. Ha!

    Nice mix ya got here, Brian. Lots of it is new music to me – I like.