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Let’s all go to Bootleg City…

The fine folks over at Popdose have a very cool download available now over at Bootleg City. I can vouch for its coolness, because I sent it to them.

Back in the day (oooh, haaaaazy memories coming up,) head Popdoser Jeff Giles had a post on his old site Jefitoblog featuring a couple of discs worth of out-of-print Jules Shear stuff. I got in touch with Jeff, and let him know that I had a few things up my sleeve that I could share with him. Jeff was excited, but little did he know that it was going to be a while...

Fast forward three years, three moves, and a bunch of moving boxes - I finally got a chance to dig out one of those items to send to Jeff.


In 2000, while promoting Allow Me, his newest release at the time, Jules Shear stopped by for a visit with old friend and NYC radio vet Vin Scelsa. Scelsa had recently begun hosting a three hour internet radio show called Live At Lunch, which broadcast live three afternoons a week, often live from Scelsa's home studio. While Scelsa would usually feature a guest for only a portion of the program, there were a couple of exceptions, and Shear was one of them. On this particular afternoon, Scelsa spent the entire three hours conversing with Shear, who performed a number of tunes live in the studio. Scelsa also dug deep into his archives to play a few hard-to-find items from Shear's catalog of work over the years.

It's a great listen, and you can find it over at Bootleg City for the next three Fridays. If you are a fan of music, I insist that you must download and listen to this. You won't regret it, I promise.

Click here to download the first installment.

Big thanks to the Popdose gents for the ink on their site...


P.S. Here's a pretty cool unofficial documentary that a few fans made in 2007 to celebrate Vin Scelsa's 40th anniversary on the radio. It's a pretty fascinating look at Vin and Idiot's Delight, which has long been one of my favorite programs on the radio.