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The Monday Morning Mix – The Deep End Double Disc Summer ’09 – 6/1/09


What It Is: A weekly mix tape posted on Mondays, created by the fans of Addicted to Vinyl, posted for all to enjoy! The mix is available for one week, until the new one goes up.

The Goal: Introduce yourself to great new music from bands of the past and present, from albums that are new and old. Buy music. Repeat.

Be A Part Of It: I want you to make me/us a mix CD. I want to hear the tunes that you are into, new or old. And I want to feature your mix on this site!

You can mail your CD to the following address:

Addicted to Vinyl
P.O. Box 771685
Lakewood, OH 44107

What To Include: Include track listing, album that the song comes from, song notes (if you want to) and any particular notes that you want to share about the mix. Save a digital copy of your notes that you can send me via email, so I don't get carpal tunnel retyping them! Include a printed copy of the notes, and an email address that I can use to contact you for the digital version of the notes. For the real mix tape feel, feel free to hand write your song titles, draw artistic drawings on the "label," etc - I can scan them in using my handy dandy color scanner. Go nuts!

And if you're feeling particularly daring, give your mix a clever title!

What You'll Get: I'll feature your mixes and stories here on the site, and send you something cool from the Addicted to Vinyl prize closet, so please include your address (legibly please!) with your mix notes.

About Today's Mix:

Forgive me - this mix is going to require a little bit of setup on my end, before I hand things off to our featured mix master!

But first of all, how about our cool new graphic for the MMM? Big props to our girl Rachael Novak who did the design work!

You'll start seeing some graphics from Rachael popping up here and there on the site, as we work to flesh things out. Hire her for your next graphics project. Give her money. We think she's great.

Onward to the mix!

Today's mix comes from my good pal Pat the Producer, and I'll let him run down a bit of a bio for you all in a second.

As a fellow radio geek and junkie, I have to let you know that Pat hosted (via 90s alternative rock station 107.9 The End) two of the city's most highly regarded and highly rated specialty programs SIMULTANEOUSLY with "The Deep End" (Mondays-Fridays) and the "Inner Sanctum" (Sunday nights.)

Going to school, I would frequently hear people ask "did you hear what Pat played last night on The Deep End?"

"The Deep End" was the definition of "destination listening," and in my opinion, was the last blast of free-form style radio on commercial radio in Cleveland.

I've been working on Pat to contribute some content to ATV, and he did me one better and surprised me with the news "I'm working on a mix for that mix series you've got going on ATV." He did a live mix direct to tape a couple of weeks ago, and mid-week after the mix was completed, he let me know that there would be a second disc coming up. I told him that would be cool, and that it would make for a great sequel down the line. "Gonna have to be a double disc, bro" was Pat's reply.

And who was the winner in that discussion? Hmmm, onward, friends!!

Here's Pat!

Hello to all my fellow music geeks here at Addicted to Vinyl!

My name is Pat the Producer and my buddy Matt has asked me several times if I'd like to contribute something for all of you so after some careful thought (aka a few beers and a shot) and seeing his new CD mix feature I decided to put this Double Disk together.

I'll give you a little background in case you're not from Cleveland (Go Tribe!!). I started in radio at the legendary 107.9 The End here in town in 1992. And until late 1998ish I had a blast in a ton of different roles for The End. Starting as the engineer's intern I quickly picked up all I could and started doing various board-op stuff (It sucked but for a while there Brian and Joe would not let anyone else run their remotes). My passion for the music that we were playing really helped me move up quickly and I think I was a natural at expressing that passion to others which made me a perfect fit for what we as a station were trying to accomplish.

(Editor's note: Let me assure you that the passion that Pat refers to above, is still very much intact to this day!)

I soon took over Production Director duties and went on to produce and co-host the award winning "Inner Sanctum" a show dedicated to Cleveland's music scene (Still on the air today at Radio 92.3 FM). I ended up as acting Music Director and host of "The Deep End" a music-centric show I did daily, first from 10pm-2am and eventually moving to 7pm-Midnight with Free Times and Scene magazine best DJ awards thrown in there for good measure.

For those not in the radio/record biz this next stat is just me preening my ego but for a while there Accu-Ratings had my market share in the lower 20's (that is kind of a ridiculous number guys and gals, just silliness!) The only thing that meant to me though is I could pretty much play whatever the hell I wanted to, interview whomever I chose to and I did!

I got offers to leave town for bigger markets but that is not what I was ever after. I love this town! I loved being able to hip people to cool music! I loved being able to help bring some incredible shows and artists to Cleveland! For more about 107.9 The End you can check out the documentary It's the End of the World as We Knew It by Mike Wendt and out on DVD soon.

So I wanted to put something together that reflected a slice of what I would have done in the 'Deep End' while just vibing as I would have put it. Back then, I would have had most of the lights off with candles all over the studio just feelin' it! I have taken the liberty of putting this together as an mp3 file segued live just as I would have done it back in the day for you to download or stream. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Thanks Matt!


the complete mix (link is good for one week)

Disc 1: Dusk

1 - Where the Streets Have No Name - U2 (from The Joshua Tree)

2 - Burn - The Cure (from The Crow soundtrack)

3 - 32 Flavors - Ani Difranco (from the album Not A Pretty Girl)

4 - The Idiot Kings - Soul Coughing (from the album Irresistible Bliss)

5 - Missing My Baby - G. Love (from the album Lemonade)

6 - Pressure - Sunscreem (from the album 03)

7 - Come Undone - Duran Duran (from The Wedding Album)

8 - Richest Junkie Still Alive - Machines of Loving Grace (from the Gilt album)

9 - Army Of Me - Bjork (from the album Post)

10 - Get Down Make Love - Nine Inch Nails (from the EP Sin)

11 - Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave - Ben Harper (from the album Welcome To The Cruel World)

12 - Miniature Disasters - KT Tunstall (from the album Eye To The Telescope)

13 - Funplex - B-52's (from the album Funplex)

14 - Exactly What You Wanted - Helmet (from the album Aftertaste) - Editor's note: Pat and I share lots of love for this album, and also the previous B'52's album!)

15 - Enough - Gravity Kills (from the album Gravity Kills)

16 - Infected - Bad Religion (from the album Stranger Than Fiction)

17 - Trouble - Cat Stevens (from the album Mona Bone Jakon)

Disc 2: Dawn

1 - Ocean Size - Jane's Addiction (from the album Nothing's Shocking)

2 - Man of Action - Matthew Good Band (from the album The Audio of Being)

3 - Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley (from the album Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk)

4 - The Pusher - Blind Melon (from the album Nico)

5 - Lips Like Sugar - Echo and The Bunnymen (from the album Echo and the Bunnymen)

6 - Love - The Sundays (from the album Blind)

7 - My World - Sick Puppies (from the album Dressed Up As Life)

8 - Overcome - Tricky (from the album Maxinquaye)

9 - Fire on Babylon - Sinead O'Conner (from the album Universal Mother)

10 - The Good Times are Killing Me - Modest Mouse (from the album Good News For People Who Love Bad News)

11 - Divine Intervention - Matthew Sweet (from the album, um, Girlfriend. If you really needed to read that, I'm kinda disappointed...and this is Matt speaking. Ha.)

12 - C'mon Billy - PJ Harvey (from the album To Bring You My Love)

13 - Deep Six - Matthew Good Band (from the album Beautiful Midnight)

14 - Sorrow - Flyleaf (from the album Flyleaf)

15 - Ich Bin Ein Auslander - Pop Will Eat Itself (from the album Dos Dedos Mis Amigos)

16 - Love Letter Rough Draft - Disengage (from the album Application For An Afterlife)

17 - All I Want is You - U2 (from the album Rattle & Hum)

  • emily

    WHOA! what a mix?!?!?!!? i can’t wait to listen to stuff i am familiar with mixed with the stuff that’s new (to me)! thanks for a great soundtrack pat!

  • rachael

    YAY YAY YAY looks great! thanks for the shout out AND for a great mix (thanks Pat!)

  • Kristi

    Any mix that starts and ends with two of my favorite U2 tunes is pretty flippin’ awesome to begin with, but to include so many of my other favorites (The Cure, NIN ~ GDML…eee!), Blind Melon, Sinead, Duran Duran, etc, etc, etc…) and to have it flow as awesomely awesome as it all does, I must say I’m in a little bit of musical heaven this morning.

    Well done, Pat! And very interesting bio… Getting to do what you love for a living and doing it as well as you obviously do is a wonderful thing.

    Oh, and kick ass graphic, Matt/Rachael! Pulls the whole series’ concept together quite nicely.

  • Pale Hollow

    Pat The Producer is the Judy Garland of Modern Rock Radio in Cleveland’s past, present and future!!

  • Pale Hollow

    what?…no ENYA? :)

  • Danny

    Any chance of a download version with individual MP3″s? Or at least a split version that can then be burned to CD? Not wanting to be ungrateful for an awesome selection, but…

  • akb

    <3 it <3 it <3 it…

  • Stacy

    oooooooo Echo & The Bunnymen. Yay!

  • ferris

    Wait… Gravity Kills have TWO songs?

  • Brian

    Such a great mix of bands I used to love and forgot about…

    Pat is cooler in my book alone for putting Tricky and Soul Coughing and Blind Melon (Nico, mond you) on the same mix.

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