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Blame These Songs… For the Rain.

I’ve been moody this last week. And not in-so-much one of those randy moods I’d so rather be. Mostly tired I guess – blaming lack of a good night’s worth of sleep again. But this weather… ugh, it’s annoying. Hopefully the mood passes as quickly as the crappy skies.

As I sit at my computer once again skipping past nearly EVERY new song I have downloaded in the last two weeks (meh, boring, sounds-too-much-like-McCarthy), I’m listening to rain.

Speaking of both blame and rain, I’ve had “Blame it on the Rain” in my head since its unwanted shuffle placement a few days ago on my home Mac. This in turn got me into my extended playlist on songs about weather. Or songs about weather that are really about sex.

I mean, aren’t most lyrics about sex? Seriously.

Or rain delays in baseball, for all I know. But wait. Isn’t baseball all about sex too – I mean, the bases loaded BS and all. And what happens when you’re “rounding the bases,” and there’s a “rain delay”?


“Blame it On the Rain” by Milli Vanilli

I have a scrapbook with clippings from the Mill Vanilli debacle. Why have I kept these? I have no clue. Obviously this was huge news to a young fan and the media. Who doesn’t lip-sync these days? But it was Grammy-WINNING Milli Vanilli. Apparently I was a huge follower. And more than rain came down on these two. It was more like a shit storm. Poor… Fabricio? Was that his name?

Girl, I’m gonna miss you.

“It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls

EVERY specimen, ladies, to which Mother Nature has blessed upon us. Even the pretty, gay ones. I’ve got some news for YOU: when this song plays at every wedding or Cougar Club, we sing along. Word. For. Word. OK, you may retreat back to your closets.

“Put on a Happy Face” (I prefer the Tony Bennett version)

My gray skies clear right up when I hear this song. So much that I have to keep the “Happy” CD in my glove box for those moments of unexplainable road rage, keeping to mind that though my car be a couple thousand pounds, I am merely a buck-twenty.

“Weather With You” by Crowded House

Ahem, I know. Random.

“No Rain” by Blind Melon

No, Blind Melon, you’re missing the point. There is rain. It’s all I can do is to sleep all day. And complain, of course. But certainly not when there’s no rain. Because that would be… insane.

“The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers

Point = Made. All songs are about sex, in one form or another. And baseball is directly relatable to sex. See, this song is completely about “playing ball by yourself.”

If you know what I mean.

“Lightning Crashes” by Live

Man. I really didn’t need to hear about aborted babies ON TOP of it raining today.

“Rain Song” by Cold

A decade of love, indeed. After the death of the band Cold, I wasn’t particularly mesmerized by Scooter Ward’s additional musical projects. Cold “reborn” has also been bit by the Reunion Bug of 2009 – they’re touring the US with what looks to be all original members. Or those that made Cold memorable in music for me, anyway. Their album “A Different Kind of Pain” was on constant rotation after its release – can you believe that’s already been four years? I want a NEW kind of pain, Cold. Please release some new recordings.

“Thunderstruck” – AC/DC vs. Crookers

Battle it out, Bitches.

“Killed By An Angel” by Sunny Day Real Estate

If you or anyone you know is emo, then you are aware of Sunny Day Real Estate. Perhaps a lemming or two followed a little group by the name of Foo Fighters? Then you know bassist Nate Mendel (William Goldsmith from SDRE also joined in on the Foo, but after calling Dave Grohl a bad name or something, was released from the group). That being said, SDRE is rumored to be having a bit of reunion fever (again), with Mendel back as part of the original line up. Stay tuned. I know I am excited as all you to hear “The Shark’s Own Private F*ck” live, and none of Enigk’s born-again Christian crap.

And I refuse to even mention the “S” word (you know, all that puffy, shitty cold stuff we get from October through April).

But you know it is Cleveland in my neck-of-the-woods, and we got “Hot n’ Cold”… and usually within a 24-hour period:

No, I would never torture you with Katy Perry.

So there you have it – Mel’s Crazy iPod in Weather Shuffle Mode.

Go Rain! Because that is about all we got going for us today.

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  • clevelandcaper
  • judd6149

    Is this a new ATV feature? The Thursday “Video Mix Tape”

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Man, you just scored stupendous amounts of points for the Crowded House inclusion.

    I am not a Cold fan. At all. Probably won’t ever be in that category. I guess that’s that “different strokes” thing they keep talking about.

    I have so much that I want to comment on here, but I’m saving it for some “response” post that will probably never see the light of day.

    At least we talked off-blog about “I Wish It Would Rain Down” by Collins – that’s all that matters, really :-)

    P.S. – Sunny Day Real Estate rule, of course.