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The Monday Morning Mix – The “Eat Your Heart Out” John Cusack Mix – 5/18/09

What It Is: A weekly mix tape posted on Mondays, created by the fans of Addicted to Vinyl, posted for all to enjoy!

Be A Part Of It: I want you to make me/us a mix CD. I want to hear the tunes that you are into, new or old. And I want to feature your mix on this site!

You can mail your CD to the following address:

Addicted to Vinyl
P.O. Box 771685
Lakewood, OH 44107

What To Include: Include track listing, album that the song comes from, song notes (if you want to) and any particular notes that you want to share about the mix. Save a digital copy of your notes that you can send me via email, so I don't get carpal tunnel retyping them! Include a printed copy of the notes, and an email address that I can use to contact you for the digital version of the notes. For the real mix tape feel, feel free to hand write your song titles, draw artistic drawings on the "label," etc - I can scan them in using my handy dandy color scanner. Go nuts!

And if you're feeling particularly daring, give your mix a clever title!

What You'll Get: I'll feature your mixes and stories here on the site, and send you something cool from the Addicted to Vinyl prize closet, so please include your address (legibly please!) with your mix notes.

This week's mix was submitted by longtime ATV reader Craig, who sent an extremely worthy submission that opened my eyes to about 4 or 5 albums/artists that I needed to buy. I would guess that the name is a clever reference to High Fidelity, and I think it's safe to say that Rob Gordon would approve of this mix. On paper, you'll look at this mix and find some of the artist-to-artist transitions to be a bit odd, until you listen to it. Once you're playing Craig's mix, you'll very quickly find that the man knows how to make a mix. How else could you explain Craig's ability to drop my most hated Michael Stanley Band track in the midst of his mix, and he found a way to make me enjoy it! My good friend Pat was as stunned as I was, by Craig's inclusion of "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" by Phil Collins in the track listing. Great stuff!!

Craig's mix is just one of a number of great submissions that we've been getting lately, and Pat is promising that a "Deep End" homage to his days at 107.9 The End will be in my hands soon. If you haven't submitted your mix yet, what are you waiting for?

Cheers, and enjoy!


The "Eat Your Heart Out" John Cusack Mix (download)

The track listing:

1. Ghostland Observatory - "Midnight Voyage" - from the album Paparazzi Lightning.

2. Rachael Yamagata - "Faster" - from the album Elephants....

3. U2 - "Love and Peace or Else" - from the album How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

4. Big Pig - "Breakaway" - from the album Bonk.

5. David Bowie - "I'm Afraid of Americans" - from the album Earthling.

6. Rolling Stones - "Might As Well Get Juiced" - from the album Bridges to Babylon.

7. Cranberries - "Zombie" - from the album No Need To Argue.

8. Depeche Mode - "Wrong" from the album Sounds of the Universe.

9. Mr. Mister - "Uniform of Youth" from the album Welcome To The Real World.

10. Phil Collins - "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" - from the album ...But Seriously.

11. Prince - "Tambourine" - from the album Around The World In A Day.

12. The Power Station - "Still In Your Heart" - from The Power Station album.

13. The Michael Stanley Band - "Lover" - from the album Heartland.

14. Peter Wolf - "Growin' Pain" - from the album Sleepless.

15. Tom Petty - "Cabin Down Below" - from the album Wildflowers.

16. Rush - "The Seeker" - from the EP Feedback.

17. R.E.M. - "Crush with Eyeliner" - from the album Monster.

18. Robert Plant / Allison Krauss - "Fortune Teller" - from the album Raising Sand.

19. Lucinda Williams - "It's A Long Way To The Top" - from the album Little Honey.

Download the complete mix

Well done!

I've got a care package of rock and roll goods on its way to Craig as we speak - Now is your chance to get your mix in the mail!

  • Norm

    Brilliant mix – love it.

  • KAP

    I heart the Monday Morning Mix. Extra woo hoo’s for the Rush, Depeche Mode, and Cranberries. Great mix!!

  • Craig

    Thank you for featuring my mix! I’m glad you guys like it. It could easily have been the “Eat your heart out” John Cusack Box Set. :)


  • emily

    i love when a mix makes me think, “oh yeah, these guys!” rediscovering an old fave is just as good as discovering a new one! thanks craig:)

  • http://none Dr.Blind

    this mix looks great but none of the links seem to work for me, it keeps saying Not Found. i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to post some new links. thanks again for the great recommendations!