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When Retards Attack: Heaven & Hell CA In-Store

I believe that my pal Brian would file this in category "The Dumb."

Thanks to Chris Akin for sharing this with the following comment:

As if Metal fans needed help looking like idiots, this jagoff comes along to keep the retard image going!

This reminds me humorously of some of the metal in-stores that Chris and I did through the years. I will say this though: I think that this guy is definitely head and shoulders above any of the most colorful fans we ever saw at an in-store.

  • Beth

    Love the title of this so much!

  • CB

    That’s totally gonna be me with Costner at the HOB next week. Just so you know…

  • Dave Lifton

    You know what would’ve been awesome? If one of the band members punched him in the face for being such a dickhead.

  • brian

    Thanks to this jackhole I have to make a new category called The Dumbest. I am pretty sure if I were standing behind him I would have either left or punched him.

    His excitement is genuine for a metal retard. Shame he could not hang out longer with the band but his mother was waiting outside to pick him up.

    Also, I think that is awesome that Pickles from Metalocalypse was hanging out with the world’s most retarded metal fan.