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Introducing Joshua Jesty’s “Girl”


I've been a bad friend.

Speaking in general terms, this is nothing new.

Speaking about Joshua Jesty, it deserves a little bit more explanation.

Josh is one of those guys that I constantly owe him a phone call. Or an email.

He's calling me to see if I want to hang out. I'm telling him that I'm standing in Houston right now.

And yet, he keeps in touch.

So when he dropped me an email with a download link to the new album that he's been working on for so long, that I forgot how long he's been working on it, I got excited. I got really excited.

I'll have a full review of the disc online within the next few weeks, but I'd like to share a sampling of it with you all in the meantime.

I'm calling this one "noisy power pop." "This" is Joshua Jesty's new album with the unbelievably short title of Finally, Joshua Jesty is making a record with a really short title, and the title of the record is Girl. I'm not sure how he's going to fit all of that on the spine of the physical CD, but it fits quite nicely in the tags of the MP3s.

The album DEMANDS to be listened to in sequence, and while Josh is the non-violent type that won't punch you in the face for doing otherwise, I would highly recommend that you should experience it in full. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks:

Joshua Jesty - Somebody Worth Hurting

Joshua Jesty - You Make Me Feel Like Dying

So when is this thing coming out? That's a really good question that I don't have the answer to. Soon. As vague as that answer is, I do have the following mid-April dispatch from Jesty regarding the album, and chock-full of many details that you might want to know about the birth process:

So Josh, how is that record coming along that you're always blabbing about?

well, it's funny you asked, or rather, it's funny that I asked myself and masked it as you asking me. that is true comedy.

the record is about to be in my hands in mastered from. This is the final stage where if you were buying a new car, all the good stuff is in it already, but they're be shining it and polishing it up for you just to give it that extra sparkle that makes everyone go "ohhhhhhhhh" and "ahhhhhh" and "splwip!"

so all that's left is artwork, layout, and pressing and then the record will be able to be placed directly in your hands and go into your sound systems, then into your ears, and then make your hearts explode with goodness.

so after demoing 30-40 songs, scrapping most of it, reworking the best of it, writing and adding more and more songs to the mix, scrapping those, keeping the best of them, losing hope and recording a bunch of other songs that weren't related in anyway, refining and re-imagining some of the tracks, going out on tour, recutting a few more songs in south carolina with joshua kaler, getting side tracked and recording a bundle of minute long songs, spending the spring and summer on and off touring and recording and re recording the batch of songs that I finally picked out, finishing them up despite my computer attempting to blow up on me several times, getting the songs out to boston to be mixed, listening to about 3 to 5 versions of each song mix wise until we found the right one, getting all the songs to the mastering engineer, experiencing a feeling of dread when I heard the first version of the master due to technical glitches, and finally figuring out said technical glitches, the record is almost within your reach.

so if you've ever wondered how long it takes to make a silly little record sound right, I'd say about 2 and a half years. But you can listen to "Finally, Joshua Jesty is Februarier" which was made in about a month at, and then listen to this new record and tell me which one sounds and feels better.

well, I've gotten off course as usual, and this is why I'm not as famous as I declare to be I suppose, but I digress, progress, and tip toe back to where I was.

the record will be done very soon. And even sooner then that I'll have songs on my myspace page

to listen and dance to soon enough.

blog on bloggers.

play on players.

good night moon

good night macy gray.

till next time


There you have it kids - Check out Joshua Jesty online here, and drop him an email as well - his operators are standing by, and you're almost guaranteed to get a response faster from Josh, than if you were emailing me. Which actually means very little. But isn't it comforting to know that there is someone out there that you can talk to? I thought so.

Be well.