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Stereo Dictator Guide #1 – Webb Wilder

Hey hey rock fans, please enjoy the first of many posts designed to help you dig back into the vast musical archives of your favorite record store or website with direction, purpose and the sense that you spent your cash wisely.

Stereo Dictator Guide #1 features a guy whose credo is: “Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big, wear glasses if you need ‘em.”If you’ve have ever seen the great Webb Wilder, that needs no explanation. If you haven’t, let’s get down to it.


Webb is a big, tall man in a hat who is cursed by being too rock for country outlets and too country for rock and roll. He blends straight-ahead rock with a healthy dose of twang influenced by surf music, 60s psychedelia, 70s glam, swamp blues, off-the-wall storytelling and a legend that grows with each album. Whether it’s four-chord guitar banging at its best (”Human Cannonball”), more melodic and restrained (”The Rest Will Take Care of Itself”), a well-chosen cover (Mott the Hoople’s “Original Mixed up Kid,” the theme from “Goldfinger,” or the classic “Baby Please Don’t Go”), Webb delivers every time.

Before you say “not another lost in the shuffle roots-rocker,” understand that the country side of Webb is not sappy acoustic stuff. It is heavy on guitar in the realm of the Georgia Satellites and Creedence Clearwater Revival. In other words, it kicks ass.

I’m a sucker for anything Webb but for the novices out there, I recommend starting with either the “Hybrid Vigor” album from 1989 which features the classics “Human Cannonball” and “Wild Honey,” or “Doo Dad,” the 1991 release that is very representative of Webb’s work and brings most everything together in one shot including a great version of the Electric Prunes classic “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night.”

I have seen Webb live 3 or 4 times and he is worth every penny. The first time was at the old Peabody’s Down Under in the Flats (which was originally the Pirate’s Cove) on the “Hybrid Vigor” tour. He opened for Jason and the Scorchers and that show still stands out as one of the Top Ten I have ever attended. Rippin from start to finish. Nowadays, look for him to come to Wilbert’s about once every year or two.

If you are a Link Wray fan or want to get a glimpse of Webb, be sure to head over to the Beachland Ballroom on May 9 for the Link Wray Tribute. Start time is 7 PM, tickets are $20 and the lineup includes Link Wray’s Raymen, Webb Wilder, Stuck in Gear, Wraygun and the Topcats.

Follow this link for more info about the “Last of the Full-Grown Men.


It Came From Nashville 1986

Hybrid Vigor 1989

Doo Dad 1991

Town and Country 1995

Acres of Suede 1996

It Came From Nashville - Deluxe edition 2004

About Time 2005

Scattered, Smothered and Covered 2005

*SUPER COOL BONUS FACT - Rick Price from the Georgia Satellites appears on the “Doo-Dad” album. Based on that info, I know Matt will be looking for it if he doesn’t already have it…

  • KAP

    I’m not familiar with Webb Wilder at all – so yes, novice in every sense of the word here… unless I know his stuff without knowing it’s him. Hmm.

    Well, anyway, I dig the video. I like a little country with my rock and vice versa. And he’s quirky – in the coolest sense of the word :-)

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