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You can’t stump those that cannot be stumped

Bruce fans,

Are you having as much fun as I am watching the setlists on Backstreets?


I actually think that the band got off kinda light the other night with that "96 Tears" request.

"I Wanna Be Sedated"
on the other hand, was a big brass set of balls totin' fan request. I'd like to buy the guy a beer that made THAT sign!

Thank goodness for Pete @ Blogness, the little instigator that he is. He had the great idea of offering up suggestions for future "Stump The Band" attempts, including the musical rookie learner's permit tune "Gates of Delirium" by Yes. I'd like to join Pete's worthy cause, and offer up some potential setlist suggestions of my own:

Honeymoon Suite - "New Girl Now"

I realize the timing might not be the best for this one, but I think that Bruce and the band could tear the hell out of this tune in the tradition of "Glory Days," "Light of Day," and perhaps for all of you haters, this one would keep "Mary's Place" out of the setlist.

Jackson Browne - "Late For The Sky"

A duet with Patti? Who the hell said that? Step forward and identify yourself! One of my favorite tunes, sung by my favorite singer. It's a win.

Bad Company - "Silver, Blue and Gold"

This one would be cool. Think about it.

REO Speedwagon "Can't Fight This Feeling"

Oh man, I can see the looks of hate and disdain that I'm suddenly getting after this suggestion. But tell me that there isn't some sick perverse part of you that would love to wake up and find this one on Youtube? Extra points if Bruce wears the 1985 Kevin Cronin wig. Clarence could take a sax solo on this one.

Tom Petty - "You Don't Know How It Feels"

This one goes over big with the young kids at Petty concerts - Bruce could swipe this one away and make all future generations believe that he wrote it.

Slayer - "Angel of Death"

Obviously Jay Weinberg would be on the drums for this one. Lucky Bruce fans in attendance for this show might see the first ever circle pit at a Springsteen concert. Do I need to say anything more?

Bruce, I'll remind you about that idea that I had a couple of weeks ago, for a disc's worth of Social Distortion recordings. Could be some fun stuff to knock out backstage with a quick and dirty recording setup while you're on the road.

Just a few more things for you to think about...

See ya in Cleveland, (which reminds me, where is that tour date, anyway?)

your pal Matt

Thanks to Backstreets for the photo at the top of this post.

  • Ann

    I had a dream about this last night. I dreamed that I had GA tickets to Pittsburgh, and e-mailed Bruce that I think it would be awesome to do a blues version of “Climb Every Mountain” for his stump the band number. And I got an e-mail back that told me to make a sign and report at 3:00 with ID and I’d be in the pit, and he’d do it.

    It was a much better idea in my dream than in real life. “Climb Every Mountain?” The subconscious is a weird, weird thing.