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The Mel. The Myth. The Legend.

My best to Matt for allowing me to entertain him via my own blog -- only for me to completely neglect it -- and now invite me to offer my perverse selections of music to his readers. I hope I don't wear out my welcome too soon here at Addicted to Vinyl. This will be a lot of fun -- definitely different from writing about my personal dating shenanigans. As with Matt, maybe you will share in some of my memories. Or maybe you WERE one of those memories...

I'm somewhat of a music anomaly. My favorite genres of music include: classic rock, "alternative" music of the 90s, anything Michael Jackson (and nothing Paul McCartney), indie, old-school hip-hop and most classifications of dance music. Yes, there are many music lovers who claim the cliche, "I listen to everything" route, typically followed with a disclaimer to all-things country music. I hold no judgment to anyone's musical likes (or dislikes) for that matter. I mean, I am a slightly over-obsessed Michael McDonald fan.

Here's McDonald and I in St. Louis:


The picture -- not so much embarrassment with that, right? The shriek upon realizing his star existed? YOU would have disowned me.

I suppose it's appropriate to the site's namesake that my musical tastes are in some ways associated with vinyl: classic rock WAS vinyl; in the 90s I wore vinyl; MJ - well... didn't everyone own the Thriller album? - and hip-hop and dance DJs who use vinyl in creation of a good night out will forever be awesome. There it is -- Mel's Addiction to Vinyl.

What I hope to do here is tell you a little bit about my current iPod obsessions, maybe tie that interest into one of my favorite artist or songs or perhaps a musical memory. As with most of us, music can creep up and remind you of something so completely random: who was holding my hand at a certain concert in 1995, hearing an "F-bomb" dropped (legally) on the radio for the first time in Amsterdam, the song playing when we lost our virginity (not me, of course), dancing to Mr. Big at the 8th grade dance (um, OK, maybe not that) or the guy beside me on a Vegas flight laughing at my MJ Playlist...

Good stories.

While I'm on the topic of Vegas, I'm heading out there for a sun-filled weekend. Take a listen to a few songs on my list:

"Escape" - Enrique Iglesias

Don't hate me right off the bat (please). This song has been on every vacation playlist since its release. Add it. It brightens up that moment when all electronic devices are (finally) allowed in use... and you have left the snowy runways of Cleveland for tropical paradises or bright, shiny lights of Sin City.

"It's Not Unusual" - Tom Jones

Legendary. Makes me happy for my fetish for male chest hair. Tom Jones just epitomizes all the cheesiness of The Strip at his prime. And his voice urges me to return to the early-70s, dressed in a gold lame catsuit (with easy access to throw my unmentionables on-stage, of course). Rawr.

"Something Stupid" - Frank Sinatra

Las Vegas, at its inception, was a stupid idea. Today, it is a mecca for all-things-debauchery. I wish to be part of the days of the Rat Pack. Ah, Frankie -- you, me and martinis. I would do something stupid like say "I love you" too.

"7am" - Dirty Vegas

There is obviously no video release for this, but an awesome YouTube user-created video reflecting clouds over Las Vegas. Ironic. Not often do I enjoy albums in their entirety. DV's 2002 album was phenomenal in my little dance music world (most would remember the group from the "Days Go By" fame). Adding a song titled "7am" to a Vegas playlist is a necessity (just as partying until 7 will be). I am also excited that the Harrises recently reconnected to record new stuff, as the follow-up to their self-titled album was horrible. Cliche alert: third time's the charm?

"Still the Same" - Bob Seger

Ah, yes... as Matt expected, I'm using Bob Seger in my first post. It will most certainly not be my last reference to Seger. I'm a big fan of double entendre in musical lyrics. While not sexually overt, the references between playing the game of cards to playing the game of relationships is pure genius. Once again, fun addition to the playlist, with all its gambling undertones. And I'm jealous because I cannot sing that low in karaoke. I'll return soon, refreshed from the desert sun (and a hangover or two)... perhaps with a tad less random play Tuesday.

  • Kelly

    Looove Tom Jones and the song “It’s Not Unusual” :) Total cheese, but no shame in loving him (or his chest hair, ha)!

  • Jose

    something stupid is a great song

  • cleveland caper

    fabulous first post mel! can’t wait to “hear” more!

  • Matt Wardlaw

    It’s my official duty as a Smithereens fan to mention the great cover that they did of “Something Stupid,” which can be found on the Attack of The Smithereens compilation.

    Perhaps I’ll share it at some point when the timer hits the 30 day mark on Smithereens blogging mentions.