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Radio Friendly Unit Shifter: Rebooted.

Those of you that are blog regulars will remember the time last year when I got all nostalgic and threw out shoutouts to nearly everyone in my personal universe - real world friends, blog friends, the whole 9. You could practically hear that annoying graduation friends forever song playing while reading my post, and I assure you, no one was smiling.

That is, until they read what the post was all about - Nick Catchdubs and Mr. Ducker's Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 90s mix. (download)

It was seriously the coolest thing that I heard last year - 90 minutes of 90s "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I remember THAT tune moments," over and over again!

So it's only natural that there should be a sequel, with more 90s goodness, filled with even more drop-tastic audio artifacts from the decade that when combined with the music, indicate that the 90s didn't suck nearly as bad as The Wrestler would lead you to believe!


Welcome to Radio Friendly Unit Shifter '09 - 36 more tunes, and endless amounts of fun and flashbacks!

Mel already gave it the thumbs up for the inclusion of "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus.

Remember Whale and "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe?"

Neither did I, and Pat quickly educated me one particular Sunday night when we were at the radio station talking about our favorite 90s tunes. Not only did he remember it - it was parked right there on his Ipod.

Here are the project notes from Mr. Ducker, and for those of you that need to catch up, here is volume 1 of Radio Friendly Unit Shifter!

When Nick Catchdubs and I were putting together the first volume of our alt mixtape Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, it quickly became obvious that one volume wouldn’t be enough. So here we are now, back to entertain you with more super deluxe hits, under-appreciated album cuts and the utter weirdness that passed for major label singles in the 1990s. (And yes, we know “Wave of Mutilation” came out in ‘89, but honestly, in what decade did you start f*cking with Doolittle?). From Seattle fuzz to Judgement Night gems, we present all the angst and nonsense of the alternative nation as seamlessly mixed party music, with plenty of movie samples and in-jokes thrown in for good measure.

Our gracious patrons at Mishka say they love what we’ve done, and we hope you feel the same. As for what we set aside for RFUS III… All we’ll say is that we still haven’t even used anything by Nirvana that wasn’t on Incesticide.
- Mr. Ducker

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  • brian

    Oh I remember Whale. I loved them. Thanks for the second dose of memories!

  • brian

    I also need to add that De La Soul feat. Teenage Fanclub “Fallin'” is on this mix and is still one of my fav tunes to this day. It originally appeared on the Judgment Night soundtrack. Awesome.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Need to throw out props to my pal Kelly at Sensory Overload for givin’ me the heads up on this new mix!

    P.S. – Brian, Judgement Night is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Like the movie, as well. Classic.

  • Mel

    Dammit — this pisses me off more than words that my ex has my Wheatus CD. I need to find another copy in a used bin somewhere. They were awesome.

    Thanks for the flashback… :)

  • Gary

    The link appears to be bad! I hope this gets fixed because I really want to hear this mix…

  • TJ

    Gary’s right…link is borked on Mishka’s site too. Epic fail.

  • Matt Wardlaw
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