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You Have Bad Taste In Music – Linkin Park

I was reminded tonight of the entertaining You Have Bad Taste In Music series of videos from a few years back.

Here was one of my favorites:

It seems like host Eman Laerton has moved onward to a new target.

P.S. - If you enjoy the above stuff, chances are that you'll dig Behind The Music That Sucks as well!


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  • brian


  • TJ

    I’ve been a Linkin Park fan since “In The End”, and even I found that funny…’cause it’s true.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    These videos were great…and I’m not sure if he got in trouble, or what happened….seems like there used to be more videos on the site than there are now. Still as funny as the first time that I saw it!

  • Marko

    I gonna tell one thing…it’s your opinion about LP…I have mine so I fuck your opinion about LP because i don’t care…man you are pathetic…and if you think I have bad taste in music…so what it’s my problem ,I like that kind of music and it my choice not yours yust one more thing i am gonna say… Jebem ti majku nadi si pametnijeg posla sigurno imas u zivotu nesto vaznijeg od ovoga za raditi! ! !

  • Brian

    Are u serious about that last comment? Some folk are not able to take jokes at all. I’m going to go listen to some LP now and then punch puppies.

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