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Bruce Springsteen + Mike Ness rockin’ Bad Luck

After the two Los Angeles dates this past week, I think that my anticipation for seeing my own Springsteen shows this year went into complete overdrive. My friend Laurie was in attendance for both shows, which means that she got to see the Tom Morello guest appearance on night 1, AND the frikkin' Mike Ness appearance on night 2! Add in the extra-added bonus of seeing a picture of her on Facebook with an 80s era Bruce Springsteen, and suddenly I am 1200 shades of jealous. All of the times that we've talked Bruce, how did she manage to leave THAT story out?

Next, I will find out that she's met Clapton too.....

Yesterday morning, I happened to point my browser towards BruceSpringsteen.Net instead of my usual first stop at Backstreets. You can imagine that my jaw hit the floor when I saw a video titled "Bad Luck." I didn't even need to read the text below - I instantly knew that Mike Ness MUST have come out for the show. And there was VIDEO.

Springsteen / Social D aficionados will recall that Springsteen and Ness have history, including a guest spot from Springsteen on the Ness solo track "Misery Loves Company," which appears on the Mike Ness solo album Cheating At Solitaire. So for us Springsteen nuts, a Mike Ness appearance isn't a big shock, but man, it's definitely cool. And the song selection of "Bad Luck" is certainly pretty awesome.

In fact, that gives me a new project idea for Mr. Springsteen. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell: Bruce Springsteen sings the songs of Social Distortion. The album cover for the original is already a very Springsteen-esque album cover. Just Photoshop Bruce on there, knock the tunes out in the studio, and put the sucker out!

Bruce, I'm not asking for an answer right now....just think about it, and get back to us.


P.S. - I'm really looking forward to seeing you live several times this summer. We'll see you in Cleveland (hint hint.)