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Cage Match: Duran Duran vs. Def Leppard


Good morning kids!

Have you registered for your chance to win the Jane's Addiction vinyl yet? Get it done!

The rules of this game are simple: My co-worker Michael and I pick two songs, and we put 'em up against each other in a fight to the death, grudge match, last man standing doesn't necessarily win kinda thing. And from past history, this could be ugly.

Today's question: "Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran or "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard: Which one is your favorite?

P.S. - Here's the original video for the DD tune, which is linked here, because embedding is disabled.

  • brian

    I forgot how hilarious the Duran Duran video was… “Hungry Like The Wolf” gets my vote still.

  • T=Bomb

    Everytime I hear “Hungry Like The Wolf” it takes me back to my college days and the dawning of MTV (which actually played music videos then). So Duran Duran wins for me.

  • cleveland caper

    i’ve got to go with “hungry like the wolf.” not only because it’s a great song but because they sub in a tiger for the wolf and the phrase,”TIGER ABORT” appears in the video. that’s awesome.

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    hungry like the wolf wins for me, but i love the chorus of rock of ages.

  • mycool44

    Love them both, but since we’re voting on the songs and not the videos, I have to go with “Rock of Ages”. If you turn each of them up to 10 and press ‘play’, I think you’ll find that Def Leppard packs a greater punch. This is a great band to see live and “Rock of Ages” is their final encore.

  • Dave C.

    Hungry Like a Wolf, hands down. Def Leppard has better songs than Rock of Ages.

  • Amanda

    Hungry Like a Wolf fo shizzle….

  • James C

    Definitely Hungry Like a Wolf.

  • CB

    Def Leppard, in a minute. Hungry Life a Wolf is just getting idiosyncratic nostalgia points – all in all, Def Leppard rocks the shit out of DD.

  • P.G

    Hungry like a wolf.

  • KAP

    Hungry Like the Wolf… hands down!

    Now, if it would have been Hungry Like the Wolf vs. say, Pour Some Sugar on Me, I’d have had some serious thinking to do :)

    Rock of Ages is a GREAT song… brings me back to high school! But Duran Duran IS Duran Duran after all.

  • Swapmeet Louie

    I gotta vote for my boys of Duran Duran. Not only is “Hungry Like the Wolf” a tribute to me personally, but it was also written in honor of how it was written as a tribute to me.

    Didja git that?

  • Layla

    Rock og Ages no contest. I like DD but that song is not my fave.

  • BridgetCallahan

    Hungry Like A Wolf, because I would never have sex while Rock of Ages was playing.

  • Ann

    Late weighing in. Rock of Ages.

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  • Firemix08

    Duran Duran’s lyrics rarely ever made sense. You could do a whole month of blog posts devoted to them. Union of the Snake? Hungry like the Wolf (I smell like I sound? What the h..?)