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Everywhere I look, all I see is Metallica

I have to say that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction weekend here in Cleveland is off to a good start for me personally. Last night was an EPIC night of fun for this music fan, and I'll fill you in on all or most of the details after the weekend is over. I'll tell you this much: Last night, I spent some time hanging out with legendary Rolling Stone scribe David Fricke.

True music fans will know Fricke's name without the Rolling Stone tag attached, and will appreciate how cool it was. More on all of that will come in the coming days. P.S. - longtime rock photographer Ross Halfin is just as grumpy in person as he appears via his blog. But he has an unbelievable body of work, and I guess that he's earned the right to be a bit sour. And chances are, if you had to put up with some of the egos that he's been with over the years, you might be the same way! Total props to Ross.

Tonight, Brian and I are headed to the induction ceremonies. I'm stoked to see Jason Newsted back on stage with Metallica, and there are a lot of other surprises that I've started to hear about, that are going to be very cool. I'm DVR'ing the coverage on Fuse, because I'm sure that I will want to watch it again before the weekend is over.

In the meantime, here are the last couple of rounds of our Metallica debate, over at Scene Magazine's music blog C-Notes.

Round 5 - Best Metallica Song and Worst Metallica Song

Round 6 - The band's personal bests - What were the best albums and classic moments for each member?

I spent Friday listening to a ton of live Metallica stuff from LiveMetallica.Com, getting pumped for the weekend. It got me stoked for the Metallica show here in Cleveland, later this year.

One of my favorite tunes so far from Death Magnetic in the live setting, remains "Cyanide." The lyrics are more than just a bit cheesy on this one, but the tune itself is a total jam. Here's a live version of "Cyanide" from the band's surprise show in Austin, TX at SXSW, the very same show where my good pal Rob sprained his ankle in the pit, all in the name of metal!

Metallica - Cyanide (live in Austin, TX, March 2009)

"All Nightmare Long," another one of my favorites from Death Magnetic, doesn't quite pack the same punch live as it does on the album, at least in this live version from Chicago earlier this year. Hopefully they'll continue to rock that one in the setlist throughout the year, until it attains the necessary crunch by the time they get to Cleveland.

Metallica - All Nightmare Long (live in Chicago, January 2009)

Purchase these two shows, and many others at LiveMetallica.Com.

  • Mike Hayward

    I’ve seen them twice (in the ’90s) & it’s an amazing show.

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  • Chris

    Just saw the acceptance speech streaming online and it was so cool to have Newstead up there first after Cliff’s dad. Equally uncool was puttin Trujillo up immediately after.

    All the same, everything came off very sincere and it was good to see the band up there.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Chris, it was a really fun night. the Metallica fans got a bit obnoxious trying to grab their moment of fame with a well-timed (or not-so-well-timed) shoutout from the crowd.

    So many highlights, but I’m picking Metallica for the win. Their speeches put ’em over the top…fun times.

  • Talk With No Thought

    I was there last night too…absolutely amazing night. I think I had two of the worst (drunk) metallica fans next to me that wouldn’t stop yelling things out during speeches, but still an amazing frekkin night.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Yeah Talk – stay tuned to my buddy Brian at Broken Headphones ( for specific commentary on all of the great drunk people, and security guard near us that wouldn’t SHUT UP.

    I guess that’s a little bit of a preview of how I feel about that, and also Brian’s forthcoming show thoughts :-)

    P.S. – you’re right, it was amazing fun!

  • Chris

    Great to hear that it was a blast. This is probably a little late, but just in case:

    Enter Sandman –

    Master of Puppets –


    All Star Jam –

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Thanks Chris!! P.S. – love your site!!

  • Chris

    thanks Matt! (really glad no one’s had the videos pulled from youtube!)