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Queensrÿche gives a nice shoutout to Addicted to Vinyl

Are you registered for the chance to win Thin Lizzy vinyl yet? Do it!

The new Queensrÿche album American Soldier hits the streets in a couple of weeks on March 31st. See my previous post here for details on a special listening party here in Cleveland on March 30th that will be your first opportunity to buy the new CD.

The band spent this past weekend gearing up with acoustic rehearsals to prepare for a couple of special acoustic performances happening at the end of the month. Before you know it, the Queensrÿche campaign will be operating full-tilt, heading to your city for a concert featuring special sets from Empire and Rage For Order, in addition to tracks from the new album.

In the meantime, my buddy Rob forwarded this very cool video greeting from 'Rÿche frontman Geoff Tate. Having done many interviews with Tate over the years (including an in-studio one prior to the Judas Priest tour a few years back,) this was a very cool surprise to find in my inbox.

Check out the video below, and have a listen to the first single "If I Were King" right here!

You can also pre-order your copy of the new album right now for the super-low price of $9.99 from Amazon.

  • Layla

    How cool is this?????

    Normally I don’t listen to them much but I guess now I have to since they are so cool. :)

  • brian

    Doode, that is kick ass! I have not listened to them in years…

  • CB

    Woah – congrats!