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The Not So Pretty Parts of Cleveland…

I wanted to share this with ATV readers that live for some unknown reason outside of our beloved zipcode. My rock and roll comrade @veryloud, sometimes also known as Schumacher, recently posted a short film on Twitter that led me to several other short films that he had created about our fair city.

First up is this one, titled "Cleveland RTA Rapid Transit System." The way this video was shot, and with the music that was used, I kept waiting for people to die in this video, but it doesn't happen. Oh shoot, I guess I just gave away the whole damn plot of this short film.


Cleveland RTA Rapid Transit System from Schumacher on Vimeo.

In this next video, Schumacher takes a look at "The Not So Pretty Parts of Cleveland." Again, being a bit of a sadist (and a lot of other things,) I watched eagerly thinking that the biker was about to get his clock cleaned. I'll let you find out what happens, but I think once again, I might have given it away.

My bad.

Not So Pretty Parts Of Cleveland from Schumacher on Vimeo.

And the final vid is merely random video of one of Cleveland's greatest treasures, The West Side Market. After being a lame resident of this city for 20 years, I finally went there for the first time with Mel. Converted, I am. Yoda, I'm not.

West Side Market - Cleveland, Ohio from Schumacher on Vimeo.

If I leave out the part about the 10 months of cold weather we have each year here in Cleveland, you might actually want to live here!

  • Layla

    Hey, why didn’t I have you in my links? I do now!

  • brian

    Those not so pretty parts of Cleveland are some of my favorite things about the city. I love old Cleveland way before the beautification process…

    Thanks for sharing the vids.

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  • Eunoia

    Great Videos! I miss Cleveland :-(

  • john191

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  • ron

    I thought you were going to show some bad neighborhoods of cleveland. Everything you showed on that video were pictures of industrial parts of cleveland which are right outside the city. You show me an industrial part of any city that looks nice. Also, those pictures were all within 2 minutes of each other.

  • ????? ????

    Yes, but it's a very nice place, and there are people that love and prefer a cold weather.

  • ????? ????

    Yes, but it's a very nice place, and there are people that love and prefer a cold weather.

  • mahmoud hawa