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Record Store Day in Cleveland and beyond….

Getting stoked for Record Store Day? We're barely a month away from RSD09, and news continues to stream in regarding all sorts of exclusive releases that are planned for April 18th.

Make sure that you're following the official Twitter feed which recently had news regarding vinyl exclusives including a Beck/Sonic Youth split 7", and exclusive 7" releases from Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and our man Bruce Springsteen.

Esquire Magazine has a list of "75 albums that every guy should own."

What about the girls? Who cares about the girls! Just kidding, Mel - please don't hit me!

Among those 75 albums, it looks like our man Bruce nabbed a well-deserved spot with Darkness On The Edge of Town....just in case you don't own that one, for some strange reason.

Esquire also has your bitching about the list covered with an additional list of "Glaring Omissions" - 30 Records You Probably Want On This List.

What the hell? Bring me the head of the bastard that left The Joshua Tree off the main list. And Purple Rain. And Thriller. We really need to talk about this.

Backstreets has more info on the Bruce 7" (Thanks to Blogness for the tip!)

A new Springsteen seven-inch is being pressed for Record Store Day, featuring "What Love Can Do" as the A-side and "A Night With the Jersey Devil" as the B-side. It'll be available exclusively not from Wal-Mart, not from Amazon, but from indie stores.

So if you're here in Cleveland....where can you go to be a part of Record Store Day on April 18th?

C'mon, you know that Music Saves is at the top of the list, with additional retailers including Record Den in Mentor, Spin-More Records and Turnup Records in Kent, The Joy of Music on Lee Road, and Ultrasound in Willoughby. Find more participating stores in your neck of the woods using the store locator.

Here in Cleveland, we'll have team coverage for Record Store Day. "CB" aka the Cleveland Bachelor will be at his home away from home, Music Saves. I'll be making a midday visit to bring him food from Melt to tide him over during the long shift. Truthfully, Record Store Day falls on the normal day that CB visits Music Saves anyway...but you don't know that!

After I drop off the care package to CB, I'll head out to Mentor and lose myself in the stacks at Record Den for a minimum of 8 hours during my quest to become the first person to get thrown out of Record Den on Record Store Day. Use the PayPal button on the right hand side to donate to the "get Matt out of Jail" fund. All donations are appreciated.

Jose and Kelly will be working crowd control at Music Saves to help make sure that CB's rare appearance doesn't cause public pandemonium.

CB at Music Saves

The above picture was taken during CB's appearance at Music Saves during last year's Record Store Day.

Brian from Broken Headphones already told me that he has the stores in Kent covered, where he will be live-blogging the event from both record stores simultaneously. Which sounds complicated.

The best part about it all, is that our good friend Burgo will be coming in from Australia to capture the entire day of Cleveland events on video.

Our comrade Mel will enjoy pre-game at an undisclosed bar where we will all wind up to celebrate a victoriously successful Record Store Day.

There are portions of the above Cleveland information that might be exaggerated just a tad. But all of the venues mentioned above are participating in Record Store Day.

No matter what zip code you're in, get out there and support your favorite local indie retailer....and buy me something while you're at it!

  • Mel

    Well, color me shit-faced. I’ll keep the beers cold for y’all.

    Looks as though I’ll be heading east again that day. :) Mentor, eh? Ha. Record Den made me very happy as a young’in, searching for imported German techno music… lol

  • brian

    Sweet deal. I’ll figure out a way to do that for sure. I am positive by the end of that day I will start drinking again so…you’re buying.