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Youtube Fun – Surrender To Me

I'm enjoying the closing moments of the weekend after being in the suburbs of Pittsburgh today. I came home to find a link to my friend Michele's "most awesome 80s playlist ever."

For some reason, that made me think of Zander and Wilson, and "Surrender To Me." We don't need first names here. But in case you're confused, I'll tell you that when Cheap Trick and Heart toured together this past summer WITHOUT breaking out "Surrender To Me".......well, I was mad. Actually, I'm still a bit frosted.

Rather than go into my collection for the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack, I decided to hit up Youtube instead. Which is where I found this.

This is where some dude decides to play "Surrender To Me" on his turntable and film it. And film shots of both the front and back jacket of the LP while panning back to reveal......his stereo system. To be fair, it could be a chick....but I'm going to assume that it's a dude.

My blog, my rules.

I'm not judging. I might film something similar myself. Difference is, I wouldn't post it on Youtube.

Actually you're right, I totally would.

Anyway, here's your random 80s flashback for tonight. Enjoy!