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Waking up with Nils Lofgren

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After a period of being available exclusively at (purchase), Nils Sings Neil is getting a traditional retail release via your favorite local record store and online outlets.

The disc hit stores this past Tuesday (2/24) and I had the pleasure of running a radio tour that same morning with Lofgren in which he spoke to radio stations in Boston, Buffalo, Denver, Miami, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

Lucky for us, Springsteen decided to schedule rehearsal gigs in Asbury Park for Monday and Tuesday night (long after the radio tour had originally been booked,) so we got the nice surprise of having Nils on the line, fresh from the first semi-official airing of lots of new material from the Working On A Dream album.

Thanks to the modern world of podcasts and website audio, you can check out audio of the interviews from Boston and Buffalo. Big props to Boston for throwing in a song request for "Chimes of Freedom" at the Boston shows. I'd love to hear that one!

Unfortunately, Nils put a slight damper on the possibility of that request (and others being fulfilled,) yet offered one major helpful tip (that us hardcore Bruce fans are well aware of) on how to get your song request played!

"I've learned that unless you have a cute little five year old kid in your arms with a sign, it's kind of wasted energy.."

Speaking of Bruce:

Pete at Blogness on the Edge of Town has some song samples from the first night, and also hipped me to the following video footage, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit, of critic Jay Lustig discussing the Monday night gig. What can I say, I love fellow music nerds on camera!

Ledger Live: Jay Lustig recaps Springsteen concert in Asbury

Rolling Stone has a nice behind-the-curtain look at how Jay Weinberg scored the fill-in drummer gig for the upcoming tour, where he'll play at least 6-7 of the European dates, and potentially other shows. 18 years old.....started playing drums at age 14? That's crazy. I'd actually like to see one of the gigs with Jay behind the kit - he's got the goods, judging by the tunes I heard from Monday night's show!

Finally - I think all of us really enjoyed Ben's post over at Deeper Shade of Soul, offering some helpful setlist tips to Bruce for the upcoming tour. I really like the suggested Human Touch/Lucky Town cuts, particularly "Cross My Heart," which was always a favorite of mine. I'd also like to add "My Beautiful Reward" to that list. I get chills just thinking about hearing "Better Days" and "Lucky Town" again. Granted, the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour was my first Bruce show, but I really enjoyed both albums as well, and I've even softened up on cuts like "Man's Job" for example, that I really couldn't stand at the time.

Speaking of Human Touch and Lucky Town, they celebrated a birthday this past week.

The tour begins on Wednesday night in San Jose, CA. You're ready, right?

Can't wait to start tracking setlists!


IRS Records Catalog Finally Goes Digital

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Thanks to a Facebook note from music pal Will Harris, I saw the following note that will make many music nerds happy!

Dunno how many others are aware of the fact that a lot of classic albums from the great IRS Records have finally escaped from oblivion and gone digital. I guess there's been a regular roll-out of titles, but I didn't know about it until this week, which was actually the last of six weeks worth of fantastic music being made available once again.

I.R.S. Records

Wow, what a list! The Dada compilation is a bit pointless - No reason to purchase that one, you're much better off just grabbing Puzzle and American Highway Flower instead. I was personally gaga over the Oingo Boingo stuff, and holy crap, how about all of that Lords of the New Church, Wall of Voodoo, Let's Active, Fleshtones, and on and on and on!

Metal fans will be happy to see that both of the classic Shok Paris albums are now available digitally!

I'll link a few of these via Amazon, and you can punch through those links to hunt down any of the other releases.

Side note, I see the Jules Shear side project (with Elliot Easton of The Cars) Reckless Sleepers on the list, but I can't find it on any of the digital outlets.

WEEK ONE: February 10
Drywall - Work The Dumb Oracle
Fleshtones – American Beat '84
Fleshtones – Cold, Cold, Shoes
Fleshtones – Deep In My Heart
Fleshtones – Girl From Baltimore
Fleshtones - I've Gotta Change My Life
Fleshtones – Let’s See The Sun
Fleshtones – Ride Your Pony
Fleshtones – Right Side Of A Good Thing
Fleshtones – Roman Gods
Fleshtones – Screaming Skull
Fleshtones – Shadow Line
Fleshtones – Stop Fooling Around
Fleshtones – Theme From “The Vindicators”
Fleshtones – World Has Changes
Dave Sharp - Hard Travellin'
Wall of Voodoo – Back In Flesh
Wall of Voodoo - Call Box (1-2-3)
Wall of Voodoo – Call Of The West
Wall of Voodoo – Crack The Bell
Wall of Voodoo - Factory
Wall of Voodoo – Lost Weekend
Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio
Wall of Voodoo – On Interstate 15
Wall of Voodoo – Red Light
Wall of Voodoo - Tomorrow
Wall of Voodoo - Happy Planet
Wall of Voodoo - Seven Days In Sammytown
Wall of Voodoo - The Ugly Americans in Australia

WEEK TWO: February 17
Animal Logic - Animal Logic II
Caterwaul - Pin and Web
Caterwaul - Portent Hue
Concrete Blonde - Concrete Blonde
Concrete Blonde - Free
Stewart Copeland - The Equalizer
Dada - American Highway Flower
Dada - Puzzle
General Public - Hand To Mouth
General Public – General Public
General Public – General Public (12” Version)
General Public – Hot You’re Cool
General Public – Never You Done That
General Public - Tenderness
Lords Of The New Church – Apocalypso
Lords Of The New Church – Eat Your Heart Out
Lords Of The New Church – Holy War
Lords Of The New Church – Li’l Boys Play With Dolls
Lords Of The New Church – Livin On Livin
Lords Of The New Church - Portobello
Lords Of The New Church – Question Of Temperature
Wazmo Nariz - Checking Out The Check Out Girl
Oingo Boingo – Ain’t This The Life
Oingo Boingo – Bachelor Party
Oingo Boingo – I’m So Bad
Oingo Boingo – Only A Lad
Oingo Boingo – Something Isn’t Right
Oingo Boingo – Violent Love

WEEK THREE: February 24
The Bears - Rise and Shine
The Bears - The Bears
Belinda Carlisle – Belinda
Dada – Best of The I.R.S. Years
Lillian Axe - Poetic Justice
Lillian Axe - Psycoschizophrenia
Nuclear Assault - Something Wicked
Willaim Orbit - Orbit
Willaim Orbit - Srange Cargo 3
Over The Rhine – Best Of The I.R.S. Years
Over The Rhine - Eve
Over The Rhine - Patience
Over The Rhine - Till We Have Faces
Timbuk 3 - Big Shot In The Dark
Timbuk 3 - Eden Valley
Timbuk 3 - Edge of Allegiance
Timbuk 3 - Greetings From Timbuk 3
Jane Wiedlin - Jane Wiedlin

WEEK FOUR: March 3
Pato Banton - Stay Positive
Pato Banton - Universal Love
Pato Banton - Visions Of The World
Pato Banton - Wize Up
Havana 3 A.M. - Havana 3 A.M.
Jools Holland - World Of His Own
Hunters & Collectors - Fate
Hunters & Collectors - Human Fraility
Hunters & Collectors - Living Daylight
Three O'Clock - Arrive Without Traveling
Three O'Clock - Ever After
The Truth - Jump
The Truth - Playground
The Truth - Weapons Of Love

WEEK FIVE: March 10
The DB's – Best Of The I.R.S. Years
The DB's - Repercussion
The DB's - Sound Of Music
The DB's - Stands For Decibels
Dread Zeppelin – Best Of The I.R.S. Years
Monks Of Doom - Cosmodemonic Telegraph
Monks Of Doom - Forgery
Gary Numan - New Anger
Gary Numan - Outland
Gary Numan - Skin Mechanic

WEEK SIX: March 17
Balancing Act - Curtains
Balancing Act - Three Squares
Beat Rodeo - Home In The Heart
Beat Rodeo - Staying Out Late With Beat Rodeo
Robbie Krieger - No Habla
Let's Active - Blue Line
Let's Active - Crows on a Phone Line
Let's Active - Easy Does It
Let's Active - Everyword Means No
Let's Active - Make Up With Me
Let's Active - Ring True
Let's Active - Room With A View
Let's Active – Waters Part
Reckless Sleepers - Big Boss Sounds
Shok Paris - Concrete Killers
Shok Paris - Steel and Starlight
Tom Verlaine - Flash Light

Listen: Oingo Boingo - Capitalism from Boingo Alive (purchase from Amazon)


New Music: Cracker, Jenny Owen Youngs

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Hello kids,

Thought I would spotlight briefly, a couple of things that have been in my ears this past week.

First, a few links of interest for your enjoyment:

Leading up to the Rock Hall induction ceremonies, I've been talking Metallica with my former radio comrade Chris Akin and Cleveland Scene's D.X. Ferris. The first installment can be found on Scene's newly re-born C-Notes Music Blog here.

Also on the Scene site, Anastasia Pantsios shares details from the opening night of Blue Arrow Records and Books. As one that doesn't really enjoy the opening night crush, (unless it is Van Halen or Springsteen,) I haven't been yet myself, but it's on the schedule for this week!

My buddy Ryan has a chance for you to win the new live CD and DVD from Stevie Nicks. Get your name in the hopper by going here! Smashing!

The Lemonheads covers record that was scheduled for release late last year, is finally scheduled for June.

Michael Penn talks about a lot of things during a SXSW interview, including a total flashback to the days of Hypercard!

Locally, Don Henley spent 20 minutes on the phone with Bill Lewis/WNCX, the day before the Eagles concert at Quicken Loans Arena. After the show, my good pal Bear posted a great recap on his Cleveland Rock and Roll website.

Finally, I'm quite stoked to read about a two CD "legacy" edition that is on the way for the classic Lenny Kravitz album Let Love Rule. I want one.

Cracker - Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey

Cracker have more than just a little bit of sneaky nature bundled inside the works of the Cracker machine. They have this knack for dropping new Cracker albums on the unsuspecting music fan, seemingly from out of nowhere. Such is the case with Sunrise in the Land of Milke and Honey (pre-order from Amazon,) the new Cracker album that will be released on May 5th. I believe Cracker have at least one more great album in the tank, and while this isn't it, it is DAMN good.

Continuing the solid groundwork laid by Greenland (2006) (purchase), Sunrise is the no-bullshit straight up rock record that music fans have been waiting for. Blasting through 11 tracks in under 40 minutes, Lowery spits out rapid-fire lyrics that are signature Lowery.

From the album opening "Yalla Yalla" (I had a girl, Nantucket Massachusetts. She had a lisp, but man her ass was perfect,) to "I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right" (Don't you look down in that hole, cause the devil come out, and keep you for his own,) Lowery really brought his A-game on this album. Cracker axeman Johnny Hickman spreads his unmistakable guitar licks all over Sunrise, and grabs a solo writing credit with "Friends" (Well, I'd never sleep with your ex-girlfriend, even if she starts to flirt with me again,) one of the finer tracks on the album.

Cracker reeled in a ton of special guests for this album, including John Doe (vocals on "Shine a Light,") and a slew of special guests for "Darling One," which features Kevn Kinney (Drivin' n' Cryin',) Adam Duritz and David Immergluck (Counting Crows,) and singer-songwriter Shannon Worrell, to name a few. Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey is the band's first album for new label 429 Records, and hopefully we'll get to see some full-band shows supporting the new album, if we're lucky.


"Yalla Yalla"
"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me" (the first single) (download)
"I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right"
"Hand Me My Inhaler"


"Something You Ain't Got" (download) from Greenland


Greenland (2006) (purchase)
Gentleman's Blues (1998) (purchase)
The Golden Age (1996) (purchase)
Kerosene Hat (1993) (purchase)

Cracker official website

Cracker on the Live Music Archive

Jenny Owen Youngs - Led To The Sea

My apparent love for potty-mouth female singers led me to the music of Jenny Owen Youngs via "F*ck Was I" from Batten The Hatches, an album I bought via Itunes on a whim, after hearing the track from a friend. Youngs' Nelly cover of "Hot in Herre" was an additional purchase I had to make while hanging out at Itunes. Some of you might be familiar with Youngs, from hearing "F*ck Was I" on the hit television program (just wanted to use those three words to sound like "announcer guy nerd") Weeds, a spotlight slot that ultimately helped score Youngs a record deal with Nettwerk. If you missed all of that stuff....well, that's a shame - but now's a great time to catch up!

New Jersey-born Youngs is about to release her second album Transmitter Failure on May 26th, produced by Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, April Smith, The Woes.) Her earlier work is more acoustic-based, and Transmitter Failure will flesh that sound out for the first time with a multitude of instruments including keys, horns, digital drum tracks, flute, glockenspiel, and even a full string section on some tracks. For those that are anxious to hear the new album, (me! me! me!) Youngs will preview the new album with an EP release, Led To The Sea on April 7th.

Youngs shares the following info regarding the new album:

“I wanted to make something that would move people emotionally, but also move them physically. I did not want to end up touring for another three years on a record that wouldn't offer people the opportunity to move. So. Dan and I set out to make something that was, quite simply, more fun to play live. In the process, my writing took turns I didn't expect.”

Dig that. Jenny Owen Youngs will hit the road for a tour with Jukebox The Ghost that goes all over the place with sadly, no tour date for me here in Cleveland. But for the rest of you, check here to see if Jenny is coming to your neck of the woods!

Here's the title track from Led To The Sea, for your enjoyment. Hope you enjoy it - it's my favorite thing that I've heard this week!

Jenny Owen Youngs - Led To The Sea




Purchase Batten The Hatches from Amazon - CD or MP3

Jenny Owen Youngs on Twitter

Jenny Owen Youngs on Myspace


The New Frontiers call it quits

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The New Frontiers, one of my personal favorite new discoveries in 2008, have called it quits.

From their Myspace page:

It's never fun to tell people news they don't want to hear so I'll get right to it: The New Frontiers are quitting. It's been a priceless experience, writing music together and sharing it with all of you in our travels across America, but the time has come for us to move on to other things. There are so many people out there that we couldn't possibly thank you all for the support you've given us through the years. Giving us a place to stay on tours, making care packages for us, coming out to shows, buying records, feeding us, the list really does go on and on... We could not have done it for as long as we did without you. We'll be playing a couple final shows here on the home front in Dallas and we would love to see any and all of you who can make it out. Thanks for taking part in the life of our band. We will miss you all...


The New Frontiers

Hopefully you got a chance to see them live - they really were something special....glad that I caught 'em before the flame got snuffed out...


Flashback: The Smithereens and The Kinks

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The Smithereens

In addition to kicking out their own catalog of work over the years, The Smithereens have also provided backing band duties for a number of their musical heroes, including Otis Blackwell, The Beau Brummels, and The Kinks, to name a few.

Here's an interesting note on how the collaboration with The Kinks came about, taken from a recent book, The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, and Broadcasts, 1961-1996. (purchase) The book has several different notes on Smithereens/Davies appearances, including this one:

"On Friday 22nd, Ray and Dave appear at the Boston Garden in Boston, MA for the WBCN Rock Of Boston concert. Also on are The Raindogs, RTZ, The Smithereens and Foreigner, with a pre-concert set by The Stools. Originally billed as Kinks Unplugged (and supposedly with a third member), the brothers' appearance is changed to an acoustic set by "Ray & Dave Davies of The Kinks". (edit)

On the spot they arrange for the New Jersey-based Smithereens to back them for the last song and a half. This provides the audience with a pleasant surprise as the closed curtain that is behind the duo for most of the set is raised in the middle of 'Lola' to reveal The Smithereens joining in. A rousing set-closer of 'You Really Got Me' follows and Ray and Dave bring the crowd to their feet.

"The Kinks and The Smithereens played as if they'd almost rehearsed," writes Ted Drozdowski in Musician,"bashing along with ragged abandon while Ray pogo'd behind his microphone." Dave will later consider using The Smithereens as his first backing band in 1997, but ultimately the partnership never materializes. Dave subsequently heads back to LA while Ray remains in New York City for the next week before heading back to London."'

Ray and Dave Davies with The Smithereens - Lola - November 22nd, 1991

Highlights from some of the other 'Reens collaborations can be found on The Smithereens rarities compilation Attack of The Smithereens, released in the mid-90s.

The Smithereens Mega-Box Set is an item in my collection that continues to provide plenty of musical listening enjoyment for yours truly. For the unfamiliar, this item was briefly available, limited to 500 copies, signed and numbered by bandleader Pat Dinizio featuring "511 Amazing Rare & Impossible-To-Find Tracks on 21 Incredible CDS!"

Price for the above item was $100.

Sounds awesome, right? It's pretty cool, for sure. And they sold out like hotcakes. I almost didn't get one, and when I got a second chance, you'd better believe that I pounced on it.

Dave Davies - A long time ago

Today, I was listening to a disc of live rarities from the set that includes the version of "Lola" posted above, and wraps up with a trio of live performances featuring The Smithereens backing Dave Davies in Hollywood in August of 1994. It made me a little bit more hungry for the rumored Kinks reunion tour. And c'mon, having The Smithereens as your backing band certainly doesn't suck!

Drummer Dennis Diken lays down a serious backbeat on these tracks, which will come as no surprise to Smithereens fans. Diken is one of the hardest hitting drummers I've ever seen in the live setting. Here's a great shot of the monster at rest, behind the drum kit, from a January show in Spain. The photo below is from 'Reens guitarist Jim Babjak's Myspace page.

Dennis Diken

Check out frontman Pat Dinizio's continuing schedule of living room concerts and other events, including a date in Columbus, OH this coming week.

And in the meantime, enjoy these tracks of the 'Reens with Dave Davies!

Dave Davies Intro
Death of a Clown
Too Much On My Mind
Milk Cow Blues


Cage Match: Fleetwood Mac vs. Hall & Oates – What’s Your Vote?

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This one requires a bit of set-up: I'm going to ask you to vote for two different songs - one by Fleetwood Mac, and one by Hall & Oates. Before we get to that, let's cover the backstory on how we got to this point.

Fleetwood Mac

I'll have the occasional musical debate with my good friend and co-worker Michael, who is based in our New York office. Usually, these discussions start around a work topic of someone that he is looking to book for a run of radio interviews, and the discussion spirals deep into Top 40 hell. We certainly have fun with what we do for a living.

As the person that amassed a collection of every 80s charting top 40 single on 45 rpm, (a collection that I now own, thanks to Michael,) he knows a few things about music.

And as someone with a similar musical sickness (actually, probably worse,) it makes for an entertaining discussion.

Today's discussion started with a Fleetwood Mac reference after I had gotten several emails worth of work-related requests from Michael at the end of the day..

Matt: you're starting to piss me off. I'd hate to have to fist fight a Fleetwood Mac fan
Matt: but your love of average F. Mac songs doesn't help matters
Michael: bring it. anyone who thinks Kiss On My List is worth quoting can't be much of a problem.
Matt: I can't help your apparent lack of musical taste
Michael: dude, two words:
Michael: Billy
Michael: Vera
Michael: c'mon
Matt: One more word
Matt: ROCKS!
Michael: let's go outside and start lining up the Vera fans vs. Fleetwood Mac fans
Matt: haha - I'll admit, that you could get the Vera fans in a rented SUV
Michael: In fact - let's line up the Fleetwood fans vs. the Hall & Oates fans
Matt: now there, you might have competition
Michael: Are you saying "Never Going Back Again" is a mediocre F. mac song? (I had given him crap about having a lyric from the song in his FB status update.)
Matt: not completely
Michael: You, who likes almost everything!
Matt: but it worked for the argument
Matt: sometimes I like to incite trouble and riots
Michael: you do it well
Michael: Let's do an MTV Friday Night Video Fight: Gypsy vs. Family Man
Matt: I'd quote Secondhand News and Monday Morning before I'd quote that one
Matt: Family Man would win without a spin
Michael: I don't compare their songs. They're all different and brilliant.
Michael: hmmmmm what makes you so sure?
Matt: I don't think your average person could hum Gypsy
Matt: while I think most know Family Man
Matt: not a bash on Gypsy, I think that's just fact
Matt: Where did Gypsy chart?
Michael: #12 I believe (Correct, and from memory no less. He's like that. Sick.)
Matt: I'm putting it to the test - posting it as Facebook status and Twitter status as well
Michael: you're putting the songs up against each other on FB & Twitter?

At this moment, the combined totals from responses on FB and Twitter are close, with only a couple of positions separating the two.

The reaction was quick - I got my first Twitter reply about 10 seconds after it was posted:

No contest. "Gypsy" all the way. Mirage is, IMHO, the greatest Buckingham-era Mac LP bar none. Maximum relistening power.

And then the Facebook comments started rolling in - here's a sampling of several of them:

1. Gypsy, hands down. Not even close.

2. H n O baby

3. Hall & Oates Family Man.... don't like Fleetwood Mac and never did.. :)

4. Gypsy!!

5. Family Man is one of the worst Hall & Oates songs ever........

6. I would choose Hall and Oates over Fleetwood Mac, but in this case, you took a decent song from Fleetwood Mac over the 2nd worst song in the history of H&O (one on one being the worst).

What's your vote: Fleetwood Mac "Gypsy" or Hall & Oates "Family Man?

Hall & Oates


Listening Party: Check out new releases from Queensrÿche and Jane’s Addiction

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It's been a brutally busy week here in Vinylland, which is Vinyl-speak for "the real world has been kicking my ass this week."

As usual, it's been the music helping me to maintain my alleged sanity, including a trip back to 1997 with the Dog's Eye View album Daisy, paired with lots of new music, including the free NINJA Tour Sampler featuring new tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Tom Morello's Streetsweeper.

The NIN and Jane's tracks sound is particularly nice to finally get an official release of the With Teeth-era rarity "Not So Pretty Now," which my NIN loving pal Pat the Producer immediately identified as "something that sounds like it's from the With Teeth album," as soon as he heard it!

The Streetsweeper stuff is great - sounds like a mix of Rage mashed with Ice-T and Body Count. The project pairs Morello with vocalist/emcee Boots Riley of The Coup, and they've allegedly got an album on the way. From what I heard on the EP, I can't wait!

And while we're on the subject, how about that Tom a near-reunion of Soundgarden on stage recently in Seattle? What do you think of when I say "Tadgarden?"

Yeah, I think you can connect the dots on this one.....take Tad Doyle and add in the ex-members of Soundgarden minus Cornell, and you've got yourself a heavy dosage of musical nirvana courtesy of Tad and crew, who offered instant proof that they can still bring the rock hard.

Hell yeah.

Queensrÿche - American Soldier listening party:

The Queensrÿche album American Soldier (pre-order from Amazon) hits stores and digital outlets on Tuesday, and here's a little heads up for Cleveland folks:

If you were planning on hitting the Cleveland listening party scheduled for next week, you can cancel those plans. The listening party has been scrubbed due to the ongoing issues at the Jigsaw Saloon, the scheduled location for the party.

The good news is that you can now sample a huge part of American Soldier via Rhino's listening party for the album:

American Soldier
Listening Party Track List:

7. Middle Of Hell
8. If I Were King
9. Man Down!
10. Remember Me
11. Home Again
12. The Voice


Windows Media


Check out the latest tour dates for Queensrÿche here.

Jane's Addiction (Speaking of listening parties.....):

I'm going to try to not hold it against my good pal Rob, who spent last week at SXSW attending one amazing show after another, including the Metallica club show at Stubb's, AND the secret show from Jane's Addiction.

Rob shares the rundown from the Jane's show:

Jane's Addiction @ the Playboy/C3 party - Took place in an old abandoned Safeway grocery store. Venue reached capacity quickly and there were some initial sound problems because of a faulty cable that almost derailed the show but by 1:45AM a reunited Jane's Addiction were rocking. They fired up Three Days to open the set and killed it. Navarro twittered about it after the song ended. It was awesome to see/hear the original incarnation as Eric Avery adds a lot to their sound / stage presence. He's the glue that will cement their upcoming NIN|JA tour as the most revered of the year.

Source: SXSW 2009 - The Reventón Top 10; Bottom 5

With no Cleveland show on the horizon, Pittsburgh is looking like a likely candidate for a roadtrip to see the Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction summer tour. You can bet that on that road trip, I'll be soaking deep in the sounds of the new Jane's Addiction box set A Cabinet of Curiosities, which arrives in stores from Rhino on April 21st.

The track listing on this mutha looks epic!

Jane's Addiction - A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities will be available in stores, via digital outlets, and also is available as a special deluxe limited edition collectible wooden box via the Rhino website modeled after an old-fashioned cabinet of curiosities, limited to 7,500 copies.

PS - VINYL ALERT! Don't forget to snag vinyl reissues of Nothing's Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual, which will be released via your favorite indie music retailer for Record Store Day!

Grab that vinyl goodness locally here in Cleveland at Music Saves on Saturday, April 18th!

For now, dig into a sampling of A Cabinet of Curiosities and get stoked!

Listening Party Track List:

(pre-order A Cabinet of Curiosities from Amazon)


Share the very cool Jane's widget with tunes from A Cabinet of Curiosities with your friends, enemies, and anyone that you know with a particular affection for creepy-crawly black bugs.


Windows Media


Shout out to the black bug, ya'll!


Blue Arrow Records Grand Opening On Waterloo – More Details + Devo + SXSW

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George from Brewed Fresh Daily has more details and a nice picture of Blue Arrow Records, which will officially open on Thursday in the Waterloo District, located at 16001 Waterloo Road.

I shared a basic rundown on Blue Arrow in my previous update, and George shares some additional background right here!

I'm looking forward to checking out Blue Arrow, and I'm hoping to get out there on Thursday to check it out. If Thursday doesn't happen, I'll be out there checking it out on Record Store Day for sure!

Devo + SXSW = Well, you figure it out....

Devo action figures?  Yeah.

Devo are currently finishing up the first new Devo release since Smooth Noodle Maps in 1990, and they've already started the promo machine with a couple of high-profile appearances at South By Southwest this past week.

I don't have word yet to know if CB was there rockin' his Devo suit, but I do know that all of the members of Devo showed up wearing theirs!

Whitney from Pop Candy caught up with the Devo cats for an interview featuring questions submitted by her readers, including this Akron-related Q!

I live in Akron and rented an apartment years ago, and one of the selling points was that a few members of Devo had lived there previously. The address is 123 South Portage. Is that true? -- Tommy

I think that's where Jerry and Bob lived, and that's where we recorded a lot of songs early on. And that's where we conceived the idea of doing our first film. I hope they've fixed some of the utilities.

Regarding the new album:

And the new album is almost finished?

We're kind of halfway through it. We have about six songs that are pretty well-nailed down, and we have twenty-some more that we're going through. I'm sure it'll be done by summertime.

At what point did you realize it was time for Devo to return?

Well, we write songs together, and we never call them Devo. But we liked what was happening in the music industry right now. We like the fact that record companies have exploded and the whole methodology of presenting yourself as a musical artist is all up in the air, and there's all sorts of new possibilities right now. We wish this would've happened 30 years ago, but we're glad we're still around to get involved with it now.

Devo will perform their classic Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo! in its entirety during a London show in May.

One more Devo item for you all - here's the setlist from their SXSW performance, with thanks to Pop Candy.

Don't Shoot, I'm A Man
What We Do
Goin' Under
That's Good
Girl U Want
Whip It
Secret Agent Man
I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)
Uncontrollable Urge
Smart Patrol/DNA
Gates Of Steel

Freedom Of Choice
Jocko Homo
Gut Feeling
Beautiful World

Purchase Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo.

Devo - Greatest Hits - CD


Hey Cleveland! Here are the details for Record Store Day at Music Saves + Black Sabbath vinyl details + more!

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I made my way over to Music Saves on Thursday night to pick up a couple of things: They had ordered Ready For The Flood per my request, the newish album from principal Jayhawks members Mark Olson and Gary Louris.

Ready For The Flood is the first new studio album from the duo since Olson's 1995 departure from the 'Hawks, and was produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. The album was released overseas late last year and finally got a U.S. release earlier this year via New West Records, who added a couple of bonus tracks to the U.S. release. One of those bonus tracks in particular would make Ready For The Flood worth the purchase alone, even if the rest of the disc was blank. "Precious Time" is a fan favorite originating on the "Mystery Demos" compilations from the 80s/90s that have been circulated in trading circles over the past few year, and now is finally available on Ready For The Flood. Hell yeah.

As for the album? Oh, it's fantastic. Hopefully you caught the pair on Letterman, and if you missed that, here's the video for your viewing pleasure. Olson/Louris are on the road right now as we speak, and just played a showcase at SXSW. Go catch 'em if they're in your neck of the woods....and when you see them, tell them to get their asses to Cleveland or anywhere in Ohio for a show!

PS - I've been telling everyone I know to pick up the Gary Louris solo album Vagabonds, also produced by Robinson and released last year. It's a great companion piece, and one of my favorite records from 2008.

I also picked up Oohs and Aahs from Say Hi (To Your Mom,) which came out a few weeks ago. The internet sez:

Written and recorded in the home studio of critically acclaimed Seattle via Brooklyn via los Angeles DIY icon Eric Elbogen, Oohs & Aahs is an extraordinary and consistently witty album of dimly lit indie rock fables that ponder many hues of gloom, lust and inevitability and beauty of imperfection. Even for fans of Elbogens past work, it's a marvel of modern post-pop.

Indeed. I took a listen to this one on the listening station at Music Saves, and was sucked in by the 80s-esque synths that are sprinkled throughout Oohs & Aahs. Additionally, I'm a sucker for one-man-band kinda things, and Say Hi certainly fills the bill on that one.

Fun fact: I was actually searching for something new with female vox to listen to, and came away with Say Hi instead. Those damn synthesizers will get me everytime.

Stop in at Music Saves and take a copy home for yourself.....tell 'em that Addicted to Vinyl sent you, and I'm sure they'll give you some sort of discount, and hopefully they'll give me a free Dr. Pepper. Or a picture with Vinyl the Cat. Or both.

Vinyl The Cat

Here is a song sample for your listening pleasure:

Say Hi - Maurine

If you want some good humor, read the "un-FAQ" on the Music Saves website. I like this one:

Do you guys have an indie rock section?

Someone actually asked this once after looking around for 20 minutes. We’re not sure what he meant by indie rock. We only have 2 sections: New and Used.

Record Store Day at Music Saves:

Music Saves!

Got the official email update from Music Saves with the rundown on their planned offerings for Record Store Day. If you're not on their email list already, sign up now!

Saturday, April 18, noon-11pm at MUSIC SAVES!

Other places on the street are working on stuff for that day, too, so spend the day on Waterloo! Details TBA!

10% off entire purchase when you come in wearing an indie record store t-shirt
Grab bags of CD mystery – super cheap!
Goody bags for all!
An array of fabulous prizes
Diorama contest!

The prize is a $100 gift certificate to MUSIC SAVES! The TEAM will pick the winner! Your diorama must be music themed! Yes, it must be created inside a shoebox! DIORAMA DEADLINE IS 10pm, Thursday, April 16!
(If anyone has spare shoeboxes lying around the house, please drop them off at the store for those who are shoebox-less!)

OUT store performances from:
(Times TBA)

Here is the list of releases for RSD – the ones we will have. It’s ridonk. Seriously – 52 lines worth of ridonk below.

There will be limited quantities of (almost) everything. We are trying to get enough to go around, but if there is something you can’t live without, you best get here early in the day. Last year, the eager peeps were standing outside our door when we opened. We will not be providing security, beers, or Snuggies® if you want to camp out overnight.


JANE’S ADDICTION Nothing’s Shocking & Ritual De Lo.. LPs
JENNY LEWIS (with Elvis Costello) LIMITED 7”
PAVEMENT Live in Germany 12”
RADIOHEAD vinyl singles
CHARLES SPEARIN (Broken Social Scene) 12”
TALKING HEADS Talking Heads: 77 LP
VARIOUS This LP Crashes Hard Drives Label Comp LIMITED LP

We told you, it’s RIDONK!

Lots of cool stuff on that list, although I'm bummed to hear that the Wilco vinyl reissues have been bumped to June. I guess that makes my day a little bit less expensive - count me in for that there Wilco live DVD!

Speaking of Vinyl:

On the heels of my recent update about the new album from Heaven & Hell (*cough* Black Sabbath *cough*) The Devil You Know, I discovered via the fine folks over at the Steve Hoffman music forums that all of the Dio-era Black Sabbath stuff has been freshly reissued on vinyl. Get your mitts on Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil, and Dehumanizer by clicking on the linkity-links (which benefit your friends here at Addicted to Vinyl) or visit your favorite local retailer.

It's nice to see that they are reasonably priced too, at 17 bucks a pop (Live Evil is 23 bucks, since that's a double disc affair.) Wish that more labels would get the memo on how cool that is!

More more more! A new record (we're talkin' vinyl here!) store for Cleveland!

The following details were also within the info-loaded chock-full-of-musical-nutrients-that-taste-better-than-Spam-from-the-local-7-11 newsletter from Music Saves:

Pete and Debbie, former owners of Renaissance Parlour and partners in This Way Out and damn cool folks, are opening this store right down the street from us, past Shoparooni, cross the side street, and it’s next to Low Life Gallery, in the building with the blue arrow on it!
They’ll feature quality used LPs, 45s, and 78s from the 1950’s to the present, in a range of musical styles. They’ll also have magazines, t-shirts, furniture, and other cool merchandise.
The floor is covered entirely with vintage album covers. IT – IS – AWESOME!
AND they have a stage that will be used for performances and DJ events! DJs will be spinning all day during the Waterloo Arts Fest on June 27th!
We couldn’t be more excited to have these guys join our little Waterloo family, and we hope you’ll show them some love by stopping in sometime soon!

That's enough for now, right?



Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street Band – 10 Years Back & Still Burnin’ Down The Road

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Just in case you missed it, I'm going to be the last person to post video of Springsteen's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this past week (following Pete at Blogness, Dave at Wings For Wheels,etc.)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c
Bruce Springsteen - Interview
Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things w/ Demetri Martin Political Humor

It's a really fun interview, if you haven't seen it...

Later on Twitter, @springsteen pointed me towards video of Stewart on Conan 10 years ago, talking about his love for Bruce on the night that bandleader Max Weinberg was about to depart for a six month reunion tour with Springsteen and the freshly reunited E. Street Band.

And that brings us to the reason for this post. Backstreets alerted me to the fact that this week marks the 10 year anniversary of Bruce's reunion with the E. Street Band. Springsteen and the band played their first rehearsal shows (of many that would follow later) at Asbury Park's Convention Hall on March 18th and March 19th 1999.

From Backstreets:

"I've never played here," Bruce told the crowd that first night -- this before the numerous holiday shows and morning show broadcasts yet to come. "It's nice to be able to play here tonight. This is a special night for us, because it's kind of a rededication -- it is, it's a rededication of our band, and the job that we do, and our committment to serve. So it's a big, big night."

It remains big in our memory, too -- a mere three days after Springsteen's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the stunning sight of the E Street Band back together for a full tour, the band's first in a decade, Steve's first in 18 years. The world premiere of "Land of Hope and Dreams" and an E Streetified "If I Should Fall Behind" signified that nostalgia would be taking a back seat, Bruce telling the crowd, "We're going to leave you with something new, because it's a night of rebirth."

I bought tickets for both nights, November 14th and November 15th at Cleveland's Gund Arena, a pair for each night at $67.50 a pop plus service fees.

Bruce - Gund - 11/14/99

"Good evening, good evening, Cleveland....thanks, glad to be back in town, Patti .... Patti sends her regards, she´s still at home with a perforated eardrum but, uh, tonight the boys are gonna do their best for you so..."

I went to the first night with my girlfriend Kelly, who remarked at the time that I bought the tickets "I don't understand why you're going to both nights," thus securing her mandatory spot on the guest list for the first night. After the show, she turned to me as we were walking out and said "Now, I understand why you're going both nights."

The "perforated eardrum" comment has become a joke with my friend Tony "TNT" Tilford and I that will inevitably be said by one of us as we are walking into a Bruce show. "Perforated eardrum" and "Cleveland! Cleveland!" (a Bruce comment that came on the second night, are our two oft-used references when leaving voicemails for each other, talking Springsteen, or otherwise. This was the first Bruce show of many that I've attended with Tony.

These shows were also my first Bruce shows in any form, since the very first Bruce show I ever saw in August of 1992 at my beloved, dearly departed Richfield Coliseum.

On the first night at the Gund, there were some interesting songs in the soundcheck - A snippet of "Midnight Special," and "Adam Raised A Cain." Sadly, neither made it into the setlist that night. I would have freaked if they would have busted out "Adam." We did get a set that was fairly heavy on Born In The USA material with "My Hometown," "Working On The Highway," "Bobby Jean" and the title track. "Spirit in the Night" was also in the set, and "Ramrod"" was a nice add-in on the tail end of the encores. Tony was really happy to hear "Ramrod." No, I'm serious, he was REALLY happy. Who knew that he liked "Ramrod" that much? I learned exactly how much on that night, and I began to build a mental list of songs that would induce child-like levels of excitement with Tony.

Bruce - Gund - 11/15/99

"Cleveland ! anybody from Alagonia ?....Cleveland !....Cleveland !....Cleveland ! ....Cleveland !....but everywhere I´ve gone I´ve seen people lost in the wilderness....I´ve seen people lost in confusion....I´ve seen people lost in the Cleveland Browns memorabilia....I´ve seen people sticking pins in the (?) Modell voodoo doll....I´ve seen people lost in confusion, in faithlessness, in hopelessness but that´s alright ´cause tonight we´re here on a search-and-rescue mission, we´ve come thousands of miles and if you´re downhearted, if you´re disgusted, if you´re dispossessed, if you´re downsized, analyzed, stigmatised, retropsychedelicized, Pokemonized, Pikachu-ized and I know you are....if your heart´s on empty, if your soul bankrupt, if your spirit´s i got bad credit, I´m here tonight to re-educate, to resuscitate, to regenerate, to reconfiscate, to reindoctrinate, to reillustrate, to resexualate, to rededicate, to reliberate you with the power and the glory, with the power and the glory, with the power and the glory, with the power and the glory, with the majesty, with the mystery....with the mystery....with the ministry of rock and roll !´s´s alive.... and we´re doing it....that´s, unlike my competitors, I shall not, I will not, I shall not, I cannot promise you life everlasting....but I can promise you life....right now !....and all you´ve got to do is raise your hand, raise your hand and say ´I´....”

On the second night at the Gund, I took my good friend Joe to the show, "Computer Joe" as we called him, to distinguish when conversing about him and the other friends that I had named Joe. Joe's nickname came from our working relationship of building websites together. Somewhere around the time that I purchased the tickets, I mentioned it to him, and found out that he was a huge fan, and my companion for night #2 was locked in.

The second night was exhibit A on the short list of reasons why a Springsteen fan would want to attend multiple nights in the same city. A total of 12 songs played during the second show that were not played on the first night, which was a record for the reunion tour. The "country-western" pedal steel version of "No Surrender" made its debut, with other highlights including "Trapped" (!!!,) "Point Blank," "Independence Day," "Hungry Heart," and another treat in the encores with "Blinded By The Light" coming after "Land of Hope And Dreams."

As a fan, you can imagine how thrilled I was when high quality bootlegs popped up for both nights. I thought it would be appropriate to mark the 10 year anniversary of the "rededication" by posting the audio of the second night. I had/have a DVD of this somewhere featuring video shot by a fan in the crowd, synched with the high quality audio. I recall the video being a bit hard to watch, because of the shaky camera work.

You won't have that problem with the audio below, but you are guaranteed to have a good time listening to this one.

Bruce and the band will officially launch their road work in promotion of Working On A Dream with sold-out rehearsal shows on Monday and Tuesday at Convention Hall. I know that it's officially tour time, because I'm watching setlists and rehearsal reports, while eagerly anticipating the moment when I'll catch my first Bruce show of the tour.

At the moment, it looks like the first show for me will be Bruce's performance at Bonnaroo, but if I can get to a show before that date, I'll be there!

Enjoy the audio memories below from a special night in Cleveland...

Thanks to BruceBase for the ticket stub scans and Bruce quotes!

Thanks to Tony for always understanding my need to see at least 3 shows per tour....and for being willing to attend them with me. I know it's hard. Ha.

Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street Band
Gund Arena
Cleveland, OH


complete zipped download

Setlist: Intro/Don't Look Back/Prove It All Night/Two Hearts/Trapped/Darlington County/Independence Day/Point Blank/Youngstown/Murder Inc./Badlands/Out in the Street/Tenth Avenue Freeze-out/You Can Look/Because the Night/No Surrender/Backstreets/Light of Day

First Encore:
Growin' Up/Hungry Heart/Born to Run

Second Encore: Thunder Road/If I Should Fall Behind/Land of Hope and Dreams/Blinded By the Light

Bonus Tracks: Take 'Em As They Come, Rendezvous, Roll Of The Dice, Racing In The Street, Stand On It, Gloria