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NIN interview hot off the presses

Nine Inch Nails - Australia '09 - image courtesy of

Nine Inch Nails are currently on tour in Australia, and NIN mainman Trent Reznor gave a rare in-person interview yesterday (2/22) to Triple J Radio. Reznor discusses the upcoming planned hiatus for NIN, the tour with Jane's Addiction, and a wealth of other subjects. The interview runs 16 minutes and includes some cool memories of Reznor's first Jane's Addiction concert here in Cleveland.

Listen now (audio courtesy of

PS - I can't confirm, but I do believe that my good friend Burgo helped hold the microphone for this interview. I kid, I kid.

  • brian

    That picture of Trent, if I am not mistaken, was taken the night after you and I witnessed the greatest triangle solo in history by that guy in the Foo Fighters.

    Trent was jealous and looked for a triangle but he only had a tambourine. He hit the tambourine so quickly and hard that it caught fire hence the smoke surrounding him.

    It was amazing, but the triangle solo still triumphed.

  • Burgo

    Hahahahaha… ha 😛