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On Valentine’s Day

This is my first V-Day post, so it's not quite a tradition yet...but just wait until next year! I've got a suspiciously timed dinner with my parents tonight, arranged with an early morning phone call.



Perhaps my parents have me on suicide watch on this hallowed chocolate covered day of luv.

Or perhaps they just wanted to see their son.

From my perception, I've won. A year has passed, and I've managed to stay free from the clutches of an evil soul-sucking relationship with any member of the female kind.

Perhaps it's the company that I keep.

But don't worry folks, I was hanging out just last night with a member of the female species, having friendly conversation while watching live rock and roll. We had late night eats at My Friends (that's for you, Brian,) and we spent a good portion of the evening laughing at others. Not with them, at them. I realize that that part of the evening wasn't very nice behavior. But must I be nice all of the time?

I think not.

Today has been a productive Valentine's Day. I've acquired thanks to @WritingHannah, a list of girls worldwide that if I should ever get back into that "relationship" kind of thing, I now have a list of women that I will not wrong/offend/mistreat/etc. See it for yourself in the video below, and exercise your own personal caution.

Here's some more V-Day stuff for you:

My good friend Louie shares a bunch of Valentine's Day stuff with you. He's got a bunch of covers of Love Song by the Cure, including my favorite, by 311.

He's also got the #1 song about having a broken heart.

And finally, here are Louie's top 5 worst songs to dedicate to someone on the radio. How come Kyrie by Mr. Mister didn't make the list?

Robert Cass at Popdose shares a great Pearl Jam show. That's not saying much, because I've YET to meet a PJ show that I didn't like. Sadly for you V-Day lovers, there's no "Love Boat Captain," but there is an electrifying banjo-enhanced rendition of "Once" in the encores. Okay, you're right - I'm lying about the banjo part.

For me personally on this Valentine's Day, I'm loving the HELL out of the new Damnwells album. Which is *ahem* a FREE download. If we are friends, and you've missed my Twitter updates, Facebook postings, and posts right here on this blog....well, what kind of friend are you?

"Bastard of Midnight" is bliss delivered via headphones....

Trouble keeps the bar lights on for your heartache…

The Damnwells - Bastard of Midnight

PS - Please tell me that you've heard the demo via Fuel/Friends? Go listen.

The Damnwells tune was going to be my one musical share for this post, but then I thought of Eric Ambel's sweet, sweet Yayhoos number that is a must for this particular holiday.

The Yayhoos - Baby I Love You

Be good to each other. Hold me.

xoxoxo M

  • brian

    Well this post is much more positive than your Sweetest Day post.

    (Sweetest Day btw is not a national holiday but a terrible excuse for more people to waste money on things that die and make you fat)

    Valentine’s Day to me is even worse. Never liked the day mostly because I got in trouble when I was in second grade when I gave an anti-valentine’s day card to a girl in my class who I thought was ugly. It said “You Are Ugly”.

    Needless to day I got in trouble and had to write her an apology telling her lies that I thought she was pretty. I guess I have been an a-hole all my life.

    Am I sounding bitter? Haha…

    I am glad you think I keep your company. I guess company means sitting in the back of my car during a six hour drive.

    I hope you enjoy your Ponderosa buffet tonight! Save room for pudding.

  • Rob Lambert

    Ha! Mr. Mister. That’s a band I’d forgotten about. I’ve never heard those guys included in the glut of 80’s nostalgia CDs, radio shows, etc.

  • Swapmeet Louie

    I was going to leave a much longer comment, but I had to first inject cocaine into my butthole…

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Brian – if I really made a Sweetest Day post, I’m going to have to look that one up. I HATE Sweetest Day with the heat of a thousand suns.

    Rob – Pretty sure Mr. Mister are included in all that you mention…..I’m a fan, actually:-) Always thought/still think that Richard Page is a phenomenal vocalist.

    Louie – Sometimes you come across things on the internet that you’ve seen before, but forgot about. That Ferrell/Grohl video is one of them.

    But you’re dodging my Mr. Mister question. Jerk.

  • Mel

    Like seriously? How did that night turn into a 4 a.m.-er? So fun. But who are the better people here: us for poking fun? or douchebags for feeling giving space to walk is somehow a privilege. Watch out for those phantom elbows! Geesh… what a dick.

    I was craving an omelet again on Sunday. iHop was not nearly as good.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Totally. Ihop has a shrimp omelet that is my downfall. I was thinking about one of them this past weekend.

    Ihop is one major temptation for omelets and pancakes. And I’d like to thank the owners of Gepetto’s/Johnny Malloy’s for putting a Johnny Malloy’s a block away from my house.

    Honey mustard wings every day can’t be good for you.

  • Burgo

    “Perhaps it’s the company I keep…”

    Heh… it’s not our fault if you make us look good to the women man đŸ˜›

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Burg –

    1. You are a woman.

    2. Your camera crew is waiting…

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  • bastet s

    Good taste in music.

    I blogged about memorializing your loved ones in a story. I am a fantasy and horror author. I chose to write my pet bearded dragon, Tatsu. He just passed away in December. His birthday was this month and he was a late Valentine’s Day gift from my ex.

    My blog, The Demon Stole My Pencil, is all about writing/books in all genres.

    Hope you stop by.