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We are the youth gone wild…in Cleveland!

Brian from Broken Headphones emailed me the other day and noted that it's been a while since I've written anything about Tesla. I took this email as a cry for help, and decided to completely ignore his obvious request for a Tesla update.

Instead, I'm posting this live video of Sebastian Bach performing the Skid Row classic "Youth Gone Wild" this past summer at Blossom Music Center. I think he was opening for Poison and Dokken, but I can't recall. I have my buddy Chris to remember those important details for me.

Baz on Rolling Stone

Sebastian is now posting a bunch of these videos from the 2008 Angel Down tour on his Twitter feed. Check it out, and get your Baz subscription locked in!

UPDATE: Brian just emailed me to let me know how "personally moved" he was by the video below. I hope that you enjoy this as much as he did.

Sebastian Bach - Youth Gone Wild (live at Blossom Music Center)

  • narm

    I agree – lets get a Tesla update. I’m not much into the 80’s hair metal but Tesla I enjoyed.

  • Brian

    I hate you. hahahaha…

    Here is my fav Sebastian Bach video:

  • Brian

    …oh and about that video at Blossom. That is sad they are playing while there is daylight out still and the place looks pretty empty…oh wait, is that you in the front row with the sign that reads “I Love Canada”?

    I still have love for Skid Row, but I have more love for picking on you. haha.

  • Gail

    That pic of Sebastian from RS is so…odd.

  • swapmeetlouie

    Saw Skid Row open for GnR… ROCKIN’ set. That Bach makes me wonder why Skid Row ain’t together no more. Great band.