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Good Listening: Ben Folds – Live in Berlin – 6-4-05

Greetings all,

I've had a monstrous cocktail of the flu, bronchitis, and my usual friend asthma hanging out since this past Tuesday. During this unexpectedly fun week of hotel illness, I cracked the highest fever I've ever had - 104.5.

I'm technically out of the woods now, but still lacking lots on the energy side of things. I felt bad though, and wanted to drop by to share some rock and roll that's been sitting in the holding tank for a while now.

Ben Folds is out on the road for a fresh set of tour dates supporting Way To Normal, including an Ohio date in Columbus on February 21st.

I like this particular show, because the setlist is really close to what I saw when I saw Ben in Ann Arbor, MI a couple of years ago. Stuff from the EPs, the Dre cover.....all of the good stuff.

The sound is MINT.

All sorts of good Ann Arbor memories come flooding through when I listen to this show....memories including time spent going through the endless stacks of musical treasure at Encore Recordings! If you ever find yourself in Ann Arbor, make some time for Encore.

Check that, make a lot of time. You'll be glad that you did.


ben folds
june 4th, 2005
columbiahalle, berlin

Download high res files of this show at Dimeadozen

BEN FOLDS, voc, p, b;

complete zip of the whole show

Disc One:

01 in between days
02 there's always someone cooler than you
03 jesusland
04 bastard
05 still fighting it
06 all u can eat
07 you to thank
08 landed
09 prison food
10 bitches ain't sh*t
11 zak and sara
12 brick

Disc Two:

13 fred jones part two
14 one down
15 the luckiest
16 army
17 trusted
18 carrying cathy
19 rockin' the suburbs
20 late
21 philosophy
22 emaline
23 not the same
24 one angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces

  • Swapmeet Louie

    MAN ALIVE THANK YOU FOR THIS. “The Luckiest” shines through here… sound quality is cherry! Thank you!

    Hope you feel better!

  • Burgo


    (that’s the sound I make when I’m super happy and pumping my fist in the air)

  • Name

    aweeeeeeesoooomeee cheers mate…just wish he would come to new zealand

  • Name

    aweeeeeeesoooomeee cheers mate…just wish he would come to new zealand