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Blue Rodeo: California or Bust!

You guys all know what a big Blue Rodeo fan I am, right? One of the things that I've been looking forward to in the new year is the nearly-certain possibility that I will see Blue Rodeo at least once this year, and hopefully more.

One could definitely say that this legendary Canadian group march to the beat of their own drummer. As proof, I surfed over to the band's official website last night and found the following message posted:

Blue Rodeo are on their way to California for a handful of shows. If you're lucky enough to find yourself in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Santa Barbara near the end of February, head on over to the Store to grab some tickets to these shows. Full concert details can be found on the Events page.

Here are the tour dates:

February 18, 2009 San Francisco, CA The Independent
February 19, 2009 Los Angeles, CA The Mint
February 20, 2009 Santa Monica, CA McCabe's Guitar Shop
February 21, 2009 Santa Barbara, CA Lobero Theatre

Cool venues, and the McCabe's show is acoustic! The Santa Barbara show looks like a co-headlining date with Tim Easton.

I would give my left arm to go to the acoustic show. Since I kinda like having two arms, I'll listen to my copy of their recently released acoustic live album Blue Road instead.

So why now for the CA dates? No idea. My random guesses? Okay, here ya go:

A. Some shows on the way to Los Angeles to discuss business details of some sort?

B. Shows to continue breaking in a new keyboard player?

C. Because Cuddy and Keelor SAID SO!

I'll go with C. Safe bet.

Speaking of Cuddy and Keelor, they just played an acoustic duo benefit show last week with the coolest setlist I've seen in AGES. I would have given my other remaining arm to hear "Sad Nights," one of my FAVORITE cuts off the typically-ignored (by the band) album The Days in Between.

Check out the complete setlist courtesy of the Blue Rodeo Forums:

* What am I Doing Here
* How Long
* Blue House
* 3 Hours
* Fools Like You
* Somebody Waits
* To Love Somebody
* Walk Like You Don't Mind
* English Bay
* Rage
* Rena
* Cynthia
* 5 Days
* Palace of Gold
* Lost Together
* It Could Happen to You
* Bad Timing
* Hasn't Hit Me Yet


* Disappear
* Till I Am Myself Again
* Bad Timing
* Good Year for the Roses

For those of you in the California area - get out and check out one of the upcoming dates, and if you can't make it out - grab yourself a copy of Blue Road - a purchase you certainly won't regret!


Blue Rodeo - Joker's Wild (live 2008)

About Blue Rodeo:

Twenty some years after the formation of Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor are widely respected as one of Canada’s best songwriting teams. Since the release of their debut album Outskirts in March 1987, Blue Rodeo has established themselves as one of the most successful and well known contemporary bands in Canadian music history. Over the course of their stellar career, Blue Rodeo has released eleven studio albums, two live albums, a Greatest Hits collection and an award winning DVD, selling in excess of 4 million copies around the world. Blue Rodeo has won numerous Canadian music awards, including eleven Juno Awards.

(above taken from BlueRodeo.Com)

Relevant Links:

Blue Rodeo official website

  • toomuchcountry

    Please let there be boots, please let there be boots, please let there be boots…

  • oldmanflint

    On our way for the LA shows. I’ve never understood the (band’s) neglect of The Days In Between album. It was my #1 for that year. Glad to see “Disappear” on the set list.

  • http://N/A no name

    Are any of you Canadians attending these upcoming CA shows? I’ll be there as well.

    My guess as to why they are heading to CA after playing in CA 9 months ago…..Big CORP GIG…AND, at least it’s warmer out here. :-)

  • oldmanflint

    Hi “no name”. You could be right. I know The Mint, where they are playing on Thursday the 19th, is often a showcase venue. McCabe’s as well, to hook the Richard Thompson/Los Lobos/Jackson Browne fans who maybe unfamiliar with Blue Rodeo. It always surprises me how many otherwise well informed music fans are unfamiliar. We always have fun playing them inconspicuously at parties. A few people always ask “Who’s This?”, then go out and purchase some discs. I’m just glad they’re making trips to the US again over the past couple years, even if we do have to travel to see them.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    I’ll agree – it’s nice to have them back in the U.S. on a regular basis. I’m fortunate that the Beachland here in Cleveland books them on a semi-regular basis….more than some other cities. Also seems like Detroit is a semi-regular stop for them as well.

    I haven’t really tried putting them on at parties…but I guess that’s because I don’t have a lot of parties…you can bet I’ll put ’em on at my next one ….good idea!

    I’ve always wanted to go to McCabe’s – so many historic shows and great bands/artists have played there. As a music fan, I want to go see a show there just to breath in the history!

  • oldmanflint

    “Parties” is probably a relative term at my advanced age. Ah, those “Hunter-esque” all nighters…oh, never mind. Today it’s more like 8 people shooting pool and trying some new micro brews (you are quite blessed there in NorthEast Ohio with fine ales).

    We’re certainly not jet setters, but we do like to plan extended weekends around music shopping, brewpubs and concerts. Blue Rodeo at The Rams Head tavern in Annapolis, Oct 07, fit the bill.

    L.A. works for us just because of time off and a sister we can stay with. Plus we haven’t been to Rockaway Records for a couple years.

    Is your Coventry area still a record collector’s paradise? Cheers.

  • http://n/a no name

    Where is Rockaway Records exactly? I must drop by when in L.A. Do they sell new, used or both?

    It is quite different seeing BR in the U.S. compared to Canada. I much prefer to see them in the U.S., now that we are living here. The venues are more intimate, smaller with less people.

    This band will play just about anywhere. I’d like them to play at a few winery events in CA that are labeled “summer concerts in the vineyard”. That would be good exposure for them as well.

    Hey, I’ve been to the Beachland Ballroom to see them!! :-) The last time they were there, they attracted a good crowd.

  • oldmanflint

    Rockaway is at 2395 Glendale Blvd in Silverlake. Here’s their link…

    …and the mapquest link…

    The retail store is kinda 2 stores. There are collectibles galore, which we tend to treat as a museum, never to be able to afford anything there. But then there’s tons of new and used vinyl (and CDs, sorry Matt) to browse and spend your hard earned money on. It’s hard to recommend a record store, as everybody shops differently. I guess I’d compare it to the old Dr. Wax on Clark in Chicago rather than Vortex in Toronto. Happy shopping.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    No worries – I have plenty of those CDs, I assure you.

    Rockaway had a location in Arizona that I visited in the 90s when I was in town for the Fiesta Bowl. I picked up some cool Chicago memorabilia, and also a used copy of the Mobile Fidelity CD edition of Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed.

    That was the one and only time I went to that AZ location, which is now closed as I understand it.

    Rockaway used to have an ad in Goldmine Magazine – not sure if they still advertise there – but I picked up some stuff via the ads as well.

    Always wanted to go to the LA store, for sure. Going to have to do that one of these days – I’d love to hit up Amoeba as well.

  • oldmanflint

    Well, we’re off for California. I’ll report back in a couple weeks on the shows. I’ll try to do a set list, as my memory is not what it once was.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Can’t wait to hear the report…enjoy!

  • oldmanflint

    Hi Matt (and all), Wow. That’s my review of Blue Rodeo last night at The Mint in Los Angeles. OK a bit more. Although I didn’t keep a set list since we stood and one of my hands was attached to a pint glass, here’s a few of my thoughts. First, Michael Boguski on keyboards. A fine, fine player both on piano and organ. He’s a very busy player in several bands in Toronto. No one seems to know if he’s the full time replacement or filling in. I vote for his inclusion. See and hear more at I’m hoping he’ll play some accordian tonight at the McCabe’s acoustic show. He did suffer some technical issues early in the show but came through with flying colors.

    Song highlights for me – “Rage” and “Disappear”.
    A few new entries (I should have at least jotted down their possible titles for you) and a wonderful “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” set of guitar riffs from Mr Keelor on “Trust Yourself”, the first encore. The crowd was right there from word one, singing along to every song.

    Bob Egan stayed at the pedal steel all night. No triple guitar forays. I had heard that Baz was ill recently, but he appears OK and in fine form now. Glenn is as dead on and amazing as ever.

    I had forgotten how tiny The Mint is. Maybe 200 folks sold the show out. The room is maybe 50′ X 80′. A few of the relocated Canadians commented that the intimacy of last night’s show could never be duplicated at a Canadian show. I’m very happy the band is still willing to play small US venues. I’ll check in after McCabes again.
    for the faithful Yanks.

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