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Too Much Evan Dando is Never Enough and Other 90s Misadventures Retold and Redrawn

As you'll know from reading the stuff that shows up here, 90s nostalgia is everlasting and ongoing in my world. It never goes out of style.

Today I joined a Facebook group for music fans that "grew up listening" to 107.9 The End, the legendary Cleveland alternative station in the 90s. The End was the little station that could, and the radio station that apparently everyone heard, despite having the crummiest signal in the city.

The Waynes, my favorite local band in the 90s, are doing a reunion show in March at Roc Bar. You can forget about any plans that I might have mentioned in regards to attending my 15th anniversary high school reunion this year. Instead, I'll be celebrating 15 years down the road, the many memories I have of seeing The Waynes and Jehova Waitresses playing co-headlining gigs at the Phantasy.

The impossible has come to pass, and The Waynes will convene onstage in Cleveland for their first show long has it been? Too long. How about that? The band will headline the birthday show for bassist Derek Poindexter, and there have been whispers of recent recording sessions tying up some loose ends. Could it be? We'll have to see about that....

That brings us to Evan Dando and his merry band of Lemonheads. Hopefully ya'll grabbed that speaker shreddin' good Lemonheads rock show that I posted here a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Rob @ for dropping a heads up in the comments to let me know that It's A Shame About Ray has been reissued on vinyl! Available now so that you can spin it while thinking lewd thoughts about Juliana Hatfield. All of the cool kids are doing it!

Amazon calls the album a "jangle pop classic," and I agree!

But we're not done. Oh no.

On an average day in my perfect world, I'd be reading a never-ending supply of Entertainment Weekly columns from Diablo Cody and Stephen King while hanging out with my wife Jennifer Aniston. And she's a helluva a cook in my dreamland - we'd have pork chops a lot, and tell the story to friends about how how we bonded over a mutual love for the third Animotion album. Who even owns that third Animotion album?

That's right, this guy right here. Please don't think any less of me.

Animotion - Room To Move (from the soundtrack to My Stepmother Is An Alien)

So you didn't know that song was in that movie? Me either. But when you think about what movie we're talking about, is that a surprise?

We're getting way off track here.

I'd spend the rest of my time reading the stuff that my girl Whitney pumps out over at USA TODAY'S Pop Candy. Poor Whitney's been sadly neglected lately in my RSS reader, but she must have known that she could catch my eye with the following headline:

Come on, Watch the Lemonheads

Brilliant. Dammit, I mighta used that for a future Lemonheads post!

Too late now!

But while we're here, you really should check out the Pop Candy subject matter, a great Laundromatinee video session with Dando and the Lemonheads featuring 5 downloadable live tracks - 3 covers, "Confetti" from Ray, and "Style" from Come On Feel The Lemonheads.

According to the Laundromatinee folks, it was a long way to the top to rock and roll this particular session, and sadly it was also one of the final recording sessions engineered by musician/producer Lon Paul Ellrich prior to his unfortunate passing.

Good reading and listening await you.....

  • Brian

    Oh The End… I miss that station. One of the best Alt Rock stations in Cleveland. I agree with the poor radio signal.

    End Fest. Those were fun…

    I remember the night Kurt Cobain did what he did. People were calling the station crying and sobbing. I called up just to show my views on the situation as a teenager and spoke to Pete The Dog.

    Years later Pete The Dog and I worked together at a Borders and became good friends. Who would have thought?

    I will be joining that group. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  • Josh

    remember how The End came on the air to replace POwer 108? By playing REM’s The End Of The World as We Know it for 24 straight hours. I was a senior in high school and mystified . . .

  • Marlyn

    Evan dando I blame YOU for the death of my Grandson’s father. I hope to god if you have a child you will always remember what you did to Rupert,leaving him fatherless, for your selfish demands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!