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DXMas….a different kinda holiday mix tape for your listening pleasure

Another Oingo Boingo Xmas

Assuming that you're not drunkenly passed out from too much of that "special" eggnog, here's some more special holiday musical cheer for your ears.

A few years back, I received a suspiciously labeled package in the mail with my address scratched semi-illegibly on the face of the package. While I would normally mark "return to sender" and send it back, I opened this particular package and a new holiday tradition began.

Cleveland Scene writer dude and friend D.X. Ferris puts together a yearly holiday-themed CD mix that finds its way to my mailbox each year at some point in Nov/Dec, inevitably packed with an additional bonus random musical inclusion that could only come from the mind of Ferris.

Last year's musical bonus was a disc of Donnie Iris oddities. And this year? A CD with a printed Itunes playlist labeled "Danzig Slow Jams."

Is Ferris screwing with me, or did he REALLY send me a Danzig mix just in time for the holidays?

Just to be clear, I'm not talking about a little known member of the Rat Pack, I'm talking about the one and only Glenn Danzig, the OTHER short metal dude.

I put the CD into the computer, and discovered that it was indeed as advertised, a disc of "Danzig Slow Jams:" One hour, 16 minutes, and 51 seconds worth. 22 tracks, including three 6 second vinyl "crackle" tracks in a row - "666," get it?


I know you're expecting me to post the Danzig mix here, and don't get me wrong, I totally would. Because as we all learned a few years back, even I could take Danzig in a fight.

But since we're gleefully buried in the midst of the Xmas/Hannukah season right now, I think it's probably best for me to post the holiday mix now, and save the Danzig mix for a more appropriate holiday like Valentine's Day, or maybe even Grandparent's Day.

Does Grandma like Danzig?

Anyway, I'm getting distracted.

Welcome to DXmas VII: The Lost Xmas! This year's holiday disc is rated PG-13, not quite "E for Everyone," and came labeled with a Post-It note labeled "Listen first, Read later - Seasonal Greetings, DXF."

Ferris comments on the holiday mix, and also talks a bit o' Danzig as well:

The DXmas mix, I keep swearing I'm gonna stop, but I just can't. It's my annual goal to make my list of people who get them smaller, not bigger. But it never seems to work. Covers are one of my out-of-control enthusiasms; Xmas tunes run a close second.

Danzig is a goddamned genius. Covered by Metallica, wrote songs recorded by Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash. Who else can say that?

Uh, good point, I think.

Feast your ears on holiday stuff from R.E.M., The New Pornographers, Dokken, and many, many, more. I'll throw up a few individual tracks, and you'll find the complete mix (with special celebrity holiday guests) in the zip file.

P.S. - I think this year's mix was personalized for me, because it also includes my favorite Thompson Twins tune. That should be all you need to know to want to download it, right there!

P.S.S. - Enjoy, and happy holidays!

P.S.S.S. - D.X. wrote a killer Slayer book. It makes a great late stocking stuffer.

complete zipped download (tagged, numbered, and ready to rock!)

R.E.M. - Merry Christmas Everybody

Frank Sinatra and Cyndi Lauper - Santa Claus is Coming To Town

  • craigie*

    Here’s mine from the last four years… – compilation 1 – compilation 2 – compilation 3 – compilation 4

    Share the wealth!

    (number five is almost done for next year as well!)

    all the best


  • Matt Wardlaw

    Wow Craig – thank you so much! I can’t WAIT to see what is in your mixes. That’s why I put a zip file instead of a whole track listing. I think that part of the mix tape fun,is not knowing what’s on the mix tape!

    Your mixes will probably make up for the Xmas mix I wanted to make for myself this year, but never got around to!!

    I FINALLY rounded up all of the tunes……so next year, it will probably be ON!

    (notice I put in “probably” to give myself an out!)

    Here’s another NINE mixes that I found last night….

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Dude – listening to the first mix now….SO awesome…thanks again for sharing.

  • brian

    Awesome. I am speechless. I will rip on you later… Right now I need to listen to this.

  • craigie*

    You’re very welcome…

    Leather Canary is out of Bandwidth at the moment (not surprisingly!) so I’ll jump on that in the new year…

    Hope it’s been a good one, without any fear…


  • chat

    Thank you for this particxxipation wonderful

  • chat

    You are wonderful, thank you

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