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More Twitter-related fun – Finding out why everything sucks

Who enjoys networking on Twitter?

This guy.

New and interesting people continue to find their way on to my radar via Twitter. Like recent Yale graduate Hannah Friedman, who is writing her first book Everything Sucks: Losing My Mind and Finding Myself in a High School Quest for Cool, a "teenage memoir" that will land in stores next August courtesy of HCI, the fine folks that brought you the Chicken Soup For The Soul series.

Here's the book description from Amazon:

"By my senior year [in high school] I am the chair of the student body and disciplinary committee, coordinator of 3 community service programs, I have a 4.0 GPA, a millionaire boyfriend with a BMW, and finally, for the first time in my entire life, I am considered 'cool.' But when an article of mine about the college admissions process is published in Newsweek, everything I've worked so hard to achieve is pulled out from under me...and I resolve once and for all to stop allowing other people to define me." Welcome inside the head of 21-year-old Hannah Friedman--a fresh new author whose biting wit and captivating writing style is a cross between bestselling YA author Anne Brashares (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and the hysterically honest Amy Sedaris (I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence). Everything Sucks details the teenage years in all of their cringe-worthy absurdity--from getting home schooled in a tour bus with hippie musicians to attending one of New York's most prestigious private schools on full scholarship to developing a drug addiction and eating disorder to nearly getting kicked out of Yale University before she even gets to attend. In the end, it's Friedman's spirit that keeps her afloat.

Friedman also has an entertaining series of Youtube videos including this one:

She kinda seems like one to watch, don't you think?

Friedman just posted a lengthy blog entry that answers the important question about the book - what's it all about?

Here's a humorous excerpt covering Friedman's background:

Two years ago I was in my Yale dorm room studying for some bullsh*t literature test. It was late. I realized I would never be able to cram in enough knowledge of obscure Hegelian ideals to get an 'A' when I decided to procrastinate.

"What's with this whole GPA nonsense?" I thought to myself. "Who even came up with this crap?'

I did some digging. I discovered that the 4.0 grade system was invented at Yale, and I fell off my couch and lay on the floor like a comatose beached starfish reliving the cosmic cycle which had drafted me as a perfectionist pawn and spit me out here... I spent my entire highschool career mastering a system to impress an institution that invented that very system.

Needless to say, I was pissed off. I channeled this into a few Bailey's-fueled nights of too much eye makeup and underaged dancing to horrible club music, then progressed into my "f*ck it" phase, during which I ate cookies by the boxfull and stayed in bed for days skipping class, not showering, and watching LOST episodes back to back to back. I moaned and groaned and had a big existential crisis in the Sterling Memorial Library courtyard while smoking a cigarette during the "life is a meaningless abyss, might as well be a trendy hipster and blow ironic cigarette smoke rings into said abyss" phase. And I realized that I could continue to bitch or I could do something. So I started writing.

Read on, children.....

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