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Facebook Fun: So this one time, we were talking about Coldplay and Joe Satriani….

Blogging buddy and occasional Ohio resident Kevin Mason throws me a nice shoutout that documents on video the recent conversation that several of us had on Facebook that started with a simple comment about Kevin's status update, which had to do with the whole Coldplay/Joe Satriani thing. By the time it was over, the comment string was 30 comments deep, and we were talking about music so far removed from the original subject that you'd did we get there? Well, all I can tell you is that THIS is what happens when you get a few music fans in a room...or in this case, on Facebook together!

Seriously, 30 comments.  Seriously.

I'm proud of what we accomplished. Kudos all!

Check out the vid, and add Kevin's video blog to your reading list - he's a good dude!


Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani? Let's Do the Music Theory...

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