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Friday Youtube Fun: The Great Big Yes + big big rock star hair

The Lemonheads - The Great Big No

I know what you're thinking. Actually, you might be thinking several things:

1. When did Glen Phillips from Toad The Wet Sprocket sing for The Lemonheads?

2. Wow, was this the week that Evan Dando stayed away from drugs?

3. Did I just have a seizure from the jumpy video?

The Storm - Show Me The Way

You know The Storm, right?


Well, you should! Here's a refresher course. Buncha ex-Journey guys (Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith) get together with former 707 frontman Kevin Chalfant and newcomer Josh Ramos on guitar. The band releases kick ass self-titled album in 1991 produced by hot producer of the moment Beau Hill and score a minor radio hit with this little number. Smith departs from the band without ever playing any live gigs and is replaced on the road by drummer Ron Wikso for touring that includes an opening slot on Bryan Adams' 1992 tour for the Waking Up The Neighbours album.

The band recorded a second album in 1993 that was shelved due to record company politics (although eventually released much later) and went their "separate ways" with band members pursuing individual projects. Valory eventually returned to that Journey band where he remains to this day.

This video shoot for "Show Me The Way" looks like it was a lot of fun.....NOT!

I think the same director that did "The Wild Boys" video for Duran Duran did this video too. (Okay, that's not really true....but they both have ridiculous scenery!)

By the way, you can grab a NEW copy of the first album on Amazon, conveniently priced at the value price of $49.51. BUT, lucky for you - If you're not snobbish about used CDs, you can get your hands on a used copy for $5.99.

  • Jack

    I thought this was going be to be your Yes review by the title of this post. How was that show?