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Some Muppet metal moments you might have missed…

Shhhhhh! Don't be alarmed if you've noticed a bit of silence from Matt over the past couple of days, because it seems that he might have been out enjoying life in the "real world!"

Alarming, but true.

Somehow I've found the time to check in with you all to share the important stuff: More Muppet videos from Youtube.

In today's Muppet fun, we learn that your favorite Muppets are actually loaded with tons of metal cred. Thanks to Youtube and the internet, we continue to discover that Bert and Ernie aren't nearly as square as we made them out to be for all of these years.

In fact, from the video below, I think it's possible that Bert and Ernie might be huge Meshuggah fans.

See, we all learned something today. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Ernie and Bert go brutal

Master of Muppets

A Muppet Death Metal Special

  • Brian

    Thanks for the laugh. I am sure Jim Henson is rolling in his grave.

    You having a “real life”? Impossible.

  • Swapmeet Louie

    OH MY GOD that last Beaker one had me rolling!!!!!!


  • Matt Wardlaw

    Brian – it is possible. Believe it or not.

    I’ll mark you down for “not.”

    Louie – glad you dug it!

  • Gail

    “Master of Muppets” – HAR DE HAR!
    P.S. Beaker Rules,