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Today’s scheduled activities

Going to Detroit to see Neil Young and Wilco at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

I got a record company download of Neil's new Sugar Mountain archival release that I'm not taking with me, but it will make for some good listening when I get back.

It's looking like we hopefully got most of the snow out of the way yesterday, so the drive should hopefully be an easy one, although it is pretty windy out there.

Wind? I ain't scared of no wind.

Snow? Kinda scares me. Pretty to look at it when it's falling, but I don't really enjoy driving in it. Stay away, snow.

Will I have fun? You don't really need to ask that question. But if you still need to ask it - take a look at a recent setlist from Neil, and also a recent setlist from Wilco.

That looks pretty good to me!

P.S. - Wilco just played a Toronto show without drummer Glenn Kotche, who sat out due to illness. His replacement: apparently a few fans and friends! Kotche was back for last night's headlining show in Rochester, and will presumably (hopefully) be in the chair for the Detroit gig.

Listening material for the road will be a bizarre mix of songs on shuffle that will come mostly from my Ipod as usual. I'm also taking along a 1985 gig from Howard Jones that I just got my hands on. Because when you think Neil Young, you definitely think Howard Jones - at least that's how I roll!

More later!


Above links are (mostly) taken from the Wilco fan forum Via Chicago, always an invaluable resource - add it to your surfing links if it's not there already!

Wilco - California Stars (live on Sessions on West 54th)

Wilco - What Light

  • Kelly

    I’m so jealous :) I hope you had a wonderful time*