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Adventures in Madonna cover songs – The “dude sings a Madonna song” edition

So I'm on Youtube searching to see if there might be any live video of Patti Rothberg performing "Hard Times" from her latest album Double Standards...and I come across some video of Patti performing live at Madonnathon 2007 in New York City. The title alone, makes me want to move to NYC!

And then I see a related video link that is clearly a DUDE singing "Crazy For You." ATV readers, you should know that "Crazy For You" is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Madonna songs.

Madonna - Crazy For You

And it's clear from the screen shot of Mark Rinzel, the gent who is tackling this particular number, that I'm not going to find a letdown.

Kids, I think we've all been witness to a moment like this, where the unlikely candidate gets up there and just NAILS a tune? This happened for me personally at the recent blogger meetup where I heard "serious karaoke guy" nailing one 80s tune after another. And thanks to Mark Rinzel, it happens again here today with this here video.

Proceed without fear, and tell me that Mark doesn't do this one justice?

Mark's Myspace page has the tagline "Rock singing like they used to make it" - oh yeah, he's one of us....and he rocks it hard on "Crazy For You." Mark also has a band called The Jupiter Deluxe that you can check out right here.

My girl Patti covers my OTHER favorite Madonna song (one of 'em, anyway) "Beautiful Stranger," complete with a special guest star...haha

Check her out - she's BAD! (and that's the good kinda bad, of course!)

And make sure you pick up her Double Standards CD - it's one of those 2008 releases you don't want to miss....and Patti would want me to tell you that it makes a great holiday gift, especially when bought in multiples of 10!

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  • Gail

    Ooh! “Beautiful Stranger” is my favorite madonna song, too!

  • Kelly

    Growing up, Desperately Seeking Susan was a favorite of mine — I used to love singing along to Borderline throughout the movie :) Crazy For You was also played too, if I remember correctly?

    My Top Five Madonna Songs:
    -True Blue
    -Express Yourself
    -Like A Prayer
    -Take A Bow
    -Power of Goodbye
    [Honorable Mention: La Isla Bonita]

    ps – Although Madonna keeps on coming back with new records, perhaps she at least knew when to quit acting*

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Gail…I know, right??? It was one of those Madonna songs I had kind of forgotten about!!!

    Kelly – If “Body of Evidence” was her last movie – at least she went out on top….and I’m not making a joke…I seriously liked that movie!

    Hmmm – My Madonna 5:

    1. Like A Prayer
    2. Express Yourself
    3. Crazy For You
    4. Cherish
    5. Beautiful Stranger

    Honorable Mention: Sidewalk Talk w/ John “Jellybean” Benitez

    I have to admit, it is hard choosing just five from Madonna.

    My Madonna mix on my Ipod is 26 songs, and that’s without Sidewalk Talk, and Beautiful Stranger (which I spaced out on.)

    You Can Dance is one of my favorite remix albums of all time.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    I just realized, I don’t have Music in my Madonna mix either.

    Gotta add a few to the Ipod now!!

  • Kelly

    Haha — I approve of your Top Five :)

    I must admit, I even found “Hung Up” pretty damn catchy, especially the mash-up with M.I.A.

    [If you don’t have that mp3 and are intrigued, we’ll send it over to you]

  • Matt Wardlaw

    I’d love to hear that mashup!