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Dang snow.

I woke up this morning and the weather outside was (a bit) frightful....

Snow on the morning commute is so wrong.

I'm guessing that all of the warm weather ATV readers have no idea what I'm talking about.

Trust me, it sucks.

The city streets were backed up with people who hadn't seen snow before (sarcasm) adding an extra 20 minutes to my trip. The interstate was thankfully fine.

Not sure what the weather forecast is for this afternoon/tonight - hopefully not a planned recipe for a lousy commute home!


I saw a funny bumper sticker in front of me on the exit ramp. "Knitters for Barack Obama" - which begs the question, is there a bumper sticker that says "Soapbox Derby Enthusiasts for Barack Obama"? How about "Space Camp Attendees for Barack Obama" (thanks to Rebecca for that one)

Bruce Springsteen - Waitin' On A Sunny Day

  • Ann

    I feel for you, man. When I lived in Columbus (for most of my life) the first big snow was always just a killer in the morning. It was like 300,000 people were on the road and driving in the snow for the first time EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

    I remember Mike Hardin (a writer for the old Citizen-Journal, and later for the Dispatch) wrote a poem called something like “The Turkeys in the Snow.” One stanza went:

    Look out, here’s someone merging! Hit the brakes! No, hit the gas!
    And behind him fifteen semi-trucks go sliding in the grass.

    Nothing like a great Springsteen song to get me smiling in the morning though. Have you downloaded the new free single? The new album is being released ON MY BIRTHDAY. Is that not an amazing birthday present for my last birthday in my 40’s?

  • Swapmeet Louie

    Sorry about the snow, man. I don’t envy you at all. Snow and I do not get along. Hope your commute home was a smooth one.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Ann –

    I know of your Ohio connections….you’d think they’d figure out this snow stuff after all of the years living here, but they don’t!

    I’ve got the Springsteen single. I never really pay much attention until I’ve got the entire album in front of me. I wasn’t really much of a Radio Nowhere fan….but now that I’ve had a year and several shows to soak in Magic as an album, I really like it.

    I expect I could have the same results with the new single…but at the present moment, it’s not doing a lot for me.

    Springsteen album for your b-day…that rules!!

    Swap-o-Louie…thanks for the good wishes, and the good words elsewhere. I’m diggin’ your site severely!

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  • Kelly

    This snow is awful. . .

    And then I am reminded that it’s only November and this is only the beginning!! *sigh*

  • BloggingJason

    Um, can I get one of those “Space Camp Attendees for Obama” stickers?

  • Brian

    You ain’t seen nothing yet… With our winter starting like this I really wonder what is holds for us. I’ve had some interesting drive homes already…

    That’s the charm of living in northern Ohio…snow….and lots of it sometimes.