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Nice Cleveland shoutout from Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo

The Popdose cats just posted a new interview with Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo. The band have reunited for three shows, and the interview has a nice little tidbit in regards to a short run of additional shows the band is considering for 2009:

Popdose: Seems like a lot of work for just three dates. Any plans for a bigger tour?

We’re not ruling anything out. We definitely would love to go out next year and do some shows in Chicago, San Francisco … Cleveland, maybe. (laughs) I know, it sounds strange…

(as David St. Hubbins) Hello, Cleveland!

Yeah, right. But (Cleveland rock radio station) WMMS was the first major station outside Boston to play our band, and some of our first fans were there … I don’t know. We don’t have anything planned beyond these shows, but we’ve definitely got [playing together] on the brain. A lot will depend on how this [mini-tour] goes — if only 4 people show up, we’ll know we should just forget it.

Always cool when bands remember where the initial support came from - check out the rest of the interview here, and also a few MP3s!

  • Brian

    That is awesome.