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Quick Hits – Don Dixon, Richard Marx, Ramones, Tom Petty, and more

Welcome to Quick Hits, the periodic time of the month where I go through my Google Reader, and share with you all of the cool news that's been rocking my world. According to a quick search, it's allegedly been two months since we've done this. I'm pretty sure that I did one in October, but I'm not going to search for it.

Let's get on with this, shall we??

80s kids, check this out - how about an Ultravox reunion? The 2009 tour will be the band's first set of gigs since Live Aid in 1985. Yipes!

Hall and Oates are suing their publisher over the song Maneater. The potential punchlines are endless....let's start with "ooooh, here they come..."

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel shares thoughts on the Bruce/Billy Barack show.

Put on your rock shoes for upcoming gigs featuring Social Distortion and Motorhead. And oh yeah, bring your ear plugs too.

Let's stop talking about it, and make those Genesis gigs with Peter Gabriel a reality already!

Darren at He's A Whore tells us all why he digs Tom Petty. And I agree.

Remember that book I mentioned yesterday by music journalist Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna? Read an interview with Carrie, conducted by the fine folks at Popdose, right here.

While you're hanging out at Popdose, check out their guide to the musical career of Don Dixon, accessorized with a hefty two part interview with Dixon that covers it all - R.E.M., Smithereens, etc. There's something here for everyone! Kudos to Jon Cummings for lots of great reading! Here's the Dixon interview - part one and part two.

Big props to Will Harris @ Popdose (hey, those guys again) for interviewing The Devil, er, Ray Wise from Reaper, one of my favorite TV shows. The writer's strike totally screwed up my TV viewing, and I never did catch the last few episodes of the 1st season of Reaper. Gotta do it. By the way, they're in the midst of shooting the second season of Reaper right now, so hopefully we will see that back on the TV schedule in early 2009.

Before we leave Popdose-land, let's get Lost in the '90s with Dink. You know, I think it's kinda possible that perhaps we might see Dink back on stage one of these days. Keep the faith.

P.S. - props to Kelly and Jose for getting the Dink discussion rolling with this post back in September!

John Gorman has a very cool vintage interview with Pete Townshend from The Who, posted on the Buzzard Book Blog - I've heard the Townshend artist ID from the same time period many times, but never thought I would hear a full interview. The 11 minute interview is must-listen stuff for Who fans.

Richard Marx has not one, but two brand new albums that were released unexpectedly this past week, thanks to the artistic freedom that is granted by the internet and being your own record label. Emotional Remains is the "rockin" album of the two, while Sundown is a more mellow project. I believe this will make a total of three releases this year from Marx, who also released the Duo project with collaborator Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon. Scannell figures heavily into the new projects as well, which feature additional guest appearances from Toni Braxton and Vince Gill, to name a couple. Both albums are available now for immediate download, and CD versions also are available for pre-order - find it all at

The Vinyl District shares the news that the entire Queen catalog is being re-released on vinyl.

I saw some Queen vinyl last night while visiting My Mind's Eye locally in Lakewood, and also saw the 45 RPM box set for Metallica's And Justice For All, which looked VERY cool.

While we're talking vinyl, I got a sneak listen to the pending live EP from Tom Petty and Mudcrutch, which will be available on Tuesday digitally, and also on vinyl. I wish that it was a full-length, but after hearing it, I'll take it - it rocks!! By the way, the vinyl is totally the move on this one - buy the vinyl, and get the CD EP as a bonus at no extra cost.

Petty friend and biographer Warren Zanes sits down for a Petty state of the union interview that you can find at

I'll leave you with some live Ramones, once again from Darren at He's A Whore.

Have a good week all!

  • Blue Sunflower

    Ray’s been doing a ton of interviews for Reaper this week, due to the DVDs. I’ve got them listed here – just keep scrolling down that same page, since they’re in different posts (they came out on different days, sorry!). There’s I think 4 or 5 interviews now.

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