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Whoa. Jason and the Scorchers. New Year’s Eve. Cleveland.

I know this might be a tough gig for some to pull off, with family commitments and all that stuff.

But there might be a loophole for you all - check this out!

The almighty Beachland Ballroom has THE legendary Jason and the Scorchers booked for a New Year's Eve show!

Tix are modestly priced at $25. It's been a LONG time since Jason and the Scorchers have been in Cleveland.

AND - Beachland has the family covered on New Year's Eve as well - Scorchers frontman Jason Ringenberg will do a Farmer Jason show for the kids in the afternoon prior to that evening's Scorchers show. Showtime is at 3pm, and tickets for the Farmer Jason show are $8 advance/$10 day of show.

Perhaps Farmer Jason might help you buy a free pass to spend NYE away from the family that night with the Scorchers?

Here's some quick Jason and the Scorchers bio info for you guys, courtesy of the Beachland:

They were punk. They were country. They were rock. Perhaps most of all, they were originals. Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, as they were originally called, were messiahs for a 1980's American rock scene suffering from a slight inferiority complex and aching for pride and grit. Together, frontman Jason Ringenberg, guitarist Warner Hodges, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer Perry Baggs, personified roots music experimentation, boasting an unparalleled respect for and familiarity with honky tonk, while wielding innate punk savvy. It wasn't just how they said it: What they were saying also resonated. Ringenberg's songwriting often drew heady thematic comparisons to Southern Gothic literary giants like Flannery O'Conner or William Faulkner, and Hodges' influential guitar work roared in response as the scorching backbone of their euphoric sound's dual-personality. The group's spirited interpretations of traditional country classics by journeymen including Hank Williams were uninhibited celebrations of hillbilly soul. Their arguably unprecedented mix's live translation is now legendary: The Scorchers infused the soul of Gram Parsons with the fury of the New York Dolls, shepherded by a lead vocalist who channeled both Faron Young and Iggy Pop. National and subsequent international acclaim arrived on the heels of major label albums and on the strength of live shows, released in conjunction with and steadily guided by early indie hometown believers Praxis. Instead of shying away from their southern roots, Jason and the Scorchers owned them, and quite simply, they made Nashville proud.

For those of you that are outside of Cleveland, I'd advise you to keep your eyes on the Jason/Scorchers Myspace page. I'm sure there will probably be a few additional dates around the NYE show, but it's hard to say - they don't even have the Beachland show listed yet.

Rest assured, they'll tear the roof off of The Beachland, and if I can dream, I'd have Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges do double duty, and throw Dan Baird and Homemade Sin on the bill.

I can dream, right?

For now, New Year's Eve with Jason and the Scorchers sounds just fine.

p.s. - warm up for the New Year's Eve gig, with this powerhouse double bill next Saturday night at The Beachland!

Sat, Nov 15| 9 PM (8 PM door)
The Bottle Rockets
15th anniversary tour
Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team
Tavern | All Ages

Jason and the Scorchers - Lost Highway / Great Balls of Fire

  • stereo dictator

    Waaa-hoooo! What a Christmas present!

    Despite whatever notions you may have about these guys being too country, southern, hillbilly, etc., don’t buy into that. They rock as hard as anyone, just with a bit of a twang.

    Get yourself down there for what will be the show of the year.

    Thank you Beachland!