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Springsteen & Obama in Cleveland on Sunday + a ton of Springsteen links

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Friday was a hella-busy day, and I would have missed the following Springsteen news bit completely, but thanks to a friend's random Myspace bulletin, I came across the following:

Change We Need Rally
with Barack and Michelle Obama
and Special Guest Bruce Springsteen

Please join us this Sunday, November 2nd, for a rally in Cleveland
with Barack and Michelle Obama featuring special guest Bruce
Change We Need Rally
with Barack and Michelle Obama
and Special Guest Bruce Springsteen

Malls A, B, and C
Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Sunday, November 2nd
Doors Open: 2:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 3:45 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public; tickets are not required,
but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Space is available on a
first-come, first-served basis.

There were quite a few different Springsteen items that made news on Friday. I'll invite you to check out my comrade Pete over at Blogness on the Edge of Town for all of the necessary coverage regarding the must-see new song and video that Bruce sprung on us Springsteen fans as a Halloween treat.

Blogness also points in the general direction of ATV friends Popdose, and the all-Springsteen covers edition of The Friday Mix Tape.

Check out all of that, and more @ Blogness - right here.

And one more thing:

Gregor @ captain's dead links up one of my favorite shows from The Rising tour, recorded in Atlanta in 2002.

Highlights: "Waitin' On A Sunny Day," "Countin' On A Miracle," rarity "Where The Bands Are," and "Glory Days" back to back, "The Ties That Bind," and actually, the whole damn show.

part one

part two


What is the law? No spill blood, of course!

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2000 Pride of Arizona: Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo

It's a good day at band camp when the music you're practicing comes from Oingo Boingo.

The rules are written in the stone
Break the rules and you get no bones
All you get is ridicule, laughter
And a trip to the house of pain!

"No Spill Blood" by Oingo Boingo

Whoever the band director is that added Oingo Boingo to the marching band's performance repertoire, gets massive props from me.

Earlier this week, a Youtube search somehow brought me to a 1976 The Gong Show appearance from The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo.

Once again, more stuff that I probably never would have discovered, had it not been for Youtube. So Oingo Boingo has been in the musical rotation this week, and on my mind. While digging around on my hard drive, I found some fun Boingo stuff that I had forgotten about, that I would like to share with you all in the spirit of Halloween!

I've got a super-cool DVD of Oingo Boingo's performance at the legendary US Festival in 1983 that is a definite treat, and here's something for you that is no trick. I'll send the first 5 bloodsuckers, er Addicted to Vinyl readers a free copy of this rare hour long pro-shot Boingo performance.

Just drop me an email, and I'll happily send it your way.

Good luck!

P.S. - Thanks to Dan's Boingo Page, I found out that there is now an official DVD of Forbidden Zone, the 1980 Richard Elfman classic featuring music by Danny Elfman and the Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo.

There's a brand spankin' new colorized version, movie posters, collector's pins, and all sorts of other Forbidden Zone-related stuff that you can find here.

I want one!

Oingo Boingo - Gratitude


Tour Dates: Fountains of Wayne, Duncan Sheik, Tom Morello

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A couple of my faves are hitting the road with no Cleveland shows in sight....yet.

Fountains of Wayne are in the studio right now working on their next disc, and will break in early 2009 for some full band acoustic dates featuring tunes from the upcoming album, and old favorites. Let me get my request in right now for an acoustic version of "I-95," which is way up there on my list of FOW favorites...and might we perhaps get an acoustic version of "Baby, One More Time" ???

I'm guessing not, but you never know.

Tell ya what, as long as I'm requesting FOW tunes, let's throw "I Know You Well" in there as well. Guarantee me "I-95" and "I Know You Well," and I will drive to whatever destination I need to, to see that!

Now that I look at the tour dates, that might be kind of a long drive.

It's only rock and roll....

Here are the tour dates so far:

January 15th - Seattle, WA - Triple Door
January 16th - Portland - Wonder Ballroom
January 18th & 19th - SF - Cafe Du Nord
January 21st & 22nd - LA - Largo
January 23rd - San Juan Capistrano - Coach House
January 24th - San Diego - Anthology

Fountains of Wayne - I-95 (live)

Add "Tony Award winner" to the list of accomplishments by Duncan Sheik, that guy from the 90s that you might best recall for that "Barely Breathing" tune. Sheik's involvement in the musical Spring Awakening earned him the Tony nod. He'll be on the road for at least a couple of week's worth of dates in November, beginning on November 1st in West Palm Beach.

Check out the entire batch of Duncan Sheik tour dates, and also tour dates for Tom Morello's Nightwatchman project. But that's not all: if you've been constantly craving k.d. lang tour dates, you'll find those as well, all courtesy of Rolling Stone here.

P.S. - RS checks out the Richmond, VA date of the Beastie Boys swing state tour w/ Sheryl Crow and Jack Johnson.

Sounds like it was a good time, although a bit weird at points...but what else would you expect from a bill like that?

I'm out - keep an eye on the place while I'm gone, and we'll talk in the morning.


Nothing says I love you like Keith Richards

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Cassette from My Ex has been on my love list for a while now, a site where you can listen to old mix tapes from someone's ex, and hear the story behind the mix courtesy of the original recipient of the tape.

I love the story behind this mix shared by writer Jancee Dunn.

How can you not love a mix tape that starts off with a random tune like "Can't Be Seen" from the Stones?

If you're trying to impress a girl, what better way to do it, than with a random Rolling Stones album cut off of Steel Wheels?

And "Can't Be Seen" is one of my favorite Stones tunes from 'Keef.

I was kind of impressed with that opening shot, Jancee wasn't, and you have to snicker at the inclusion of "Cry Little Sister" at the end of the tape.

Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister


Setlist: Matthew Sweet and The Bridges @ Beachland Ballroom 10/25/08

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Random note:

I learned via Darren / He's A Whore that SNL/Dylan/Hall & Oates guitarist G.E. Smith was at one time, married to Gilda Radner.

I had no idea. Did you?

You learn something new everyday on this internet thing.

Buddy Guy with G.E. Smith - Damn Right, I've Got The Blues

Speaking of other things that I've recently learned, let's jump back to Saturday night, early evening at Case Western Reserve University here in Cleveland. My buddy Pat and I were jetting over to Case to catch an opening set from Cleveland rock god trio young 'uns The Suede Brothers, who were opening a special students-only gig for Third Eye Blind.

As a band, the gigs that you don't take pictures of, are the ones where you are playing on a stage in a gymnasium in front of a giant Third Eye Blind banner that would look really cool, if it didn't say "Third Eye Blind."

I had no idea Third Eye Blind were still around and touring, but it was entertaining being surrounded by young college urchins getting into the rock and roll that The Suede Brothers were throwing down.

We departed immediately after the band's set, and made our way to the Beachland Ballroom for the night's officially scheduled event, a Matt-pleasing double bill of Matthew Sweet with The Bridges opening.

The Bridges are out in support of their debut national release Limits of the Sky, which Sweet produced. Imagine a modern day version of Fleetwood Mac where Lindsey Buckingham gets kicked to the curb in favor of another chick instead, and you've got a good idea of what Alabama's The Bridges sound like. And oh yeah, they're all related - it's a family thang.

I was fortunate enough to see them on their first trip through Cleveland in 2007 opening for The Bangles, and since Limits of the Sky was released earlier this year, it has spent quite a bit of time spinning on my Ipod.

During their opening set for Sweet on Saturday night, I was impressed at how far The Bridges, already a great live band when I saw them the first time, have come. With a little bit of luck, these girls (and guy) are going to be stars. If it doesn't happen for them in the pop/rock world, I wouldn't be surprised to see them blow up in the country world.

The best part - The Bridges are young, so there is plenty of time for future success!

As for Matthew Sweet, the Beachland show was a long overdue return to Cleveland, and it was my first time seeing him in 13 years. I certainly had no idea when I saw him in 1995 on a triple bill with Soul Asylum and The Jayhawks, that it would be such a long time before I would catch him again in the live setting.

Even though Sweet continued to make music in recent years, things have been kind of quiet to the point that the average Joe probably didn't realize Sweet was still recording. A new record deal with Shout Factory and an album of covers with Susanna Hoffs have finally put Sweet's name back on the radar.

The result is Sunshine Lies, a new album that is drawing many comparisons to Sweet's classic Girlfriend release. Phrases like "return to the sound of the Girlfriend album," and "best album since Girlfriend," are a couple of the lines I've heard used to describe Sunshine Lies. I'm not sure that Sunshine Lies is all that, but it's nice to see Matthew Sweet getting positive coverage and reviews after his last few releases were virtually ignored by critics and music fans alike.

Anything that keeps the funds rolling for Matthew Sweet to make albums, I'm cool with it.

I wanted Sweet's set to be great, but honestly walked away thinking it was a bit average in comparison to the previous shows I've seen and heard from Sweet. The first half of the set was heavily slanted towards material from Sunshine Lies, and Sweet was struggling a bit to hit the high notes on some of the older material. The Beachland gig was the 6th show in a row, and the last one before a scheduled day off, so it's possible that Sweet might have been a bit worn down from so many shows in a row.

Sweet's longtime tradition of employing some of the most talented lead guitar players (Robert Quine, Richard Lloyd, holy crap!) to walk the planet remains intact. I spent most of the night watching lead guitarist Peter Phillips rip through solo after solo in the midst of the wall of guitars formed by Sweet and longtime Velvet Crush compadre Paul Chastain. Ric Menck, the other half of Velvet Crush, anchored his usual spot behind the drum kit with a scruffy beard to end all beards, accessorized with a hat that made him look as if he had just stepped in from gigging with The Blues Brothers. Bass player Tony Marsico rounds out the talented lineup in Sweet's band.

The older songs in the setlist drew heavily from Girlfriend, Altered Beast, and 100% Fun, with "We're The Same" making a surprise appearance in the setlist. Sweet noted that they were playing it for the first time that night, and apologized in advance for any lyrical flubs in the song that he "wrote a long time ago." After "I've Been Waiting," Sweet grinned and said "what else can I play off that album?" before ripping into the title track from Girlfriend.

After the main set wrapped with "Sick of Myself," Sweet was back for a double encore/three song add-on of old favorites with "Divine Intervention," "You Don't Love Me," (!!!) and "Superdeformed" wrapping up the evening of music.

Matthew Sweet - You Don't Love Me (live in 2004)

Superdeformed on Beavis and Butthead

With those last two tracks, I can forgive the large amount of new material in the main set that I wasn't into, and it's a toss up which song I was happier to hear, because I love 'em both. The years I've been waiting to see Matthew Sweet certainly all paid off, getting to hear "Superdeformed" live.

It's nice to see Matthew Sweet back out on the road, and if you have the chance to catch this current leg with The Bridges opening, you certainly won't regret it. Check out tour dates to find out whether or not they're coming to your neck of the woods.

Bring your merch money - Sweet is selling t-shirts, the new CD, and also the vinyl of Sunshine Lies.

As for future plans, Sweet is working on another Under The Covers album with Susanna Hoffs, this time focusing on the '70s. Reportedly, it will be a double album. Cool!


Matthew Sweet:

Time Machine
Room To Rock
Byrd Girl
We're The Same
Feel Free
I've Been Waiting
Sunshine Lies (with The Bridges on background vocals)
Someone To Pull The Trigger
The Ugly Truth
Sick of Myself


Divine Intervention
You Don't Love Me

2nd encore:


The Bridges:

All The Words
One I Love
One Way
Say The Least
Finding It Hard


Dream baby dream….won’t you?

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Pete @ Blogness on the Edge of Town has a nice mini-review of Springsteen's "Dream Baby Dream," which is finally available as an official release after all of these years.

The release is available in two flavors - via download, and also as an extremely limited vinyl release.

Getting my mitts on a copy has been on my to-do list for a while now, and after hearing it for the first time in pristine quality, I'm asking myself: What the heck was I waiting for?

If you're looking to spend 99 cents in the Itunes store on something good, you'll enjoy this one!


Good Listening: The Jayhawks 7/9/03 – Chicago, IL

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This year has been a good year to be a Jayhawks fan with the release of Jayhawks frontman Gary Louris's solo CD Vagabonds, produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, and a long overdue retrospective for the all-star Golden Smog project.

Jayhawks fans can now begin salivating in advance over Ready For The Flood, a reunion of Louris and Jayhawks co-conspirator Mark Olson that was originally set for release this year.

The project has been bumped to early 2009, and the sound samples on their Myspace page suggest that the album, also produced by Robinson, will be worth the wait.

But whatever happened to those Jayhawks, anyway?

In the years following Olson's departure from the Minneapolis-based Jayhawks in 1995, Louris kept the band name alive with three more studio releases.

2003's Rainy Day Music was a great album that like much of the Jayhawks catalog, deserved a far greater audience than it received.

This particular show is a great document of the Rainy Day Music Jayhawks lineup, at this point consisting of founding members Louris, Marc Perlman, drummer Tim O'Reagan, and former Long Ryder Stephen McCarthy on pedal steel, lap steel, banjo, and guitar.

Recorded at the historic Chicago Recording Company, this show was the pilot broadcast for The Lost Highway Radio Hour, a planned radio series hosted by author/music fan Stephen King, that never quite got off the ground.

Seven tracks from Rainy Day Music are showcased within the broadcast, including the show opener "Stumbling Through The Dark," a co-write with Matthew Sweet that is followed by two more Rainy Day Music tracks, including "All The Right Reasons," one of my personal favorites from the album.

If you've ever found yourself searching every part of yourself inside a relationship, "All The Right Reasons" might sound like a familiar soundtrack to your thoughts.

I don't know what day it is,
I can't recall the seasons
And I don't remember how we got this far
All I know is I'm loving you for all the right reasons
In my sky you'll always be my morning star

Listen up and hear what you missed, and after you listen, put Sound of Lies, Smile, and Rainy Day Music on your musical shopping list.

p.s. - if you've got a good Jayhawks story/thought, feel free to share it in the comments!

The Jayhawks
Chicago Recording Company
Chicago, IL

Recorded for The Lost Highway Radio Hour

complete zipped download

Stephen King intro
Stumbling Through The Dark
All The Right Reasons
A Break In The Clouds
Don't Let The World Get In Your Way
Save It For A Rainy Day (fade in)
The Eyes of Sarahjane
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Waiting For The Sun (acoustic)
From Tampa To Tulsa (acoustic)


new Shiny Toy Guns album – a quick thought

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Listening to the new Shiny Toy Guns album Season of Poison, which comes out November 4th.

The rap in album opener "When Did This Storm Begin"

reminds me of this

Overall, album sounds pretty good, although I don't like it as much as the last album.

It wraps up nicely with "Frozen Oceans."

And by the way kids, Season of Poison will be available on vinyl.

I'm looking forward to seeing STG at the Grog Shop next week here in Cleve - check out a complete listing of tour dates.

Shiny Toy Guns - You Are The One


Eels vinyl and a buncha other stuff

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Notice: Tonight at the Rock Hall - User Sets Mode and The Suede Brothers.


Rock out.

So dig this: Fellow Eels fans like me are probably stoked to read the announcement of a vinyl box set for Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. I go to the website and read the details - 4 LP box set - Blinking Lights on 3 LPs, and Manchester 2005, a 17 track vinyl-only live album that is exclusive to the box set.

For a limited time, freeloaders can grab a free four track download sampler of the live tracks here.

Eels Blinking Lights box set

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, limited to 2,500 copies, all signed and numbered by E.

You'll admit that the picture above looks impressive.

Where do I sign up to get my copy of this lovely box set?

Right here, kids.

How much is that lovely set above?

Well, I'm glad you asked that.


Ouch, that hurts a little bit.

Not sure I can commit at that price. Heck, The 21 CD Smithereens MegaBox cost me 100 bucks.

Here's the price breakdown as I envision it:

180 Gram LPs - 4 X 25 bucks

Hardback book and collectors box - 25 bucks

Autograph from the world famous legendary E - 75 bucks

Sharpie replenishment fee - 5 dollars

Here's my suggestion:

Take your $205 bucks, and buy the Eels catalog on CD, and accessorize your purchase with copies of the E solo albums A Man Called E and Broken Toy Shop.

Or option B:

Buy a copy of the box set, and send it to me.

I'll give you some time to think about it, and we can talk later.

Beatles Ipod Box Set:

Mom reads this blog, and she should know that it is never too soon to shop for my Christmas present. In past years, I've wished for Star Wars box sets, and an Ipod.

This year, I'm hoping to find the "Limited Edition Ultimate Collector's Box: Beatles Ipod Set" underneath the tree.

Available exclusively at Bloomingdale's, this sucker is also limited to 2500 copies, none of which will be signed by Ringo, and is in my view, completely worth it.

You get the Beatles catalog, a numbered 120 GB Ipod with Beatles related etching, an engraved guitar pic, and a cool collector's box.

Price tag: A lot cheaper than the Eels box set, this one will only cost you $795.00.

I think that is value in these difficult financial times.

Beatles Ipod Box Set from Bloomingdale's

Other stuff:

John Hannibal recently messaged me on Twitter - he's a fellow vinyl fan, and has a cool photo blog that illustrates his listening habits.

John has a regular blog too - dig it here.

David sent me a photo of his vinyl collection, and I had fun picking out some of the titles in his collection. Take a look for yourself, and send me your collection pix!

Now I'm just begging:

If you're using the Blog Networks application on Facebook, please add this lil blog to your list. Once it hits a certain number of readers, it will automatically pull the latest posts and display 'em on Facebook.

That would be cool.

GNR back on the radio:

The Guns n' Roses album Chinese Democracy looks like it's reaaaaallly going to come out on Sunday, November 23rd, exclusively at Best Buy. We're still frozen in disbelief, but it looks like hell is freezing over. The title track hit radio today, and you can hear it via Rolling Stone.

Speaking of Rolling Stone:

Got my issue of the newly revamped and resized Rolling Stone. Looks like any one of your favorite men's magazines, as if they took it and just slapped a Rolling Stone logo on it. It has a traditional spine on the side with issue details now, and though I haven't read it yet, it felt odd on the brief scan. Everything is smaller (obviously,) and I think it's going to put a damper on some of the really creative future cover possibilities - they've got a lot less real estate to work with now.

Here is a letter on the changes from RS Editor Jann Wenner.

I still haven't spent nearly enough time with my copy of the Rolling Stone Cover to Cover box set. Which by the way, if you don't have it, it's really cheap these days.

Hey listen to this....

Continue to psych yourself up for that upcoming Smiths anthology with a coupla cool show posts from the good Captain at captain's dead - Check out a live show from '85 and also some Peel Session recordings.

roio offers up live Oasis from a recent broadcast.

The Popdose "Soundtrack Saturday" series covers One Crazy Summer, the companion movie to Cusack's Better Off Dead.

Also at Popdose - get your AC/DC fix with the return of "Bootleg City" featuring AC/DC recorded live in Boston, in the 70s ya'll.

Can you say Bon Scott?

Be good to each other, and enjoy!


Flashback: Matthew Sweet on David Letterman

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This post combines two of my buddy Jack's favorite subjects - Matthew Sweet and David Letterman!

Sweet launched his fall tour last night in Boulder, CO with my current favorite (mostly) girl group The Bridges opening.

The tour lands at the Beachland Ballroom here in Cleveland on Saturday night, and the latest Beachland email newsletter had a link to Sweet's fiery network television debut on Letterman in the 90s.

If you need a 90s alterna-rock refresher course, here's "Girlfriend", getting the full-on Letterman band treatment (the high point being Robert Quine chewing up the scenery on guitar).

I miss the old days when Shaffer and crew would play with the featured artists/bands on Letterman - it made for some really interesting pairings, and on certain nights like the above, you had the luxury of seeing some real scorchers.

Here's another cool Sweet-related vid that features Sweet and Hootie frontman Darius Rucker backing Brian Wilson on a 2001 Letterman appearance, singing the Beach Boys track "Sail on Sailor."

(thanks to The Beat Patrol for the above!)

"Sail On Sailor" is probably one of my favorite Beach Boys tracks, and finding the above vid made me curious, wondering if there were any good Youtube vids of The Beach Boys performing the track.

Yep - there sure are!

I remember seeing this Beach Boys 25th anniversary special as a kid, but I had forgotten about this performance of "Sail on Sailor" with Ray Charles singing the lead vocal.

I get goosebumps watching Ray Charles, and also the intro by Carl Wilson - two extremely talented musical souls that are unfortunately no longer with us.

Here's some footage of Carl singing "Sail on Sailor" during a 1996 Boston performance. Gone too soon....