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Music to annoy your co-workers with…

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How to annoy a co-worker that you share an office with:

(post inspired by a recent gift of Journey music)

There are several proven methods on how to do this, but here are today's potential entries:

Two hours-plus of Yes, recorded live at Montreux in 2003.

Add two hours worth of Sarah McLachlan, recorded live in Denver in 1995, on the tail end of the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy tour. Now THAT'S what they shoulda included with the new Legacy Edition of Fumbling....

The Fumbling Towards Ecstasy tour really was one of the better shows/tours that I've ever seen from an artist. I saw it twice - at the Cleveland Agora the first time around, and then I saw it again the following summer (1995) at Cain Park.

Cain Park is one of the most beautiful venues in Cleveland, and I've only been there once for that show, although there have been quite a few great shows there that I've missed over the years....most recently, Over The Rhine were there playing the Cain Park $2 Concert Series....what a steal to see OTR at that price!

A steal, so of course I forgot about going to the show completely...too many concerts!

On the Fumbling tour, Sarah closed with the title track at the Agora show, and then opened with it when I saw her at Cain Park. Mesmerizing both times, and one of my favorite McLachlan tracks.

Sarah Mclachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (live)

Speaking of Sarah, she's got a greatest hits CD coming out on October 7th with a couple of new songs. Manager Terry McBride says good things about 'em here.

Tonight, heading out to the House of Blues to catch Govt. Mule!


Tour News: Cheech & Chong Reunite and Announce Tour Dates

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Cheech and Chong - Up in Smoke laserdisc

Last year's reunion that I never thought I would see was The Police (and yeah, Van Halen too!)

This year's reunion shocker brings us Cheech & Chong reunited and together again, at last!

Although I've usually got my finger somewhat on the pulse of the reunion tracker, this one caught me completely off-guard....and I'm thrilled that they're going out to do a standup tour. Sure, a movie would be great, but let that one come later, if it happens.

Did you ever think you'd have the chance to see Cheech & Chong together doing standup again?

I didn't.

Since we're on the subject, for my next impossible dream, I'd like to see Steve Martin go back to his standup roots. Start making the phone calls, let's make that happen.

Back to Cheech & Chong...first, the obligatory quotes:

Cheech Marin told AP Radio that he and Tommy Chong "looked at each other going, `If we're ever going to do something it has to be now because you're not getting any younger and neither am I.'"

They tossed around some ideas and figured a comedy tour would be "the most fun" and "the least hassle," the 62-year-old Marin said.

Marin and Chong, who broke up amid creative differences, have tried to reunite before, but have always fought too much. Marin laughed and said: "It takes about 3 minutes for that to happen. There's this veiled hatred." But he added: "We've kind of resolved that."

"We've gotten to the age where we don't feel like fighting anymore because the end is a lot closer than the beginning," he said.

Meanwhile from the Chong side:

"I guess Cheech forgot how tough standup is," Chong joked last month after Marin said they were considering reuniting.

"But he's got the incentive and the enthusiasm and he's ready," he said of his former partner. "My boy is back."

AP Link

Here are the tour dates for the "Hey, What's That Smell?" Tour:

September 12 Tower Theatre Philadelphia, PA
September 13 Warner Theatre Washington, DC
September 19 Murat Center Indianapolis, IN
September 20 Fillmore State Detroit, MI
September 26 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
September 27 Fillmore Jackie Gleason Miami, FL
October 24 Westbury Theatre Westbury, NY
October 25 Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, MN
October 31 Verizon Wireless Houston, TX
November 1 Majestic Theatre Dallas, TX
November 7 Chevrolet Theatre Wallingford, CT
November 8 Rosemont Theatre Rosemont, IL
November 14 Dodge Theatre Phoenix, AZ
November 15 Austin Music Hall Austin, TX
November 21 Memorial Auditorium Sacramento, CA
November 22 Berkeley Community Theatre Berkley, CA
November 28 Copley Symphony Hall San Diego, CA
November 29 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA
November 30 San Jose PAC San Jose, CA
December 6 Gibson Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA
December 12 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA
December 13 Borgata Music Box Atlantic City, NJ
December 19 Silver Legacy Casino Reno, NV
December 20 Paramount Theatre Denver, CO

I'm not happy to see Cleveland AWOL on that tour list, but there are enough holes in the tour schedule, that it could be added later. I'll make my tentative plans for Detroit on September 20th - a Saturday night with Cheech & Chong sounds just fine to me!

My first memory of Cheech & Chong comes from the time that we spent living in the mountains of New Mexico. One particular year, we had friends that came to visit, and one of their sons brought a bunch of cassettes - Van Halen's 1984, Blackout by The Scorpions, and Let's Make A Dope Deal by Cheech & Chong.

I would eventually buy all of the albums, and my dad and I got countless one-liners from listening to them that we would trade back and forth in the appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) situations.

When the albums were finally released on CD in the early 90s, I bought them all, day of release (so that's where my entire McDonald's paycheck went that week,) including a couple, Sleeping Beauty and The Wedding Album, that I hadn't heard.

Let's Make A Dope Deal remains my favorite album from their catalog, and was the only one that remained unavailable on CD until a couple of years ago.

Pedro and Man, Ralph and Herbie, Sargent Stadanko.....I can't wait!

Cheech & Chong - Sargent Stadanko

P.S. - a third Ghostbusters movie with Rogen, Apatow, etc....sounds awesome, doesn't it?

Cheech & Chong - Let's Make A New Dope Deal (live)

Relevant Links:

Cheech and Chong Tour Website


Purchase Los Cochinos from Amazon - CD

Purchase Where There's Smoke, There's Cheech & Chong (Anthology) from Amazon - CD


The 2008 Vinyl Awards

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Today is a very proud date that has been notched into the young Addicted to Vinyl timeline. The great Mel from Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend has given me an award as one of her seven favorite bloggers.

There are a couple of connecting factors tied in with the award, one of which is that we are all from Cleveland. I'm proud to be one of the "Cleveland boys," and will return the favor with a rundown of the favorite blogs on my ever-growing reading list that is kept somewhat organized by my much loved Google Reader.

We'll call this the 1st annual Vinyl Awards.

I'd come up with a more clever name, but honestly I'm too bummed that I got rid of my entire 8-Track collection when I moved back from the east side. I'm thinking that those would have been really cool trophies.

So instead, here are my simple kudos.

We'll come up with something cooler for next year's awards ceremony.

Scariest award graphic ever!

Note: the hideous graphic above is being passed around with each set of awards. I'm guessing this award thing musta started in Portugal.

It also came with the following notes:

With this award comes with a little workout:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Here are my honorees (kind of/sort of in chronological order as I discovered them...):

1. TDavid from Make You Go Hmm. I've been reading TDavid's blog for many years now, and we've had many discussions about subjects ranging from technology geek related topics, to Rick Springfield. I think that I first came across TDavid, because we were both involved with Blogcritics.

Speaking of that...

2. Eric from I was aware of Eric (a fellow Clevelander,) because of Eric's 107.9 The End related adventures, and his book that he wrote about how to network in the music industry.

When I heard about Blogcritics, I immediately wanted to be part of the "sinister cabal of superior writers." Thanks to Eric, for giving me a slot on the team roster!

Blogcritics really is an amazing community of writers, and I highly recommend adding it to your reading list, if you haven't checked it out.

3. Len and Nora from Jawbone Radio. Back in my podcasting days, I came across these guys, who do a great podcast right here in Cleveland that can probably be accurately called the longest running local podcast at this point.

Len is a fellow Star Wars fan, and they both share love for They Might Be Giants, Calvin and Hobbes, and other favorites of mine as well. Plus, Len let me sit in on the show one time. Perhaps we can do it again some time.

4. John Soeder's Pop Music blog. Back when I was a young teenager, I would have great conversations at shows with longtime Plain Dealer rock reporter Jane Scott. Those of you that are here in Cleveland, know how amazing that is. And, if you went to shows, you probably had some of those same historical conversations with a walking piece of rock history.

John is one of several at The Plain Dealer that continue to write about rock and roll, and in addition to enjoying his writing, I've had some great conversations with John about Tom Petty albums, arena rock, and other stuff I can't quite recall right now.

I've been reading his writing for the PD for quite a few years now, and I was thrilled when he got his own blog. Sometimes it feels like stalking, but John tells me that I'm an "engaged netizen."

Works for me!

5. Heather @ I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. She loves Pearl Jam, Wilco, Paul Westerberg, and many other things that I love as well. I can't recall when I first came across her blog, but she's always up to something cool, like posting an organized collection of all of the Pearl Jam Xmas Singles. You come across good people in the blogosphere, and Heather is definitely one of them.

6. Jefito and the crew at Popdose. Jefitoblog (R.I.P.) was my favorite daily surf, and one day it was gone, a victim of a server crash.

Out of its ashes eventually rose Popdose, a cool collective made up of Jefito, and many music bloggers that I was already reading via their respective music blogs. They combined efforts for a giant music blog extravagonzo known as Popdose. It rocks beyond words.

Check out the Bottom Feeders series for an introduction to one of many cool ongoing series that you'll find at Popdose.

7. Burgo and his appropriately named blog called Burgo's Blog. Burgo and I share quite a bit in common - we're both named "Matthew Edward" for our first and middle names, and he lives in Australia. I don't live in Australia. But we share lots in common musically, and the Burg-meister was one of the first folks to support this little blog.

8. TJ @ Viva La Mainstream. TJ was another early supporter of Addicted to Vinyl. I posted a blog-length response to his shot at the deluxe edition of the Gin Blossoms album New Miserable Experience. As it turns out, TJ is still in his teens, and hadn't heard the album. Based on, essay, TJ launched an extensive search to find the deluxe edition, which happens to be out of print. TJ's blog is hot, by the way - I'm honored to be on his list of links!

TJ currently has one of the best summaries of an album that I've read so far this year with his comments on the latest Offspring CD:

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is a rarity in that it actually gets better the longer you listen to it. The challenge is having the patience and will to get through the subpar and flat-out awful. Since I admittedly lost interest before the album closed out (and only kept going for the good of the review), I can't say that it's necessarily worth the effort you'd need to put forth.

TJ is officially on board for Virgin Festival 2008, so we will be hanging for the first time. Yay!

9. Mel @ Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend. Mel is awesome, and I've already given her praise previously and very recently. After getting this blog to a point where it was starting to feel established, I began to network with fellow Cleveland bloggers. Melinda was one of the first to acknowledge me with something besides a middle-finger salute. "The Boyfriend Blog" is my favorite non-music related daily read.

And let's not forget that she has an Ipod named Esteban.

10. Tara's Foodie blog. It's a little known fact among many of my friends, but I'm one of the rare guys that can actually cook. I came across Tara's blog via Mel's blogroll. One of these days, I'll actually get around to cooking in the kitchen here at the house (I moved in in December, and still don't have it set up the way I want it for cooking purposes.)

Check out Tara's great blog, and prepare to be hungry after you see some of her pictures and read a few sentences. As it happens, Tara is a recovering metalhead, and a big Dream Theater fan. I never woulda guessed it, until she took me to task on a snarky comment I made about Dream Theater in this post!

The award guidelines were to pick seven of my favorites....but as a music fan, I had to pick my top ten......and even that was difficult!

Honorable Mention:

Taawd's Thoughts - Todd is a fellow Clevelander, and a cool dude. We'll get the entire Cleveland group together one of these days for a hang.

Pitriff - Not technically a blog, but my longtime musical comrade Chris Akin gave me my first shot at doing print interviews, and writing about music in his Cleveland based music paper Music's Bottom Line (R.I.P.)

Thanks to that, I got my first chance to talk to nearly all of Damn Yankees - Tommy Shaw about his solo CD, Jack Blades about the new Night Ranger CD (at the time,) and Ted Nugent....and well, Ted did most of the talking on that one. There were numerous other highlights in a short period of time - we had fun!

In all of my good times and bad times, I've been happy to count Chris as one of my dearest friends.

Rabble-Rousin' Since '77 - Corey (friend and fellow Clevelander) might be even more of a sick music freak than I am. He's certainly the only person I've met that will regularly do things like meet former Monkee Peter Tork, feel kinda crummy about the experience, and still get the autograph tattooed on his arm.

Now that I think about it, I think we might be related!

Ann Porter - Another early supporter of Addicted to Vinyl - she found this site via my Springsteen Agora post. Thanks for hanging around!

Stuck in the 80's - If you love 80's music like I do, you'll love these guys. They do a great podcast that I came across via the Steve Hoffman Forums, and I am infinitely jealous that they got to interview my eternal crush Molly Ringwald.

Check out the above websites - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am always on the lookout for reading/music/activities that creatively feed my always-hungry rarely satisfied alleged mind, and these sites help out, a lot!

On a musical note, David Gilmour's Remember That Night (audio from the live DVD) concert recording, and the new studio album from Dan Baird and Homemade Sin provided the musical soundtrack I listened to while preparing this entry.

David Gilmour - Where We Start (live)


You left the state without me!

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More good stuff from Juliana Hatfield, who I've blogged about before in this space.

I've been reading her blogs via her Myspace page, but she actually does have a proper blog right here, which is where this entry comes from.

You'll find lots of good rock and roll war stories like this one:


Or “little pizzas,” as I used to call it.

The first line: “You left the state without me” was taken straight from the mouth of George Hurley (drummer for Firehose and before that the Minutemen). The story goes something like this: The Blake Babies were touring with Firehose. Ed Crawford (Firehose singer/guitarist) had accidentally dropped and broken John Strohm’s guitar the night before, and he insisted on buying John a new one. So the next day, Ed and Strohm, along with Mike Watt (Firehose, and Minutemen, bass player) went guitar shopping. This was in New York, I think. Ed and Watt were supposed to meet George and the Firehose crew guy at a certain time at a certain corner and then drive down to the next gig in Richmond, Virginia, in the Firehose van, but one of the two parties got their plan screwed up and so when Ed and Watt went to the corner they thought was the meeting place, George and the crew guy weren’t there. And this was before cell phones, so neither party could call to find out where the other was. So Strohm suggested that Ed and Watt ride along with us, the Blake Babies, in our van, to Richmond. Watt was uneasy about leaving without half of his posse but he had no choice, really. He didn’t know where they were. So Watt and Ed rode with us. When we arrived at the club in Richmond, and Hurley saw Watt emerge from the Blake Babies van, he ran up to Watt and jumped on him, punching, shouting, “You fucking left the state without me.” A band is tight, a unit, like a gang, or a marriage, or a family, and shouldn’t be split up. George was pretty pissed off. Hurt.

Continue reading here


Tour News: Matthew Sweet

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Matthew Sweet - Sunshine Lies

I've had a Matthew Sweet post on tap for a while, that's been holding, because I was hoping to dig up a "sweet" show that I've got from the tour for In Reverse. That's going to have to wait, because that particular disc remains lost somewhere in "will I ever find all of my stuff" moving hell!

But check this out - Matthew Sweet is hitting the road for a rare set of tour dates that will bring him to my neck of the woods for the first time in a LONG time. It's been 13 years actually, since I saw Matthew Sweet at Nautica Stage here in Cleveland, playing with The Jayhawks and Soul Asylum.

Sweet has a new album called Sunshine Lies (pre-order) that will be released on August 26th, and a run of tour dates that will find him playing some REALLY cool venues, including Beachland Ballroom here, and Mr. Small's in Pittsburgh.

I'm planning to road trip to Pittsburgh for the Mr. Small's gig, and will also of course catch the gig here in Cleveland the following night. I'm not sure if I can count on "Devil With The Green Eyes" as an automatic in the setlist, but I'd like to hear that one, and "What Matters" from In Reverse would be a cool nugget, as well!

Here is an AWESOME interview with Sweet that has a lot of good discussion about the new album.

Here are the tour dates so far from his Myspace page:

Aug 25 2008 7:00P
Belly Up: Solana Beach, California

Aug 27 2008 7:00P
The Coach House: San Capistrano, California

Aug 28 2008 7:00P
Echo: Silver Lake, California

Oct 20 2008 7:00P
Fox Theater: Boulder, Colorado

Oct 22 2008 7:00P
First Avenue Main Room: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oct 23 2008 7:00P
Park West: Chicago, Illinois

Oct 24 2008 7:00P
Mr. Smalls: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oct 25 2008 7:00P
Beachland Ballroom: Cleveland, Ohio

Oct 27 2008 7:00P
Paradise Rock Club: Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 28 2008 7:00P
Webster Hall: New York, New York

Oct 29 2008 7:00P
State Theater: Falls Church, Virginia

Oct 30 2008 7:00P
Variety Playhouse: Atlanta, Georgia

5 of my favorite Matthew Sweet rarities:

1. Superdeformed (demo version)
2. Devil With The Green Eyes (alternate version)
3. Someone To Pull The Trigger (live)
4. Behind The Smile (demo version)
5. Magnet and Steel (cover w/ Lindsey Buckingham and Susanna Hoffs)

Relevant Links:

Pre-order the new Matthew Sweet album Sunshine Lies from Amazon - in stores August 26th!

The new album will also be released on vinyl with four bonus tracks exclusive to vinyl!

Shout Factory's press release about Sunshine Lies

Matthew Sweet's official website


Shameless Plug: Some Cool Music CDs on Ebay

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Long story short, I've started to do some major house cleaning with my music collection (to put it mildly.) I've been listing items on Ebay for the past couple of weeks, and wanted to give a heads up to ya'll, because there are some items that are online right now, that are pretty hard to find - including two CDs from The Babys (John Waite,) a CD copy of the We Are The World disc which has been out of print for a number of years, and also a two CD Bad English Greatest Hits CD.

The Bad English CD is pretty funny, since they only had two albums!

Check 'em out

I'll post more at some point, what I'm up to with all of this....but in a nutshell, it's time to do some major thinning of "the herd."


Announcement: My new rock band.

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I was talking to my co-worker/vinyl loving comrade Michael today, and he was giving me continued ribbing on my usage of "quote/unquote" in my recent Billy Joel post.

After reading it originally, he had emailed me asking why I didn't simply use the actual quote symbols.

Answer: Because I didn't want to.

But it got me thinking.

"Quote/Unquote" is an awesome band name. In fact, it's my new band name.

We're going to be awesome.

That's right, I say "we," because there are going to be two members in the band.

And just like The Pet Shop Boys, one band member is going to be awesome, and do everything. And one member is going to do nothing. I'm going to hire my super-awesome 2008 version of Neil Tennant, so that I can play the part of the 2008 version of Chris Lowe.

We're going to have big hits, and I'm going to coast and collect the check for doing absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, I will not be following any of TDavid's advice on how to be a good band mate.

I'm going to be a complete and total a-hole. My new bandmate will hate me, and that's totally cool because I've been stockpiling all sorts of ammunition from stories posted by fellow Clevelander Mel that have hardened me into a bandmate with zero feelings. Flat out, I don't care.

But that's cool, my new bandmate will put up with that, because we're touring in separate tour buses. Big tour buses that are larger than some of the ones that Staind have. They burn lots of gas, and are completely environmentally unfriendly.

Speaking of that, let's talk about the stage show. We've got giant lighted quotation mark signs that will be behind us at every show that we play, two of them that will look something like this, only much bigger:


I'm planning that we will have a suspended boxing ring just like Sammy had on the Van Halen tour for 5150, and runways in every direction.

Musically, I'm thinking that we will mix the Pet Shop Boys influences with the bloated 15 minute glory that one can only find in great songs from the Yes catalog like "Heart of the Sunrise."

Rick Wakeman has really cool keyboards

Seeking the best of both worlds (not a Sammy/Van Halen pun, I swear!) we'll have a keyboard rig that will rival Rick Wakeman's finest setup, and also a wall of guitar amps, and off to the side, an impressive arsenal of guitars.

We won't be playing any of the guitars, because the band will be keyboard/sequencer/Mellotron based, but it will look cool.

And that brings me to the intro tape. Every night, "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls will play. The curtain will rise slowly to reveal the real-live Indigo Girls, playing the song live!

I'm bringing them along for the tour, because I think they're awesome. It's kind of like how Simon and Garfunkel brought The Everly Brothers out on tour with them, but with a twist.

The Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge will come together to form a Crosby, Stills, and Nash type union that I plan to bill with the supergroup name of "The Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge."

Similar to the Simon and Garfunkel show, this new "supergroup" will come out midway through the set, and perform two songs - "Least Complicated" from the Indigo Girls catalog, and from the Etheridge pile of hits, you'll be hearing the perennial crowd pleaser "Come To My Window."

It might be a bit hard for you to picture right now, but I assure you, the crowd is going to go crazy.

And I'm going to do the U2 thing where I have the entire crowd hold up their cell phones.....and then security will seize all of the cell phones, because we're going to have a crazy Darfur-related cell phone ban in place for every arena on the tour.

That's right, I said arenas.

Comrade John Soeder is worried that arena rock might be on its way out.

This concerned me, so I decided to do my part to bring it back. And we're going to do it one city at a time, for the next 18 months.

I feel a little bit bad that AC/DC also announced plans to tour for the next 18 months today. I know they haven't gone out in a while, and I would feel kind of bad if our tour took away ticket sales from their tour, at all.....but I can't worry about that.

That's all I can share with you guys for now. Just know that Quote/Unquote is coming. Soon, you too will be able to see that you've been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

Get psyched.


More new Pretenders – The Nothing Maker

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1980s-era Chrissie Hynde would kick 2008 Chrissie Hynde's ass if she heard this song.

From the new Pretenders album Break Up The Concrete, in stores on September 23rd. Check out a free MP3 from the album via the official website.


Concord Music Group Unveils ‘Collector’s Corner’ Vinyl & Box Set Site

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Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my parents (and others) helped to paint a rich musical tapestry for me in my youth, giving me exposure to a wide range of musical genres. Musical taste that was already quite diverse, has grown even broader throughout the years that I spent growing up working in various record stores, and later, working in radio.

With access to SO much music (and often, for free,) I can honestly say that I’m a fan of a little bit of everything, including a healthy amount of jazz.

My dad introduced me to Dave Brubeck, and further musical travels later introduced me to folks like Stanley Clarke, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk.

Recently, I was very happy to read about the debut of “The Collector’s Corner,” a new division of Concord Music Group, devoted to making prized albums in their diverse catalog holdings available on vinyl. “Collector’s Corner” satisfies at long last the vinyl junkies who have been hunting for the many classic releases from Fantasy, Specialty, Prestige, and Stax that have been long out of print.

The press release is a fun one that takes creative wordplay to the max with puns-a-plenty…

With labels such as Fantasy, Specialty, Prestige and Stax, the scope of the Concord Music Group catalog is as deep and eclectic as your beloved public radio station left of the dial and as vast as the greatest neighborhood indie store. The quandary now is where to go to find a collection of Jerry Garcia’s oeuvre with Merle Saunders or to find Soultrane on vinyl without having to take out a second mortgage. Well, record collecting has just turned a corner.

Concord Music Group welcomes you to The Collector’s Corner.

Break out those lists of the obscure, out of print and the monophonic. At The Collector’s Corner section of, you can peruse aisles of Miles, freights’ of ’Trane, and the deeper treasures that await with each click.


I got my hands on a few of the releases, and was sucked in immediately by the historic recordings of Coltrane and Monk captured on Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane. This particular Monk lineup lasted a mere six months playing gigs that already felt legendary for those that were in attendance.

Although the group remained together for only a half-year, those of us who heard it will never forget the experience. There were some weeks where I was at the Five Spot two and three times, staying most of the night even when I intended just to catch a set or two.

Excerpted text above taken from the Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane liner notes by Ira Gitler

Those feelings turned to regret when the lineup dissolved, and the regret later was replaced by joy when it was discovered that the moment had been captured with a series of recordings that with additional rare material added, were released as Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane.

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane – Ruby My Dear

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane gives you a open seat in the recording studio more than 50 years later, to hear the rare recorded meeting between two musical giants, whose now legendary styles defined, and subsequently inspired many in jazz, and beyond.

The album also spotlights one of the final recorded performances from drummer Shadow Wilson (Count Basie, Woody Herman) who passed away only a couple of years after these recordings. It's interesting to note that the three Monk/Coltrane performances on the album, are all Monk compositions that Monk originally recorded in a trio setting, prior to recording these versions with Coltrane.

Three alternate masters from previous Monk sessions fill out the rest of the album, and truly define the term "alternate version."

"Functional," heard in its original form on Thelonious Himself takes on new life in the alternate version heard here, to the point that Gitler suggests in the liner notes that it nearly earns a new title in the process. Gitler also notes that playing the two versions at the same time on two different turntables "might make a wild duet for four Monk hands."

The idea of it all makes you want to hunt down an extra turntable to hear it for yourself!

The alternate versions are anything but a throwaway, and ultimately serve as icing on the cake after listening to the Monk/Coltrane sessions.

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane is one of the many vinyl treasures now available via “The Collector’s Corner.”

Some of the other initial releases include Coltrane’s Soultrane release, Sonny Rollins’ Saxophone Colossus, a pair of classic releases from The Bill Evans Trio including the landmark Waltz for Debby release, and the Eastern Sounds release from Yusef Lateef.

After writing about vanishing liner notes in the digital age, the Concord Jazz stuff really took me further back, to the age when the liner notes were printed right on the back album cover, paragraph after paragraph of enlightening insight into the music that you were listening to on the turntable. There was less guess work required, because the writer in charge of sleeve notes for a particular release, often laid the entire story out on that back album cover for your education and enjoyment.

Streaming audio links:


Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds

Yusef Lateef – The Plum Blossom

John_Coltrane - Soultrane

John Coltrane – Theme For Ernie

Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus

Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas

Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby

Bill Evans – Waltz For Debby

Rock fans will appreciate the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle compilation, freshly reissued as part of the series. Creedence fans can also grab the limited pressing of former CCR leader John Fogerty’s Revival album.

Check out the complete slate of vinyl releases currently available from Concord, by clicking here.

I’ll suggest that you’ll enjoy perusing the rest of “The Collector’s Corner” to take a look at some of Concord’s non-vinyl offerings as well. One particular item that caught my eye was The Complete Debut Recordings by Charles Mingus.

The lavish 12 CD box set chronicles the period that Mingus spent recording for Fantasy between 1951 and 1958 and lays out 58 previously unreleased cuts for your enjoyment. I’m guessing that with nearly 170 tracks total, this Mingus set will keep you out of trouble for a while!

I’m curious to check that set out, and it’s going onto my shopping list for future acquisition!

Check out some of the sound samples above, and stay tuned for your chance to win a prize package of several of the above mentioned vinyl titles from Concord Music Group!

I’ll post details here in a few days!

Relevant Links:

The Collector’s Corner

Concord Music Group official site

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane - Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane (purchase)

John Coltrane Soultrane (purchase)

The Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (purchase)

Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus (purchase)

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds (purchase)


Vinyl Blog Love: The Lost Turntable

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Genesis - Land of Confusion video

I added another great blog to my reading list this week when I came across The Lost Turntable.

The Lost Turntable is a digitally remixed slice of vinyl heaven for all of you 12 inch lovers out there. The Lost Turntable is described in the headline as "The Imported Out-of-Print 12" Extended Remix B-Side of MP3 Blogs."

Kind of sounds like the definition of me as a music fan growing up!

I didn't have a lot of pocket money for buying music when I was growing up, which is why I think I spent most of my late teens and 20s making up for that, by purchasing half of the stocked music shelves in Cleveland record stores.

In my early years in the record stores as a kid, I couldn't justify spending money on a 12" that had 4-5 songs, when I could apply that hard earned money towards a full album instead.

I was intrigued enough by 12" singles/EPs that I bought a few of them, mostly from artists/bands like McCartney and Aerosmith, when the release had a couple of tracks that were vinyl exclusive, or exclusive live material. Back then, I was already becoming a sucker for hard to find live stuff from my favorite bands.

The Lost Turntable caught my ear with a posting of 12" remixes from the Genesis album Invisible Touch. I'll admit it without shame, I love Invisible Touch as much as many Genesis fans might hate the album.

"Invisible Touch," the song, was one of the first Genesis songs that I heard on the radio, and Invisible Touch was an early album purchase that dazzled with lengthy tracks like "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," and the "Domino" series.

Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 12" remix

Click here for the other Genesis remixes.

The Lost Turntable feels like you are at a friend's house, listening to side after side of vinyl. While some sound purists might be typically running tracks digitized from vinyl through filters to remove clicks and pops, you won't find any of that here - every click and pop, and often the sound of the needle hitting the record remains intact for your retro listening pleasure.

Coming across this website was like making a new friend, and it's a friend that either grew up around the same time I did in the 80's, or is a younger version of me with similar musical taste.

Some of the other recent posts that were of interest to me, include an Information Society post billed as "the best ever synthpop post," and lots of Depeche Mode.

Oh yeah, and they're not all from watch that attitude, buddy!

The first four tracks are from the CD single of It's No Good, so if you detect any turntable-related problems with those you're an asshole.

I had the occasional problem with 12" mixes "back in the day," because there were some of them that just seemed pointless. And yeah, I know there might be some that are thinking right now that that sums up recorded music in the 80s in general.

Easy, now.

I definitely heard 12" mixes at the time that were not cool, and felt like a waste of record company dollars, (shocking, I know.)

Did we really need 12" Traveling Wilburys mixes?

Were they really playing those in the clubs?

I know I've got a 12" mix of "Dreaming" by OMD on my Ipod that is completely unnecessary.

And yet when they were good, they were great - a perfect extended version of a song that you already loved. No need to repeat that 3 minute pop song, when you can just bask in the glory of the eight and a half minute dance mix instead!

Check it out, and rock out.

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