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Song of the Moment – Van Halen – A Year To The Day

I saw this post, and I chuckled.

Had to share it with you all.

Hey internets, here's a SONG FOR FREE, SONG FOR FREE, everybody download now! It's 8 minutes and 35 seconds of... wait, what is this song again? Has anybody even heard it before? Seriously. Actually, I'm shocked that the band was able to create an album as transcendent as 1984 after getting lost in the black hole that is "Year to the Day". But hey, at least it's a relevant title for our purposes. And over eight minutes to boot. 8:35 in fact, perfect numbers. Yeah they are.

Most of you know that I am a fan of the Van Halen III era, and that is a pretty exclusive fan club that nobody was battling to be a part of. I was shocked to find someone blogging about music from the album, and in fact, it's part of a series:

EAR FARM's 8+ is a weekly feature that showcases songs longer than 8 minutes. In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
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