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A really cool tattoo for all of you vinyl lovers

45 adapter

I'm in Minneapolis for work, and was in a cab tonight, headed back to the hotel after dinner.

My fellow vinyl loving friend and co-worker Michael made note that he thought that the cab driver had a tattoo of one of those old 45 adapters. After taking a closer stealth look, he determined that that wasn't the case.

We talked about what a cool and random tattoo that would be for someone to get.

And then, as we were arriving at our destination, Michael took another look and determined that indeed, it was a tattoo of a 45 adapter, which the driver, having overheard our conversation at this point, confirmed.

As I was exiting the cab, I had to ask the question:

"What made you get that tattoo?"

"I love vinyl records," he replied.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

It is a tattoo that would be perplexing to the 98% of the population that wouldn't recognize it - yet if I had that tattoo, it would be those 2% that DID recognize it, that I would be proud to call my friends.

Just sayin'.....

  • Bethany

    my brother has that tatoo and he’s super cool.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    if I was going to get a tattoo….that would certainly be high on the list of tattoos I might get!

    That’s a cool one!!

    If my camera phone didn’t suck, I definitely would have taken a picture of the actual tattoo!

  • jameser

    hey… I’M in mpls and am not the cab driver, but have had the “classic” adaptor on my inner left forearm for like 5 years.

    it’s totally a generational thing. the “kids” have no clue what it is. altho one “kid” DID think it was rad that i had the logo for skateboard company “stereo sound agency” on my arm.

    i’ve seen 2 other people around town with similar “ink”

    thanks for the concise history of the 45′s by the way…

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Jameser – happy to share…thanks for stopping by!!

  • dh

    I have a tat of a 45 adaptor. My first tattoo!!
    But I did a little more with it. You can view it here… hopefully the link works.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    wow Don…that is AWESOME…thanks for sharing? How much did that one hurt??

  • dh

    It was my first, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I liken it to a cat scratch on a sunburn. Ya, it stings, but you’ll get over it. :o)

  • Ripple

    I’m in California and I’ve heard from my single girl friends that they are wearing the “single” insert to mixers letting dudes know that they are single. I saw beefy 45 medallion on a dude at Starbucks, it must have been in a heavy sterling or white gold. Nice chain. Question? Was he single or just cool or both?