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Sunday Faith: An introduction

I want to start off with a statement/declaration/disclaimer of sorts. Those of you that know me, know that I don't push my religion on anyone. It is important to me, but I am also annoyed by those that are "born again," and then proceed to denounce the actions and sins of everyone around them. That's not my bag.

Religion has been a part of my life for my entire life, and in the past two years, I have taken the time that for a long time has been consumed with work and life events, and I've given it back to something that is very important to me personally. I would like to occasionally share some of that with you here, but at the same time, I would like to respect the fact that you might come here strictly for musical discussion.

With that in mind, please understand that like everything else I write here - your option to read it is completely on an opt-in basis. I don't read every single word posted on some of my most favorite sites, and I certainly don't expect that you're reading every word of mine.

But hey, if you are, that's cool too.

Now that we've got that out of the way - I've been thinking for a while of a way to properly share various things that are inspiring to me with you all. I think that Sunday Faith is one way to do that. I don't know that it will be a weekly thing, and it might even fall outside of Sundays, hence the additional "faith" category. As things come around that I feel are worth sharing, I'll do that.

Religiously, I was raised Presbyterian, and alternatively have attended Methodist churches, and currently I am involved in the United Church of Christ.

I was never much into "contemporary worship," which might surprise some of you, as much as I love music, I was not really into the idea of a band at church - it felt out of place for me. This year however, I got an introduction to an interesting church locally that really does a great job with the band. It fits, in my opinion. Since I was raised with the hymns, etc - I was surprised to be in a service that didn't incorporate hymns. As much as I enjoyed it, I found myself missing those hymns that I had grown up with.

Ultimately, that's why I am attending the Church of Christ - it gives me the mix of hymns that i like, good words that hit me where they need to, and a weekly time of community with folks that are at the foundation level, on the same path that is important to me.

So there's a bit of a bio. Here's the bit that stuck with me today, and finally gave me the vision of how I could share things with you here:

How are we healed of our wounding memories? We are healed first of all by letting them be available, by leading them out of the corner of forgetfulness and by remembering them as part of our life stories. What is forgotten is unavailable and what is unavailable cannot be healed.

from The Living Reminder by Henri Nouwen

That's a big part of what I've found so far here with Addicted to Vinyl. I share the stories of love lost, new love, old love, and the love that is yet to be discovered. I share the victories, the losses, the things that I am excited about, and those things that I am hoping for. These are all elements that are connected for me with music. These are my life stories, each one with a great soundtrack to help you visualize (hopefully) where I am at.

This morning's service had two of my favorite hymns that I remember from growing up:

First - "For The Beauty of the Earth." I understand from The Cyber Hymnal that this hymn was featured in the 1994 movie Little Women. Just a little fun fact for you all. As I was driving home, it occurred to me - I wonder if you can find renditions of these hymns on Youtube?

Sure enough, indeed you can. I found this great simple interpretation with vocal and guitar:

For The Beauty of The Earth

I see from the comments that Joni Mitchell recorded a version of it as well. I'll have to hunt that one down.

Next up, "Forward Through The Ages" - info from Cyber Hymnal, and a great version sung by a full congregation, accompanied by piano.

Forward Through The Ages

That's all for this dispatch - feel free to share your thoughts and comments via the comments section, or email.


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The Cyber Hymnal - The Cyber Hymnal is a great resource for those of us that love hymns, that was shared with me earlier this year by a friend - LOVE it!

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