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Good Listening: The Jayhawks 4/29/95 – Slim’s – San Francisco

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Maria McKee and The Jayhawks - Precious Time

I had a different Gary Louris-related post in waiting, but it isn't every day that Louris announces a reunion show with the 94/95 era lineup of The Jayhawks, so let's focus on that for a second, shall we?

Louris shared the following intoxicating information in a recent blog post on his website:

You might as well hear it here first folks..

It looks like the 1994/95 era Jayhawks are reforming for one show, at the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria Spain, either Sept 5,6, or 7th. One show with Mark Olson, Marc Perlman, Tim O'Reagan, Karen Grotberg, and myself...yes, yes, it will be called the Jayhawks, and we will play the music that from that era...It should be a blast..can't promise any more shows and I apologize to everyone who will be frustrated at it not being within driving distance but it is what it is at this point...
We all look forward to this blast from the past. Please keep an eye on the Azkena website.....

Great news that they are reforming.....if you're in Spain!

I have thoughts and questions about this happening.......

1. Louris and Olson have a "reunion" duo album, Ready for the Flood, in the can. Ready for the Flood was produced by Chris Robinson, and recorded during the same time period that produced the Louris solo album Vagabonds.

The album has been on the shelf while Olson and Louris promote their respective solo projects.

Does this swing the pendulum towards a reunion tour billed as "The Jayhawks," or will they bill it simply as Mark Olson and Gary Louris, as they did during the last set of reunion dates?

If they DO end up billing it as The Jayhawks, I would imagine that Tim O'Reagan would be behind the kit, although I would imagine that Karen Grotberg would probably not be in the lineup, as she left the group to focus on her family, but who knows?

For now, it's a bit premature to speculate on all of this, and perhaps the best we can hope for is a Minneapolis-area warmup date prior to the Spain show.

Very cool news, though!

In honor of that, here is the first live Jayhawks show that I ever got my hands on.

KFOG in San Francisco was in the midst of two consecutive nights of great live broadcasts.

The second night, was a full set from my much loved Del Amitri....and on the first night, they broadcast The Jayhawks, live from Slim's, captured in the midst of their touring cycle for Tomorrow The Green Grass.

We didn't know at the time, that this would be the last time for many years that we'd see Olson and Louris on stage together. I first got a copy of the show on a bootleg CD called Six Pack Songs.

Many years later, I got my hands on the holy grail - a copy of the full show!

And that's what I'm sharing with you here now....the full show from Slim's, which features 27 tracks (compared to the original 16 on Six Pack Songs.)


The Jayhawks
San Francisco


Disc One:

Complete Zipped Download

I'd Run Away
See Him On The Street Today
Ten Little Kids
Over My Shoulder
Waiting For The Sun
Red's Song
If You Really Want Me, I'll Go
The Baltimore Sun
Martin's Song
Two Hearts
Nothing Left To Borrow
Six Pack On The Dashboard
Bad Time
Miss Williams' Guitar

Disc Two:

Two Angels
Get The Load Out
Sister Cry
Real Light
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Lights On The City
Love Hurts

Bonus Download:

As an added bonus, here are the Hollywood Town Hall-era live tracks from the promo-only EP for "Settled Down Like Rain," recorded live on Valentine's Day at The Metro in Chicago.

Reason To Believe
Sister Cry
Ain't No End
Martin's Song/ Settled Down Like Rain

And while we're in a Minneapolis mood, check out two CDs worth of Paul Westberg/Replacements rarities, courtesy of I Am Fuel, You Are Friends.

Sounds good, right?

Relevant Links:

The Jayhawks Fan Page

Gary Louris official site

The Jayhawks - Waiting For The Sun (live on Letterman 1991, network television debut)

And one more video from Rainy Day Music-era Jayhawks, circa 2003

The Jayhawks - Angelyne (live on Austin City Limits)


If all else fails, you can blame it on me….

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Barenaked Ladies - Gordon

Barenaked Ladies - Gordon (original cover artwork)

For the past few weeks, I've been jonesing to hear "Brian Wilson" by Barenaked Ladies, specifically the live version that appears on Rock Spectacle. In one of my rare excursions driving a car, I took the CD with me, popped it in the player, and it wouldn't play.


Finally, as I was getting ready for my trip to Minneapolis, I threw Rock Spectacle into Itunes, grabbed "Brian Wilson," and headed off to the Twin Cities.

In Minneapolis, I shared many great times, stories, and musical discussions over the course of several days, and at the end of one of them, I found myself itching to get back to my hotel room, to get some "me time," and finally listen to "Brian Wilson."

Brian Wilson (download)

By this time, another BNL song had popped into my head as well - "Blame It On Me," which was a problem. I discovered and quickly remembered that for reasons unknown, two of my favorite BNL albums - Gordon, and Maybe You Should Drive, still weren't on my Ipod.

1992, I was working at a record store in high school when I heard Gordon for the first time. My boss had gotten a copy of the album from a Canadian friend (the same one that hipped us to Blue Rodeo, actually) who sent it to him as an "album and band that he had to hear."

I was hooked from the opening moments of "Hello City," and immediately dug the goofy fun sense of humor exhibited by BNL on tracks like "Grade 9" and "Box Set."

But I was floored when I heard "Blame It On Me" from Gordon. It's the kind of song that if I was in a band, hearing a new band drop a song like that on their first album, I might just quit right there.

Here we are again and we're looking at each
other as if each other were to blame.
You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked
and I'll probably see you naked again.
Milli Vanilli told you to Blame it On The Rain,
but if you blame it on the rain tell me
what can be gained so,
if all else fails you can blame it on me.

Blame It On Me (download)

Don't let the Milli Vanilli reference in the lyrics throw you off.....a goofy song, "Blame It On Me," is not.

When it comes to BNL, I've always had a not so secret preference for the introspectively moody material. Like "Blame It On Me," it always comes up on you unexpectedly with a track like "When You Dream" from the Stunt album, or "Adrift" from the band's Barenaked Ladies are Me album.

Barenaked Ladies are great, and sometimes miscast as a "joke" band, which if you hear tracks like the above mentioned songs, couldn't be further from the truth.

With that in mind, I made a playlist with nearly 30 of my favorite BNL tracks.

Check it out.

Matts Barenaked Ladies Mix

Relevant Links:

Official Website

Barenaked Ladies official Imeem page.

Check out the new Barenaked Ladies album Snacktime - Amazon link


Appreciating Juliana Hatfield + a track from her new album

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Juliana Hatfield - Become What You Are

I don't know if you're following the updates on Juliana Hatfield's Myspace page, but if you are a fan and you're not, you're missing out on a lot of great reading! Hatfield has been blogging regular updates that unmask songs from her catalog in great detail.

Become What You Are
is an important album from my formative years as a teen (or perhaps, where it all went wrong? I kid, I kid.) I first became aware of Juliana's music via her important contributions to some of my favorite Lemonheads songs. Those songs gave birth to curiosity that led to my purchase of Become What You Are before I ever heard a note from the album. "Spin The Bottle" was a pivotal moment of one of my favorite soundtracks of the 90s, Reality Bites.

During that time period, I would see many Juliana shows at Cleveland venues like the Grog Shop (a frequent Hatfield stop,) and one of my favorite Juliana shows was a show at the Agora Ballroom with Jeff Buckley opening. Talk about an amazing double bill!

Hatfield dissects "Fleur De Lys" from the Only Everything disc, and wraps in some discussion of the Become What You Are time period, particularly an evening at home listening to My Bloody Valentine after a day at the studio:


When I was recording my album Become What You Are — my major label debut — in Los Angeles, I used to go home at night after a day of recording to the rented furnished apartment in Burbank that my record company had set me and my band up in and I'd put on MBV's Loveless album (the one on which "Only Shallow" appears). I'd turn the volume up really loud and lie down on the floor on my back with my head between the two big speakers of the apartment's stereo and just bliss out.

Loveless calmed me, but also pumped me up, and so was the perfect soundtrack to my life at the time because I was both nervous and excited to be making my first major label album, in the big bad glittering city of lights. I would close my eyes and be sucked into the music so that I felt that I was part of it, or it was part of me — Loveless has a strange entrancing power. It was like meditation. It was like listening to the sounds of angels.

For me, those are some of the best moments of being a music fan - those moments "blissing out" to a favorite album on your stereo, and more often these days, perhaps via your Ipod. You can be having the greatest day, or the worst, and that time alone with THAT certain album, makes everything better. It's cool to see a respected artist like Juliana revealing her "music fan" side without shame. As I like to say, that's why we're supposedly all doing what we do - because we're music fans!

Check it out, and subscribe for the updates as they are posted.

New album on the way:

Juliana has a new album How To Walk Away, that will be out on August 19th via her own label. Check out streaming samples via her Myspace page.

Stereogum has a nice advance peek at the album with an initial track "So Alone" (download here) that was shared by Hatfield. Hatfield gives the inside scoop on what the track is about, right here.

Stereogum also shared a track this past week that was recorded during the sessions for How To Walk Away called "Back to Freedom." "Back to Freedom" is featured on the new 2 CD benefit compilation The Green Owl Comp: A Benefit For The Energy Action Coalition.

The compilation features music from Of Montreal, Feist, Muse, Pete Yorn, and many others.

From Stereogum:

100% of the profits made from the album will be given to support the Energy Action Coalition. The money donated from this compilation will support the people on the ground in the EAC while raising environmental awareness in our community.

More info on the compilation can be found here

Bonus Download:

The captain's dead blog has a tasty download of Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando on World Cafe from 1993. Check it out, and download it.

Juliana Hatfield - It's A Shame About Ray

Relevant Links:

Official Myspage Page
Official Website

Green Owl Records


Song of the Moment – Van Halen – A Year To The Day

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I saw this post, and I chuckled.

Had to share it with you all.

Hey internets, here's a SONG FOR FREE, SONG FOR FREE, everybody download now! It's 8 minutes and 35 seconds of... wait, what is this song again? Has anybody even heard it before? Seriously. Actually, I'm shocked that the band was able to create an album as transcendent as 1984 after getting lost in the black hole that is "Year to the Day". But hey, at least it's a relevant title for our purposes. And over eight minutes to boot. 8:35 in fact, perfect numbers. Yeah they are.

Most of you know that I am a fan of the Van Halen III era, and that is a pretty exclusive fan club that nobody was battling to be a part of. I was shocked to find someone blogging about music from the album, and in fact, it's part of a series:

EAR FARM's 8+ is a weekly feature that showcases songs longer than 8 minutes. In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
Kraftwerk - "The Telephone Call"
Neutral Milk Hotel - "Oh Comely"
George Gershwin - “Rhaphsody in Blue"
Múm - "Smell Memory"
Tool - "Lateralus"
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - "Real Emotional Trash"
Iron Maiden - "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"
Mandy Reid - "Tornado"

To see a full list of every song featured in EAR FARM's 8+ click HERE.


A discussion on the current state of Triple-A radio

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I spent this past week in Minneapolis for the annual Conclave radio convention.

Unlike previous years, I really didn't go to a ton of the panel discussions/sessions this year, because I had a pretty full schedule for work.

Lee Abrams gave a speech, and having worked with Lee briefly at one point when he consulted the radio station I was working for, it was one that I was interested to catch, yet at the last minute, I ended up missing it due to work stuff.

By all accounts from those who went, it was a typically great speech from Abrams. I love the passion that Abrams retains for broadcasting, and continues to have as a MUSIC FAN.

Check out the old blog that he kept during his time at XM Radio for some good reading and learning.

One of the panel discussions that I did attend, was the Triple-A Symposium, moderated by Brad Savage, a musical comrade of mine who oversees a great radio station 106.1 The Corner, in Charlottesville, VA.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Brad about 5 years ago, and he is one of the most passionate fans of radio and all things music that you'll meet. You can probably figure out why we get along so well. Brad and I don't get nearly enough chances to talk music, but when we do, it's always good conversation.

When I first heard the Triple-A format in the early 90s, it was a revelation to learn that there actually was a radio format where the ability to be musically creative and play music because it was GOOD was still allowed. You can read more about the Triple A format here.

Some of my early favorite that I listened to via internet streams were KFOG in San Francisco, and WXRT in Chicago. Hearing both of these stations in the early 90s was a musical awakening for me. Both stations did (and still do) lots of live concert broadcasts, and in the time I first began to listen to them, were broadcasting full concert sets from some of my favorite bands/artists like Del Amitri, Dada, The Jayhawks, and Michael Penn.

The way I figured it, any radio station that was willing to broadcast a full two hour concert from a band like Del Amitri, well...they were alright with me!

Friday morning's panel discussion covered a lot of ground including addressing the topic of the changing radio landscape in a musical arena where radio is no longer the first place a listener will necessarily hear a new song/artist. Example - songs that have become hits via usage in an Ipod commercial.

With the radio listener hearing new music via different mediums today vs. hearing it first on radio in the past, how does radio remain competitive with those new mediums?

There were a lot of interesting answers for that question.

Overall, it was really a fascinating discussion that left me with my own question at the end that I posed to the panel, in which I asked them if they were keeping their fingers on the pulse of music blogs, and sites like The Hype Machine.

If so, how helpful/important are those blogs to them, as an additional tool for discovering new bands and music?

The collective answer was that for the most part, they find very little importance in music blogs / etc, preferring to rely on their own ears and traditional avenues of musical exploration.

I was a bit floored by that, but at the same time, not surprised. As a fellow radio person, I can admit that I've been guilty of wearing the same blinders about things that I later realized could have been really beneficial. Too often we can look at things that are available and right in front of us, as a creative copout that we want to avoid.

If I was in their shoes, I would be interested in music blogs at a minimal level to at least see what is being written about some of the artists in my station playlist. That's one of the things that I love about music blogs, gaining new perspective that perhaps I hadn't thought of, and new information about a band that I already love, that I was previously unaware of.

In my mind, that doesn't make a radio person any less creative as a programmer, and instead, it should be another tool in the arsenal of musical media and reading that we refer to on an ongoing basis to be the music authorities that we wish for our listeners to view us as.

There's nothing to lose, and some of the smart stations are even aligning themselves with music bloggers, as WXPN did, tapping Heather Browne to write a series of guest blogs during their highly interactive blog series that compiled the 885 Most Memorable Music Moments.

Overall, it was a great session, and the above represents one point that I disagreed with, amongst many other points and discussions that made me happy as a music fan. If you're searching for "good music on the radio," check out this list of stations, and tune in to one of them - you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that "good radio," indeed still exists.


A really cool tattoo for all of you vinyl lovers

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45 adapter

I'm in Minneapolis for work, and was in a cab tonight, headed back to the hotel after dinner.

My fellow vinyl loving friend and co-worker Michael made note that he thought that the cab driver had a tattoo of one of those old 45 adapters. After taking a closer stealth look, he determined that that wasn't the case.

We talked about what a cool and random tattoo that would be for someone to get.

And then, as we were arriving at our destination, Michael took another look and determined that indeed, it was a tattoo of a 45 adapter, which the driver, having overheard our conversation at this point, confirmed.

As I was exiting the cab, I had to ask the question:

"What made you get that tattoo?"

"I love vinyl records," he replied.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

It is a tattoo that would be perplexing to the 98% of the population that wouldn't recognize it - yet if I had that tattoo, it would be those 2% that DID recognize it, that I would be proud to call my friends.

Just sayin'.....


Bruce Springsteen brings lots of old magic to Antwerp

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Bruce Springsteen - Held Up Without A Gun

If you're a Springsteen fan like me (and I know you are, because you're reading this,) you've likely been salivating, reading the setlists from Backstreets over the past week.

My Springsteen buddy Tony emailed me with a message that said simply "the sooner you click this link, the better you will feel."

I knew he wasn't kidding when I saw the words "Point Blank" appear on my screen. It was video from an incredible night in Antwerp, Belgium. A night that saw appearances from not only "Point Blank," but "Trapped," "Thundercrack," and "I'M A ROCKER!"

And that my friends, are just a few of the MANY highlights from the Antwerp show.

And if you think THAT is a cool setlist.....check out the setlist from the previous show in Hamburg.

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post, and repeat after me: HELD UP WITHOUT A GUN!

Wednesday night...."Summertime Blues" (making another setlist appearance,) and "Twist and Shout"....are we back in 78 again?

'Nuff said!

Check out some video highlights (sent to me by Tony) from Antwerp....and download this great show from 1978, if you haven't already done so....

Point Blank , Antwerpen from Willem on Vimeo.

Trapped, Antwerp. from Willem on Vimeo.

i,m a Rocker , Antwerp from Willem on Vimeo.

As a bonus, here is "Summertime Blues" from Amsterdam....

Summertime Blues , Bruce Springsteen from Willem on Vimeo.


Song of the Moment – Pearl Jam – Love Boat Captain

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We're gonna take our time tonight....

I'm watching the Pearl Jam "official bootleg" DVD Live At The Showbox , a DVD as you can probably guess of their show from the Showbox in Seattle, captured on December 6th, 2002.

The gig starts off in a mellow place...."Small Town," "Off He Goes," and "Thumbing My Way" awesome is that?

I email my friend Matt, a former radio co-worker, longtime friend, and huge fan of R.E.M. and Pearl Jam. I have to let him know that I'm watching "PJ right now."

In a voicemail that he left me about two years ago, still in my phone, he called to let me know that he was "listening to R.E.M. right now, and had to let me know, because I was the only one that would appreciate it."

I connect with people on different levels and different things musically.

With Matt, we connected on that mutual love of Pearl Jam and R.E.M. He helped me to find the appreciation and love for Pearl Jam's No Code, and showed me letters that he had gotten FROM Eddie Vedder, handwritten, and with one, a setlist that had art doodles drawn on it by Vedder.

"Love Boat Captain" is a song that hits me like a ton of bricks every time I hear it.

I loved it immediately when I heard the Riot Act album for the first time, and it spoke musically to me at the time of the ongoing mystery of my relationship, and as Jackson Browne says, "my stunning mystery companion."

Nearly two years removed from that relationship, "Love Boat Captain" remains, part of the musical soundtrack that continues to guide me through everyday life.

The Showbox performance of the song, is an especially good one...check it out, and take your own trip....

Pearl Jam - Love Boat Captain

Friendships and relationships come and go - I'm grateful for those that endure, like the great friendship that I share with Matt.

Celebrate the good friends and good things in your world!


Good Listening: Death Cab for Cutie – Morning Becomes Eclectic

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Death Cab for Cutie

I was in the midst of enjoying an evening with Tom Petty at Blossom Music Center on Sunday night with my friends Ryan and Julie. I had seats in the pavilion, but was sitting on the lawn with them, and as Petty pulled out a mix of album tracks and proven hits, we conversed about a number of subjects.

Subjects that included the Petty soundtrack for the movie She's The One, our mutual love for the films of She's The One director Edward Burns, and our favorite period of Madonna (My favorite is circa the "Like A Prayer" video.)

Conversation turned to Death Cab for Cutie. I asked them if either of them had seen the chilling video for "I Will Possess Your Heart." They hadn't, and I pledged to send them a link so that they could view the video that is in my opinion, one of the finest videos I've seen from an artist/band in years.

On the heels of that Death Cab discussion, I found out that the band would be stopping by KCRW's long-running Morning Becomes Eclectic for a performance and interview. The program, hosted by Nic Harcourt, has long had a knack for capturing unbelievable performances in the studio.

Some of my favorite sessions include the many that they have done with E, both solo and with the Eels, and Michael Penn, just to name a couple. The Death Cab interview/performance is the latest addition to the ever-growing archive of great performances hosted by KCRW.

The band promoted their latest CD Narrow Stairs with a set of tracks from the new album, some great random picks from the Death Cab back catalog, and even a cover song.

As a fan, it is one of the best live recordings of Death Cab for Cutie, that I've heard to date. You can watch streaming video of the entire performance below, and also download a zip file containing MP3s of the performance.

If you enjoy what you hear and want to support the good things happening at KCRW, click here for information on how you can become a KCRW subscriber.

Track listing and additional details are below:

Death Cab for Cutie - in studio on Morning Becomes Eclectic, 6/23/08

Complete Zipped Download

04.Wait (Secret Stars Cover)
05.Talking Bird
07.Grapevine Fires
08.Title & Registration
10.I Will Possess Your Heart

The Band:

Ben Gibbard-Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Chris Walla-Backing Vocals, Piano, And Guitars

Nicholas Harmer- Bassist And Backing Vocals

Jason Mcgerr- Drums

Relevant Links:

Narrow Stairs from Amazon

KCRW official website

Death Cab for Cutie official website